NEWS: Melon Berry Blast Slurpee Helps Keep The Art of Alliteration Alive

This month’s limited-edition Slurpee — Melon Berry Blast — has nothing to do with Space Shuttles or money shots, so I’m wondering what’s the purpose of the “blast” in its name. The only reason I could think of was perhaps 7-Eleven is trying to ensure the literary device of alliteration never goes away. If they are, it’s nice that they’re making the effort. But as long as magazine titles need to be written there will be alliteration.

The Melon Berry Blast Slurpee combines the flavor of watermelon with the taste of strawberry to create a sweet and sour Slurpee that will temporarily make your tongue the same color as Rupaul’s lipstick. It contains 60 calories, 0 grams of fat, 14 milligrams of sodium, 17 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of sugar per 8-ounce serving.

9 thoughts to “NEWS: Melon Berry Blast Slurpee Helps Keep The Art of Alliteration Alive”

  1. If by melon and strawberry you mean high fructose corn syrup and kool-aid mix then im sure this wont let you down.

    BTW, its all about the Coke and cherry flavors mixed

  2. Now I loves me some diet pepsi slurpee too amanda, but I really don’t know about melon-berry as a flavor… it’s probably tasty but I can’t help but think that this could be slightly vile tasting….who knows, might have to give it a try

  3. Melon..AND berry? oi..the only “berry” product that I can think of as being good is Yoplait Mixed Berry yogurt.
    “Berry” is a huge warning sign in itself.

  4. how teh fuck is this resonbeele serving size !??!
    8oz = 17g sugar?? most cups are ilke 60+ oz

  5. @Felix Tibs: No way. Coke and strawberry with extra high fructose corn syrup is the shizzy.

    @Bunny: I’m sure they’ll bring it back. They always seem to come back…for a limited time only.

    @amanda: It used to be at the 7-Eleven near me, but now it is no longer there. I tried it, but I wondered whether it was truly diet.

    @Red Icculus: Do you live near an Olive Garden or White Castle? Yes? Then I am jealous of you.

    @skibs: I enjoy Berry Blast Metamucil.

    @1994: I am allowed to use Rupaul references because of the Rule of Reality Show Relevance. Because Rupaul a new reality show, I can use Rupaul references.

    @dms: Of course they’re not going to tell you how much is in the gigantic Slurpee. They want you to do the math because by the time you suck down a 36-ounce Slurpee you won’t have the ability to do math thanks to the HFCS.

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