Cheetos Now Has A Flavor That Doesn’t Look Radioactive

Is it just me or is Chester Cheetah too much into cheese? Look at him on the packaging of the new limited edition Cheetos Crunchy Mozzarella, which I took a picture of in Wal-Mart when the folks in blue vests weren’t looking. Now I don’t mean a connoisseur of cheese, I’m talking a full blown cheese whore who would do ANYTHING for a little taste of the curds and whey. If that’s not the face of a cheese whore, I don’t know what it. It’s like he’s ready to snort a few lines of white mozzarella cheese, or otherwise known on the street as Italian Gold. Also, I’m not too sure what’s more disturbing; the albino white mozzarella on these Cheetos or the radioactive orange stuff on regular Cheetos?

18 thoughts to “Cheetos Now Has A Flavor That Doesn’t Look Radioactive”

  1. Perhaps we could get all your loyal readers together and have an intervention. A&E could film it. Think of the publicity for the Impulsive Buy.

  2. I think Chester probably does have a cheese problem, but hey, it’s his job, what can ya do. Personally I like the new Jalepeno Cheddar flavor. The flamin’ hot flavor was OK but I got tired of my fingers looking like I’d just gotten done working in a meth lab after I ate them.

  3. At last, Chester’s found a new hobby! And his hands are already hairy, so no one will notice. Kudos.

  4. I really like the Organic Cheetos that they sell in “healthier” food stores. They taste just like normal Cheetos except they don’t have the radioactive orange color.

  5. So…did you buy them? I’m assuming no since no review…which sucks. You totally just teased me. I feel like the jock trying to get up the head cheerleaders shirt only to find her bra stuffed with tissues :/

  6. Is it just me or does Chester Cheetah look like he just had his first um…O in his hands and he’s playing with the aftermath?

  7. this new flavor sucks. it tastes a little like pirates booty but much harder and not as good tasting. and it kinda taste like there are some herbs on it but not really.

    i like regular radioactive orange and most of all i like flaming hot cheetos.

  8. @NobleArc, The Lazy Canadian – If only South Park didn’t already use the term “cheesing,” I would’ve probably used that.

    @armauld – I don’t think I would corral a drugged out cheetah because if he went crazy and I had to run away from him he could easily catch me and lick my cheesy feet.

    @Chuck – how would you know what it’s like to work in a meth lab, Chuck?

    @Reprobate – Hobby? For now. Months later it’ll probably be it an addiction and no one’s cheese will be safe.

    @Heidi – do they melt in your mouth like regular Cheetos? I love when they melt in my mouth.

    @Nevis – I know you’re probably expecting a review, but I’ve decided to also do news and this is a news item. Maybe I get to it in the future, but I just want readers to know what new products are out there.

    @Heather – Yes it’s not a review, it’s more of a news story. It’s a new format I’m trying with TIB, which involves news and reviews.

    @NotBlonds – that’s nasty, but I think you are correct.

    @liz – I also enjoy the radioactive orange cheesy powder and licking it off my fingers.

    @Neil – with or without the sunglasses on?

  9. Hmm, these are a fraud cheeto. Like white cheddar cheez its. I like the radioactive orange color.

  10. @Zack – That is exactly what it looks like.

    @Heidi – Good. I guess I’ll be looking for the organic stuff.

    @Natalie – I wonder what radioactive white looks like.

  11. They’re so nasty, and I only paid $1.66 for them at walmart. I took a few bites, and left the bag alone.

  12. So glad to know these suck. We like the baked radioactive flavored cheetos. Somehow the word “baked” makes me feel better about munching down half the bag in one sitting.

  13. @The R – Well, I guess I’ll be avoiding these.

    @Stuff We Tried – I do like most of the Baked stuff from Frito-Lay, but I didn’t really like the Cheetos version.

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