Organic Batter Blaster

Depending on who you talk to, I imagine the Organic Batter Blaster instant pancake batter in a can is either awesome or horrible. Food snobs, or foobies as I like to call them, may think that the Batter Blaster is the beginning of the end of home cooked meals, others might think that it could possibly be the greatest breakfast invention ever, and finally there’s a group of teenagers out there who think it’s “the shizzy” because they believe they can get high by huffing the gas from the Batter Blaster can, which would give them another option beyond canned whipped cream, spray paint, or the sweat stained undershirt of an opium farmer.

My opinion lies somewhere near the belief that is it possibly the greatest breakfast invention ever, because I am one lazy mutha’ucka. Some of you might tell me that making my own pancake mix isn’t time consuming, but it takes me less than 30 seconds to pull the Batter Blaster can out of the refrigerator, shake it well, pop off the cap, and spray it onto a well-heated skillet. Just gathering the ingredients for the pancake mix alone would take more than 30 ticks off the clock.

(Editor’s Note: You can also make waffles with the Batter Blaster, but I do not own a waffle iron, but I do own a hair iron. Please do not ask why.)

The USDA Organic certified Batter Blaster is also a time saver in the clean up department since there’s no need to wash bowls, spoons, measuring cups, and my “Good Looking is Cooking” apron. I don’t have time for mixing and measuring, because I’ve got RSS feeds to read, episodes of MythBusters to watch, and naps to take.

Of course, the convenience of Batter Blaster would be moot if it didn’t make decent pancakes, and fortunately for lazy folks, it does make some surprisingly good flapjacks. Every pancake I made turned out soft, fluffy and tasty. If I took a blind taste test with butter and syrup smothered all over them, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell they came from a can, because butter and syrup have the gift of distraction.

According to the label, each can of Batter Blaster makes approximately 28 pancakes, four inches in diameter. I was able to produce about 24 pancakes with one can, but more importantly I didn’t have to make an entire batch like I would if I made my own pancake mix. With the Batter Blaster, I could make one or two at a time, instead of constructing a tall starchy tower of pancakes that would force me to either eat all of them in one sitting (not recommended) or freeze them (recommended), although turning them into starchy Frisbees would leave me less freezer space for convenient microwaveable frozen foods.

(Nutrition Facts – 1/4 cup – 112 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 0 grams saturated fat, 0 grams trans fat, 10 milligrams cholesterol, 95 milligrams sodium, 23 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams dietary fiber, 7 grams sugar, 3 grams protein, 0% Vitamin A, 0% Calcium, 0% Vitamin C, 6% Iron, and about 10 Batter Blaster Bikinis)

Item: Batter Blaster
Price: $9.99 (3-pack)
Purchased at: Costco
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Possibly the greatest breakfast invention ever. Surprisingly makes soft, fluffy, and tasty pancakes. Quick and easy to make. USDA Organic. No CFC in the can. No mixing needed. Easy clean up. My “Good Looking is Cooking” apron. Mythbusters. Butter and syrup make everything better.
Cons: Hard to find here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Huffing. Foobies probably think it’s the worst thing in the world.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try these but I don’t think we have it here in the Philippines…

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We do have one-step pancake mixes here, and you just need to add water.

    Oh, we also call it “hotcakes”

  2. @Jujueyeballs – I think it’s a bad thing. I think every country should experience Batter Blaster. I think it will bring world peace.

  3. While I’m of the mind this may be the worst inventiion over, from a purist’s view point, it does look pretty damn convienent. Does this make good pigs in a blankets?

  4. How can something that comes out of a pressurized can be called “organic”?
    None the less, this is awesome.

    I can see stoner hippies sucking on the nozzle which makes me wonder when we will have brownie batter in pressurized cans too – this is the next step up from cheesecake filling in a tub (seriously – who buys that stuff to actually make a cheesecake?)

  5. Call me a foobie, food snob, or whatever. This looks and sounds disgusting.

    Marvo: “Food snob. Foobie”
    Me: “I can live with that. Worse things to be”

  6. Holy shnickeys. I just bought this from Whole Foods over the weekend and am reviewing it for another site 😀

    My first batch didn’t go so well (they sort of disintegrated) so I’m doing breakfast for dinner, again, tonight and hoping for a better turnout.

  7. I saw these at my mom’s house when I was visiting a few months ago and really wanted to try them (My inner foobie was screaming at me not to do it).

    My mom was raving about how good they were. I asked her if she was just getting lazier because she was retired. I got slapped.

  8. After checking out the pictures on the other review, these actually look pretty good. Following your sage advice, I am definitely picking some up next time I go grocery shopping.

