REVIEW: Green Tea (Matcha) Kit Kat (Japan)

Is there anything the Japanese won’t use as a flavor for their Kit Kats? Holy cow! And just to let you know, I didn’t type “holy cow” as an exclamation, I typed that because it is probably the next Japanese Kit Kat flavor. Mmm…Beef Kit Kat. You think I’m kidding? This is the country that sells used schoolgirl panties in VENDING MACHINES! If they’re capable of that, then they’re also capable of making a carcass-flavored Kit Kat that you can break apart and share with your friends so they can gag along with you and hold back your hair if you throw up.

I could list all the Japanese Kit Kat flavors that ever existed, but that would be as exciting as watching C-SPAN tally the congressional votes for an amendment to agree to making an amendment to an amendment, but to give you an idea of how low they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, there’s a soy sauce Kit Kat. Of course, Nestle Japan has also produced normal-sounding flavors, like banana and caramel, but usually it’s quirky shit, like this Green Tea (Matcha) Kit Kat.

The Green Tea Kit Kat comes in a color that looks like it’s been hit with a ton of gamma rays, because it’s Incredible Hulk green. Depending on whether or not you’ve had green tea or green tea flavored products before, the Green Tea Kit Kat can either be 2003-Hulk-movie-mediocre or 2008-The-Incredible-Hulk-movie-good. If you’ve never had green tea, this Kit Kat’s slightly bitter, but mostly sweet taste might be a little off-putting.

It basically consisted of white chocolate with green tea flavoring and it tastes similar to green tea ice cream. What’s on the outside and its flavor may seem unusual to most, but the wafers inside were crispy like any other Kit Kat. I personally really enjoyed the Green Tea Kit Kat and I’m hoping to get my hands on more, so it looks like I’ll be asking for partial payment in Green Tea Kit Kats whenever I offer my body company to lonely, middle-aged female Japanese tourists in Waikiki.

(Editor’s Note: Cybele at the Candy Blog reviewed these a few years ago back when fo’ shizzle was actually hip to say.)

Item: Green Tea (Matcha) Kit Kat
Price: FREE
Purchased at: Someplace in Japan
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Very enjoyable. Green tea flavor reminds me of green tea ice cream. Crispy wafers. Possibly getting paid in Green Tea Kit Kats. 2008 The Incredible Hulk movie.
Cons: If you don’t like green tea, you won’t like these. Slightly bitter taste maybe off-putting. Hard to find, unless you’re in Japan or have a kick ass Japanese market in your town. Watching C-SPAN vote tallies. 2003 Hulk movie.

20 thoughts to “REVIEW: Green Tea (Matcha) Kit Kat (Japan)”

  1. Them crazy japs…don’t they blur out the naughty bits in their pornos? That makes no sense at all, just like adding green tea to a perfectly good Kit Kat. Next will be Durian and/or Balut flavored ones.

  2. The Green Tea Kit-Kats are good, but the apple flavoured Japanese Kit-Kats are even better. Seriously, you should review it!

  3. You have sex for kit kats? Wow, you’re the cheapest hooker ever (the antioxidants in the green tea probably make the kit kats better for you than meth, though).

  4. These are wonderful. I simply can’t eat just one.

    Now, if only they’d make a Giant Kit Kat version of it, my Halloween costume this year would be complete! I’m talking, of course, about frank and beans.

  5. I’d try this, sounds pretty good (the Kit Kat…not selling myself to middle-aged tourists)

  6. Perhaps one day, you will enter and win a contest where the grand prize is your own weight in green tea Kit-Kat bars.

    They had a chocolate mint limited edition KK that I really liked. Also an orange one that wasn’t quite as good.

  7. I’m still waiting for Pepsi, and now Kit Kat, Yummy Cactus. Mmm, cactus. Or perhaps Kit-Kat Guacamole flavoured! Or Kit Kat Aloe-Vera flavoured!!

