35 thoughts to “Waxing Teaser”

  1. Oh dear lord, no mercy on those nipples. Hey, I said “go for the legs!” but no, you didn’t, and now you’re suffering.

  2. Oh man, I’ve been anxiously waiting to see if you survived, but from the video, looks like you were even having fun, no tears, just laughs. You should have gone all the way (maybe you did, uh?).

  3. Shannon – Surprisingly, the whole procedure was pretty quick…but the pain is forever tattooed on my soul.

    Chuck – That may come next year…without pictures or video though.

    Stacey – You sadistic bitch. 😉

    MCW – No, I got something better.

    Mir – But I would be a bad role model for your son.

    Ace – Only a Manzilian could make me a true man of the people.

    TJ McFisty – You know what, sometimes nipples need a little punishment.

    natsthename – Don’t forget that I am a pussy when it comes to pain.

    Brie – Facial expressions = funny

    Matches – Dang. She does sound like Angela, except a little less uptight.

    Aline – When I put more up, you’ll see that I use laughter to compensate for the pain.

    luckinflux – Oh, there are many, many more. By the time you see them all, you will probably have a vagina.

  4. Is it creepy that that laugh at the very end was kinda hot? And judging by chin and chest, you might possibly be hot yourself.

    This makes me sick doesn’t it?

  5. wow Charlize Theron got mad props for shaving her eyebrows off and you just got your chest hair ripped off and i doubt anyone will award ya…..man i gave you a standing ovation but no way for ya to see it now that moment is lost

  6. ah HA!! I now have a complete composite of your face for my stalk..er.. fan wall.
    And I must say that you are so The MAN for laughing your way through that.. I have to get very tipsy to make it through my waxings giggling. cant wait for the full vid. xoxo.. happy VD day this week luv.

  7. I love it. Can’t wait for the full post…and remember, they said they’d try to get you a discount as a frequent customer…

  8. Marvo, I’m very impressed you followed through. How commited you are to the site – I think that’s what cracks me up more than anything.

  9. OMG Marvo- Your reaction is much better than my hubs. I tried to help his back, and thought he went mad from the pain. (I feared for my life for a sec)

    You’re my hero. I think.

  10. karen – Sadly, everything below my chest and above my chin will disappoint you.

    Jeremy Hobbs – Or maybe I REALLY like pain.

    KrissPin – Your laughter and pity are the only awards I need…and maybe some soothing lotion.

    Alisha – Oh, you’ll get more.

    Zhu – If I showed my entire hairy body you would think you’re watching a bad werwolf movie.

    bikerbabeee – Sadly I compensate for the pain by laughing. The full video will have a lot of laughing.

    cian – What? You want to relive it again. Shit, you were in the room.

    Peachy – My pain = Your pleasure

    Nevis – I’m all about the follow through…except at work…and tennis…and golf.

    demondoll – Honestly, there’s another point when I just laugh for about 30 seconds straight. I think when my mind snaps, I don’t get mad or crazy, I just laugh.

  11. Doodoolicious – If two wrongs make a right, then find someone else who found joy in my pain.

    The Lazy Canadian – That day should be a holiday.

  12. Marvo, in my minds eye, I did not picture you being an attractive man with nice teeth and nice chest hair. I pictured you more as one of the asians who somehow end up on my island, who all happen to be middle aged business men, and who want to make me their young bride. of course, they could get their own faux child bride in japan, since everyone who has a vagina and is between the ages of zero and fifty looks like a child there.

    that being said,
    you have -cough- had, nice chest hair. and good teeth. good for you.

  13. Hey, so when is this thing going up??? Is this just a scheme to keep me checking back every single day?

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