Oxi Clean Detergent With Toss-n-Go Dispenser

I purchased the Oxi Clean Detergent With Toss-n-Go Dispenser about two years ago.

I ended up not reviewing it after seeing it was “Reduced for Quick Sale” a week after purchasing it, which usually means a product is near its expiration date or a product just sucks. Since laundry detergent doesn’t really have an expiration date, I figured it was the latter. However, just like cockroaches, crocodiles and Paris Hilton’s celebrity, it somehow has been able to survive and I continue to see it on store shelves.

The product consists of a solid ball of Oxi Clean detergent, which is placed into a white liner, and then placed into the blue Toss-n-Go dispenser. The white liner prevents the detergent ball of dissolving quickly, but I think it does its job too well. On the packaging it says it can do over 25 loads of laundry, but on and off for the past two years I’ve probably done about twenty loads with it and not much of the detergent ball has dissolved, which makes me wonder if my clothes are actually being cleaned. Although, if they aren’t being cleaned, it would explain why sometimes women keep a certain distance away from me. I thought it was me staring at their breasts, but it could’ve been the Oxi Clean detergent.

I’m not much of a fan of powdered detergent and it turns out that I’m also not a fan of solid detergent, because with both I can’t pretreat stains, like lipstick on my collar, some kind of bodily fluid on my pants, or the Asian buy-me-drinkie girl attached to my wallet. The Oxi Clean detergent also doesn’t have a scent, which wouldn’t usually bother me since I use the Method Free + Clear odorless detergent, but because I’m not sure if it’s cleaning my fine silk leopard-print thongs, I would at least want it to smell like it’s cleaning my fine silk leopard-print thongs.

One of the main appeals of the Oxi Clean Detergent With Toss-n-Go Dispenser is the fact that you can leave it in your washing machine. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment complex with a washing machine and dryer I have to share with everyone on my floor, so it’s hard to keep it in there. Although, I’m not really too fond of this product, so I think I might just leave it in there and hopefully someone steals it.

Item: Oxi Clean Detergent With Toss-n-Go Dispenser
Price: $9.99
Size: 1 ball/1 dispenser
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 3 out of 10
Pros: Can leave in washing machine, if you have your own washing machine. Odorless. My fine silk leopard-print thongs.
Cons: The slow dissolving of product makes me wonder if it’s actually working. Can’t pretreat stains. Staring at women’s breasts for too long. Paris Hilton will never die. Trying to get rid of Asian buy-me-drinkie girl attached to wallet.

8 thoughts to “Oxi Clean Detergent With Toss-n-Go Dispenser”

  1. Sounds like a gimmicky product. I remember they used to have that Downy Ball also…I never tried that one, preferring just to use dryer sheets.

  2. No Billy Mays, no sale! Why can’t people just spray down their clothes with Axe instead of washing, it’s so much easier.

  3. Ace’s idea is good…but Axe sucks…everyone knows Old Spice is the way to go (just ask Bruce Campbell)!

  4. Hmmm…Too complicated for me. I don’t want to have to purchase a starter kit to do laundry.

  5. @Chuck – I used to use the Downy Ball in college, but now I don’t use fabric softener anymore because some of my “wrinkle-free” clothes warn me against using it. I hate when clothes tell me what to do. Like when I put on a tight t-shirt, it’s telling me I gotta lay off of the Jack in the Box.

    @Ace – Billy Mays, please! Just spray clothes with quality cologne, not that cheap Axe crap. I think it lasts longer.

    @Danalyn – No Old Spice for me. I avoid products all things with the word “old” in it, like Old Navy and Old Milwaukee.

    @armauld – Yeah, I’d rather just leave my clothes on the floor and have a maid/butler pick them up and wash them for me. That is simple as can be.

  6. For one demented moment I thought you actually ate this thing. I should stop reading this first thing in the morning before I’m fully awake.

  7. @Reprobate – I’m not shoving it up my ass to prove it.

    @Heidi – If I did eat it, it wouldn’t have been the worst things I’ve ever eaten.

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