  9. I have foodie tendencies and I’ve bought this before. It’s actually pretty good – I heart being able to make one or two pancakes quickly in the morning (usually do this on weekdays) without any mess. I’ve contemplated just making batter and keeping it in a dispenser, but that hasn’t happened – so it’s batter blaster for me. Don’t let prejudices against food in aerosol containers hold you back folks! Be open minded and embrace the pleb food!

  10. It’s sooooo goooood. If you’ve ever tried it, you know that already. For newbies, just put your zip code in on their website to see a list of stores near you.

  11. ARGH! I guess I’m the only one who looked at this and whose first thought was, “What about the friggin’ environment, people?!” That is a packaging nightmare! As if our landfills needed anymore frivolous waste.

    Now please look the other way while I use this whole roll of paper towels to clean my bathroom.

  12. Wow, this is something I actually want to try. If I can slather butter and Mrs. Butterworth’s (screw any other brand) then these might be good.

    Wait a minute…you own a hair iron?

  13. no. just no. why settle for pancake in a can when I can have my husband make the real things for me?

  14. Holy crap. Pancakes are my Kryptonite. I must find this product.

    Please tell me you use the hair iron above the belt. Please?

  15. Can you truly call yourself lazy if you are using a skillet? Tilt that head back and suck down some pancakes.

    these look amazing, i am going camping this weekend and you just supplied my breakfast (and lunch … and dinner)

  16. I don’t like pancakes, but I do love me some waffles. And, unlike you, I have a waffle iron, but not a hair iron. So this might be worth a try. Because I am far too lazy and un-kitchen-oriented to figure out how to make waffle mix.

  17. @Reprobate – I don’t know if they would make good pigs in a blanket. I would try it, but unfortunately I’m out of the stuff and I haven’t been able to find more.

    @Sapoho – I actually bought cheesecake filling in a tub…twice…for review purposes of course. Where are those reviews? What’s that over there? ::runs away::

    @Peachy – But the cold steel can feels good on my skin on a hot summer day.

    @Chavi – Mmm…Breakfast for dinner. I’d do that every day if bacon wasn’t so bad for you.

    @Nevis – Good luck in finding it, but if you need help the Batter Blaster website will help.

    @edman0037 – Extreme laziness for breakfast comes in the form of dry cereal without milk.

    @luckinflux – Be glad she didn’t hit you with the Batter Blaster can, because that would really hurt, but if you did, it would be a great time to ask for money.

    @Rick – USDA Organic, y’all!

    @ChrisP – YES! I have influence. I’m going to run for president…of the Marvo fan club!

    @SheRa – Me likey the pleb food, because me poor.

  18. @Jennifer – Sadly, when I type my zip code I get zilch.

    @tamatha – I know. I know. The cans are bad for the environment, but I’m personally saving the cans, so I can melt them down and make my own Transformer.

    @Brie – Technically, it’s not mine, but it is in my apartment and the owner of it is never going to come and get it, so I consider it mine now.

    @Chuck – I got tired of it and splashes would go through the hole that was down there.

    @dramastically – Good luck in finding it! Costco here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we live on doesn’t carry it anymore for some reason. I’m think places like Down to Earth might.

    @Alisha – Unfortunately, I don’t have your husband to make things for me, but if I did I’d totally tell him to make me pancakes and a bookshelf.

    @Bubu – I don’t know. That’s a good question. Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore Batter Blaster to try it out. Sorry.

    @Aimee – Um…I have to let you know that I wear my belts around my thighs.

    @Jon – I guess I am not that laz…eh, I’m too lazy to type that Y.

    @Gabs – I think Eggo Waffles would be easier.

  19. If I have to go to Down to Earth to get it, I changed my mind, I’m so NOT there.

  20. When i think “Organic Batter Blaster” somehow, pancakes are not the frist thing that come to mind ……. Meaning i wouldn’t buy it if a ran into it in the store.

    Though up here we got almost the same thing, only you need to add milk to the bottle, and shake it, for instant pancake batter.

  21. I’m a little disappointed that you, of all people, didn’t make any obvious penis jokes about the name of the product.

  22. @dramastically – I’d go for you, but I’m afraid to walk in a get attacked for my leather wallet.

    @Bokkie – I prefer to add milk to chocolate syrup and make chocolate milk.

    @Sean – I thought about an entire review with penis references, but I thought that would be too obvious. With a name like Batter Blaster, it’s just TOO easy.

  23. In response to the packaging and the huffing:

    The Batter Blaster packaging is designed to be environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable (including can, caps and tips). The pressurized can contains CO2 (carbon dioxide) which is friendly to the environment. CFC’s, typically associated with pressurized foods and a negative environmental impact, have been banned for over 10 years now! With Batter Blaster, not only is there no unused or wasted batter but the packaging is recyclable as well!
    -Salt Communications, agency representing Batter Blaster

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