  8. I tried these in February – got them at an anime con – and I thought they were pretty damn good 🙂 I just found the cookies and cream ones I bought back then and ate them yesterday…yummmmy!

  9. Crunchy green tea ice cream. Yum.

    BTW for those who don’t know, “jap” is akin to the n-word as a racial epithet. Please don’t use it.

  10. These rock! Have you tried the green tea with ‘an’ Kit Kats? Love those a million times more.

    I could never figure out the sakura flavored Kit Kats. I mean, what is sakura supposed to taste like? (The answer, of course: Like a very watered-down version of those cherry dipped cones from Mr. Softee.)

    “Black sugar” Kit Kats would be orgasmic.

  11. Hey Marvo,

    I was down in Osaka recently and bought Akafuku flavored KitKats. I’ve only seen this flavor in Osaka, which makes sense, since Akafuku mochi is apparently an Osaka thing. The KitKats taste just like the Akafuku mochi. Actual Akafuku mochi are absolutely fantastic – even the spousal unit liked them and he generally hates mochi anything with the fire of a thousand suns.

    When I got back up north, the local suupa had watermelon (with a pinch of salt) flavored kit kats.

    Trying weird Japanese food (especially candy) is a favorite pasttime at my work – the Akafuku KitKats were enjoyed but the Watermelon ones were the clear winner.

    I didn’t get a chance to get pics of the interior wrapping or of the bars themselves before my coworkers lit into them, but here’s the outer packaging:

    I’d send some but they wouldn’t survive the summer heat.

  12. oh, no. not at all. in fact, a thousand times nay. i’m pretty sure green tea is the devil, or at least the devil’s favorite beverage. has nobody else noticed that it tastes like kitchen cleaner smells? or am i possibly playing host to a brain tumor, replete with phantom smell and tastes? both are plausible i suppose. but uh, i’ll stick with classic chocolate kit-kats. for now.

  13. @kagai – Just to let you know, it’s really easy to smash these.

    @alex lifeson – First off, it doesn’t really bother me but I should just let you know that the term “Japs” is a derogatory term. Secondly, you can actually get non-blurred versions of their porn. Yes, I actually do know that.

    @Alisha – See comment above. Yes, they do have weird flavoring and will probably make many, many more.

    @Jonathan – Right now, I have strawberry, regular tea, and one other flavor from Japan. But maybe I’ll pick up one of those apple flavored ones from J-List.

    @Armauld – Heck, I would have sex with Kit Kats.

    @Lex – Unfortunately I haven’t seen new green tea ginger ale. But I’m not a fan of ginger ale to begin with so I’m not too sure if I like it.

    @NobleArc, The Lazy Canadian – I would suggest either eBay or They both have a variety of Kit Kats from Japan.

    @Reprobate – Are you dressing up as an anatomically correct Incredible Hulk?

  14. @Rick – Don’t be knocking the selling of yourself to middle-aged female Japanese tourists, because they have money.

    @Chuck – Yeah, I tried that orange one and I agree wasn’t very good.

    @Neil – Yes, the matcha flavor is something that I think most people won’t like, but I do very much enjoy it.

    @Luna – If they come out with either of those flavors, I will try my best to get my hands on it and review them and not throw up.

    @Heather – Wait! There are cookies and cream Kit Kats? Why didn’t anybody let me know? I’m so all over those.

    @fanta – Mmm…green tea ice cream.

    @Brenda – I’ve been curious about those cherry blossom flavored Kit Kat. I’ve been thinking about picking some up.

    @Fury – I’m not really into mochi (I know I’m a bad Japanese man), but those watermelon ones sound delightful. Have you heard about the eel flavored energy drink?

    @betsy – If green tea is the devil’s favorite beverage, then I am THE DEVIL!!! Bwahaha. Bwahaha.

  15. yummm….. I had this while in japan. Still can’t get over all the different flavors of pocky… yummy!!

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