REVIEW: Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper

Like a young woman who does not understand why she got so excited while watching Brooke Shields in the movie “Blue Lagoon,” I am confused about my feelings towards the Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. Half of me thinks that this unusual tasting soda is good, but the other half of me thinks that if you drink too much of this shit it gets kind of fucking nasty.

Some of the best diet sodas I’ve poured down my gullet have been concocted by Dr. Pepper, like Berries & Cream Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and of course, regular Diet Dr. Pepper.

I may not truly know how I feel about this chocolatey variation, but just like any post-Ricky Martin Menudo lineup, I do know that it is not as good as any of its predecessors.

Just like the living arrangements in the TV show “Three’s Company,” the combination of cherry, chocolate, and Diet Dr. Pepper seemed like it would make for a good threesome, but as I wrote earlier, the Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper has an unusual taste.

The chocolate flavor stands out, but it is a weird chocolate flavor that doesn’t bring back my memories of Yoo-Hoo, Chocolate Soldier, or that night with Hershey’s syrup and plastic sheets. Overall, I think it tastes like a maraschino cherry, which I enjoy and are usually found on ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, or in my mouth as I try to impress the ladies with my ability to tie its stem with my proficient tongue.

I thought it had a very sweet and syrupy taste, despite not having any sugar in it. It was a little too sweet for my liking and I couldn’t drink an entire bottle in one sitting without getting a little sick, but I liked the initial sips I took, which are the reasons why I’m torn about the Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. I don’t know whether I should love it, leave it, or wait until it goes away since it is a limited edition soda.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 cup – 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, 40 milligrams of sodium, 0 grams of carbs, 0 grams of protein, 28 milligrams of caffeine, and limited nutritional facts)

Item: Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper
Price: 99 cents (20 ounces)
Purchased at: Walgreens
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Unusual taste. I like it in small doses. Zero calories. Zero grams of fat. Zero carbs. Threesomes.
Cons: Not a significant source of any other nutrients. Unusual chocolate flavor. Too sweet and syrupy for my tastes. Too much of it made me a little sick. Not as good as other Diet Dr. Pepper variations. Post-Ricky Martin Menudo.

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  1. I feel the exact same way about this…I tried it and thought “interesting, I kind of like it”, then I took a second sip and thought “hmmm” then a third and though “uhhh” then a fourth and thought “I’m gonna put this down for a bit”. If someone offered it I’d probably take it, but I wouldn’t ever say “Hey baby, bring the Hershey’s, the plastic sheets AND the cherry chocolate Dr. Pepper.”

  2. I heart ordinary Diet Dr. Pepper extremely. I have withdrawl pangs if I’m away from it too long and I don’t buy any for home consumption to avoid falling farther into the dark pit of DDP addiction. I think Diet Cherry Vanilla DP rocks also (as well as being a great rum mixer) but not as much as the original, and the Diet Berries and Creme version is acceptable if not awesome. But this stuff sounds too fucking strange for me to ever buy. Yes, I’ll drink artificially colored and flavored carbonated water, but not when one of those artificial flavors is chocolate.

  3. Ha, tanks Marvo!

    The weird thing is that we disagree on the sweet flavor. You say it is syrupy, which isn’t like a lot of diet sodas. I like the chocolate flavor, but you say it is atypical fake chocolate.

    I love your reviews, but I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this beast.

  4. Clevegal42 – Like I always say, “All you need are Hershey’s syrup and plastic sheets to have a good time.”

    Chuck – Mix it with rum, it might taste better. I’d try it, but I can’t find it here. I had to have my sister in SF pick some up for me.

    Red Icculus – No, we will not agree to disagree. We shall gather our armies, meet on a flat plain, and battle the greatest battle that any battle has ever battled.

    Lord Jezo – In Germany, I think “chocolate rain” means something else.

    Shannon – You’ve only got a few months to try it. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it. If you don’t like it, give it to a homeless person and tell them to stay off the booze.

  5. I was finally able to put my finger on what this pop tastes like: a tootsie pop. Or am I just crazy?

  6. Oh fuck, that Tay Zonday video made me buy one of these. Afterwards, I was full of guilt and shame.

  7. the scientist in me wonders if you feeling “a little under the weather” has anything to do with losing your protective coating 😉

  8. Awesome! I just saw a banner ad for this this morning that made me decide to play convenience store scavenger hunt on my way to work to track a bottle down.

    So naturally, that ended up being way too ambitious of a goal for first thing in the morning and I went with my usual coffee instead. But now I’m determined to get my hands on this stuff.

  9. Considering I hate the taste of the origninal Dr. Pepper (tastes like cough surype) – I highly doubt I would enjoy this variation. Yick.

  10. Maybe you are a little under the weather due to the nasty minds who thought chocolate flavored pop sounded good!!! what do we look like we live in Japan no so give me back my original dr pepper with too many flavors to count sans chocolate

  11. this tastes like a cherry totsie pop. I like those- but drinking one is sick. glad it is limited edition!

  12. Amy – I’ve read it tastes like a cherry tootsie pop, but I haven’t had one in a long time, so I can’t really compare.

    Alastor – Tay Zonday is the poor man’s Barry White.

    miss petite america – I look better after consuming alcohol.

    FatYoli – Holy crap! You mean my hair can stop bullets? Shit!

    Shannon – Hmm…Now that you mention it. Chocolate. Cherry. Sounds kind of erotic.

    Stacey – Good luck with your search. I was so desperate for them I had to ask my sister to mail some from SF. $2 for two bottles and $9 for shipping.

    Nevis – I wish Dr. Pepper and root beer has some redeeming health qualities, like they were advertised back in the day.

    liz – Oh, but the things I can do with the stems.

    meg – They made this flavors for suckers like me who will try anything once if it sounds remotely interesting.

    ilovepink – Actually, I think if it gets popular enough, it might become a regular flavor.

  13. I used to order something like this at a (yes) real soda fountain in the City of Orange… I’ll give it try.

  14. demondoll – This totally won’t compare with that. Not even close. It wouldn’t try it because it might ruin your memories of that soda fountain.

  15. If you ever get the chance you should try a regular Dublin Dr. Pepper, the kind made with real sugar (not corn syrup.) It’s about the only regular soda I ever try. I see them advertised at the top of your page there. Not cheap to get delivered, but worth checking out.

  16. Chuck – I think I paid ten dollars for the Cocaine Energy Drink, so maybe I can afford the Dublin Dr. Pepper.

    Jeremy Hobbs – This review has become a review depository. Cool beans.

    Jen – It’s so much cheaper to just rub chocolate on your lips.

  17. Finally found it! I had to get a 12-pack of cans, which will probably be exactly how long it takes for me to get sick of the stuff and start hating it. Kinda tastes like Tootsie Rolls.

  18. I guess it’s not selling too well…the just put it on discount at the local convenience store. I might try one just to say I’ve done it.

  19. I bought a 12-pack of the stuff just to try it. My God, is it rancid. The box is still half-full. I expect to see it on the shelves at your 99 Cents Only store very soon, right next to the HD DVDs.

  20. I got through a 12 pack of this. I actually kind of like it… but man… that chocolate and carbonated water mix is weird.

    It’s definitely better than the A&W Rootbeer Float in a bottle.

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