REVIEW: BK Burger Shots

Geez, it seems like everyone is reproducing by the litter. First, it was the and now Burger King has spewed out from its flame-broiled uterus the BK Burger Shots.

I wouldn’t be surprised if TLC offered either of them a reality show on their network.

The BK Burger Shots come in either a two- or six-pack. I bought the six-pack because sometimes I like to pretend I have friends. Each shot comes with a wittle flame-broiled burger topped with a wittle bit of mustard, a wittle bit of ketchup and a pickle in between a wittle fluffy bun. Those of you who have the privilege of living near a White Castle or Krystal, and love their sliders, are probably screaming obscenities at your monitor and calling Burger King an unoriginal bastard. But those of you who don’t live near a White Castle or Krystal can now have your own Harold and Kumar adventure after smoking a big bowl of the ganja.

As you can see in the picture above, the BK Burger Shots six-pack looks like an actual set of six-pack abs, making them the newest item that looks like six-pack abs but will ironically prevent you from obtaining your own six-pack abs. It joins such products as the six-pack of beer, six-pack of soda and six-pack of butter.

From the top, they may look like individual abs, but each pair is joined at the beef so they’re actually more like Siamese twins that you have to rip apart. Once you rip them apart and look under the bun, you will channel the ghost of Clara Peller and ask out loud, “Where’s the Beef?” The burgers are round and noticeably smaller than the squarish buns they’re in, which were roughly the size of a standard dinner roll.

If you’ve had a Burger King hamburger, then you probably have an idea of what a BK Burger Shot tastes like, although I have to say that they didn’t taste as flame-broiled as their Whopper. It’s good, but there’s nothing truly special about them because they’re just smaller versions of their regular hamburger.

I think it would be so much better if Burger King pushed out of their flame-broiled womb either a six-pack of mini Whoppers or something like a White Castle slider.

(Nutrition Facts – 6 pack – 660 calories, 33 grams of fat, 13.5 grams of saturated fat, 1.5 grams of trans fat, 105 milligrams of cholesterol, 1260 milligrams of sodium, 54 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of dietary fiber, 12 grams of sugar, and 42 grams of protein.)

Item: BK Burger Shots
Price: $5.49 (retails for $4.09 in most other places)
Size: 6-pack
Purchased at: Burger King
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Good. Comes in a two- or six-pack. Now stoners can have a Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle-like adventure. Pickles in burgers.
Cons: Nothing special since they taste like a regular BK hamburger. Seemed to taste less flame-broiled than a Whopper. Burger patties looked noticeably smaller than the buns they’re in. Will not help you obtain six-pack abs despite looking like six-pack abs. Copying White Castle and Krystal.

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  1. I don’t have any sort o’ tiny burgers available to me here, so I’d be very interested in trying mini burgers like that… If I’m ever near a Burger King (I’ve only eaten at a Burger King once in my life, and all I had was a couple o’ fries…) or some other restaurant with tiny burgers, I’ll have to give ’em a go.

  2. being a vegetarian, I am sorely missing out on the sliders trend. it seems almost every restaurant offers their own version of mini sandwiches, which look adorable to me. damn it, i want to eat sliders.

  3. Burger King could have done alot with these little burgers.
    Change up the flavor increase burger size, add steamed onion and mayo. It seems its all bun and no meat how about offering a double or triple. Sure we would pay more but I dont mind paying if its worth it. THAT IS ALL ……..

  4. I’ve had both Krystals and White Castles, and Krystals are no White Castles! The fact of the matter is, where I currently live, it’s only Krystals! Yuch!

  5. Chuck, perhaps we should ask Marvo to throw one in a blender – which would then fit in a shot glass – and slam it down for us… on video.

    Coming soon to TLC: Michael Phelps Goes to Burger King

  6. Just wait for the Rockstar Games lawsuit over the name “Burger Shot” since that is the name of a fictional burger chain in all of the GTA Games.

  7. These actually aren’t new. BK did this about 20 years ago–brought out little burgers for a limited time. I guess they figure most of us don’t remember, and/or the young’uns to whom these are probably being marketed couldn’t remember, what with being young’uns and all.


    and i remember something like this back in the 80s, but for some reason i thought the burgers were attached like a figure eight.

  9. to be original, couldn’t they have at least added cheese? since they’re already 660 calories, i can’t imagine anyone complaining.

    or that could just be the medi-fast and nyquil buzz i’m riding at the moment…

  10. Hmm, I don’t have a BK close by anymore so I don’t know if I’ll ever try them, but I do miss Krystal, maybe I’ll track down a BK one of these days. That said, two or six seems like a weird number. Two isn’t enough, but six is too many. I always order three or four at Krystal..I guess I could order two orders of two though.

  11. Knowing as I do that Burger King lets you “have it your way”, I’ve had them modify the six-pack for me quite hardcore.

    You can seriously make them into little Whoppers; just ask for mayo, lettuce, and onion. Hell, they’ll even put bacon. (much better with that, btw)

    And cheese is the “default” add-on option for them, fyi.

  12. I guess my problem with these little burgers is, Burger King isn’t being original at all here, not only that, but I don’t particularly see this as a good value, In times like this it takes a bit more than a cute gimmick to make me want to buy a product.

    That said, I do see a few ways that BK could use this concept.

    they could do a six pack sampler with different burgers, I could see several different topping possibilities here!

    As it is, burger king, I suggest sticking to your own style of burger…and yes, if you where going to do this you should have included cheese.

  13. I love them, used to want to get stoned and go to white castle, but thats like a 1000 mile drive from texas, now i can get stoned (and have a friend ) drive to burgerking! to me they taste exaclty like tiny whoppers, great for parties!

  14. I think they will automatically taste better because they are so tiny. …even though they did this in the 80’s. Everything comes back around, doesn’t it? I’m looking for the commercial for these’s ridiculously funny.

  15. Though I wound up getting a Wopper Jr. instead, I was told that, like their regular burgers, you can have it your way. So if you are like me and like mayo and lettuce on your burgers, they;ll do it.

    Now if someone can bring back the KFC Chicken Little (the Snacker is not the same thing).

  16. Those look absolutely repulsive and disgusting.

    There is nothing to the burger.

    They could have made it a mini whopper or something jeeze.

    Overpriced for a POS dinky burger.

  17. They are great. They are like the little burgers and are the bomb. Sliders are different than these, but for a mini burger they rule!!!!

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