NEWS: Taco Bell Creates a Gordita That Hindu AND Jewish People Won’t Eat

The new Bacon Cheddar Gordita Crunch is the first limited time only menu item from Taco Bell that I’ve wanted to try in a long time because it looks like their Double Decker Taco, which is my default whenever I make a run for the border. This Gordita on steroids has been injected with real cheddar cheese, a zesty Southwest cheddar sauce and bacon. That’s TWO FRICKIN’ CHEESES for those of you who are counting at home. From the picture above, it looks like the bacon is mixed in with the cheddar cheese, which should make Wisconsinites extremely happy. The crunchy taco shell inside should give it a nice crunch, unless all the grease from the ground beef, cheese and bacon get to it before you do. It weights in at 189 grams, which is roughly the same weight as a Double Decker Taco Supreme, but with 600 calories, 37 grams of fat, 1120 milligrams of sodium, the Bacon Cheddar Gordita Crunch is significantly less healthy. But that won’t scare me away because the bacon beckons me.

18 thoughts to “NEWS: Taco Bell Creates a Gordita That Hindu AND Jewish People Won’t Eat”

  1. I like taco bell This looks really good but high in salt.
    I know I could eat 5 of these and about 45 packs of fire sauce. Then i would go poopy all night……all well I quess its worth it and have a happy new year 2009

  2. Dude! The ONLY thing better than a Double Decker is a Double Decker plus bacon. Kick. Ass.

    Am I the only person that pulls the tortilla apart from the taco shell and injects hot sauce into the beans?

  3. in 1998, during taco tuesday, i saw a geek place his retainer on his tray, eat and empty his tray into the trash bin w/ the retainer still on it.

    that same year i saw a taco bell employee squeeze what looked like meat from a tube into a tortilla shell and i promised to stay away from taco bell.

  4. Meh…I used to live in Wisconsin and this doesn’t interest me at all. I do like the double decker taco supreme but I think this menu item annoyed me because it replaced the Triple Steak Burrito, which in spite of its extremely unhealthy amount of sodium (or perhaps because of it) I really liked.

  5. OMG!!!! I JUST had this on Monday! SOoooo good! It was super duper fresh….so hot that I had to wait for it to cool a second. I knew it was not going to be long before I saw it on here!

    The cheddar bacon cheese is yummy and smoky flavored, and you can taste the bacon! The shredded cheese was gooey and stringy, and the cold items like the lettuce and tomato were perfect to cool off any heat. Definitley a must buy!

  6. By “real cheddar cheese”, do you mean that fake cheese paste (sort of like the movie theater nacho cheese) that they put into everything at Taco Bell nowadays? I hate that stuff so much — when/if I go to Taco Bell, I ask them to omit the cheese sauce, but I never get a server who understands my request and end up getting no cheese shreds, but plenty of cheese sauce. Urghhhhh…

    Meanwhile, I don’t know about you, but I remember back when Gorditas first came out at Taco Bell — it was my favorite fastfood thing ever at the time.. Until everyone got used to the Gordita of course, and Taco Bell decided to start skimping on the ingredients. The thick, juicy slices of real grilled steak turned into skimpy little bits of meat you would expect to find in dog food tins. And of course — that cursed cheese sauce.

    Sorry for rambling; I am sick with the flu and bored out of my mind.

  7. I had this Gordita two times in about 2 weeks, and it’s really awesome and good. I think you should def. try this! The sauce and bacon is great.

  8. i think taco bell is a sin, especially if yr living in a large city in america where it’s almost impossible to not bump into a real mexican or puerto rician restaurant.

  9. @Neil – If I ate one of these and were surrounded by a bunch of Playboy Playmates, my blood pressure would jump so high that I would probably die.

    @JHM – I don’t do that, but that actually sounds like a better way to add the hot sauce since squirting it into the taco might cause it to drip out. Thanks for the tip!

    @yr momz – I did that in 1993 at Disneyland.

    @Chuck – I’m sure the Triple Steak Burrito will come back in some other form, probably the Quadruple Steak Burrito.

    @mandy_Reeves – I shall try it this weekend.

    @Heidi – First off, I hope you’re feeling better. I’m not much into Gorditas, but I will kill a person for a Double Decker Taco.

    @FOAME – I look forward to trying it.

    @Red Icculus – The only thing better than tacos and bacon is two tacos and bacon.

    @yr momz – I agree with you, but unfortunately here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we don’t have many good Mexican restaurants.

    @edman0037 – Thanks!

  10. mmm i love the original cheesey gordita crunch.. the american version is so much better then the canadian. I think I should start planning another trip south of the border.. lol

  11. Marvo– Yes thank you, I am feeling much better. However, my voice is gone but luckily this does not matter much when I’m on the internet. Haha!

  12. Actually, this isn’t the first time pork has been introduced to a Taco Bell menu item. The last one I recall was the Hawaii limited edition Kalua Pork Soft Taco, Kalua Pork Grilled Stuft Burrito and Kalua Pork Quesadilla. 2 out of 3 of them quite tasty!

  13. @lex – Plus, your Canadian dollar will go farther.

    @yr momz – I live on the rock of Oahu.

    @Heidi – Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    @Pomai – Unfortunately, I did not try any of the kalua pork item, but they all sounded pretty good. Maybe they’ll bring it back.

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