Oh, It’s On At The Break of Dawn…Of February 9th

Many of you sadistic bastards have been asking when I will get my chest waxed. I just want to let all of you know that the date and time has been set. The clearing of my fields will happen on Saturday, February 9th at 9:00 a.m. at the Heaven on Earth Spa. Taking of photos and video will hopefully be allowed in the room. I also hope crying and calling for my mommy are allowed, as well.

Thanks to TIB reader cian for setting my date with pain!

21 thoughts to “Oh, It’s On At The Break of Dawn…Of February 9th”

  1. Why not see if you can get a bulk discount and get all your body parts waxed at the same time? Maybe they’d throw in a Manzilian for free.

    (OK, I guess that is sadistic. But what did you expect from the guy who sent you habanero jerky.)

  2. It’s really nothing to get all worked up about. Not that I’ve had my chest waxed, but I have had wax in sensitive places…like my eyebrows. So buck up. It’s not like you’re giving birth or something…although there could be an equal amount of yelling and blood 😉 I kid!

  3. I can’t believe that after all these years, I’m going to have a new Impulsive Buy favorite, better even than the video of you stripping. 😉

  4. You should ask for the strips after you get waxed and give them away in a contest. I think most of your fans would love to have a little bit of Marvo to call thier own.

  5. A waxing at Heaven on Earth… so maybe they’ll give you a milk and honey facial after?

  6. Chrissy – I don’t need luck, I need someone to hold my hand.

    Chuck – I don’t think my balls will appreciate that.

    Erika – I once got a paper cut and I whined like a spoiled child.

    tanya – Maybe I’ll spell messages with the blood and tears or sell space to Golden Place.com

    Mir – Maybe I could make a new strip video in high-definition and maybe you can see my third nipple.

    Shannon – I’ll mostly call for my momma.

    luckinflux – …or to clone me.

    Alisha – Bastards! I bet you would pour salt into my wounds.

    Sass – Happy Birthday!

    Nevis – I’ll just keep trimming those things.

    Terri – You’re welcome?

    dramastically – Her name is Terry and I will possibly be screaming obscenities into her ear. Sure, it’s not child birth, but as you know, I’m a total pussy.

    Doodoolicious – For the safety of the waxer, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

    Nevis – It should be my nickname.

    demondoll – I hope they give my chest some milk and honey…or feed me milk and honey.

  7. When the ladies go crazy for your smooth new look, their hands will jsut slip right off of your chest…

  8. Tiff – Don’t be sorry. If there’s anyone who will feel sorry, it will be me…after all the pain.

    Eryn – Nah…My nipples shoot out glue.

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