NEWS: Cold Stone Creamery Jumps on the Iced Coffee Bandwagon With a Sweet Litter of Beverages

Last week, Cold Stone Creamery began selling iced and blended coffees made with its proprietary ice cream mixes in five flavors that sound like members of an all-girl pop group: Sweet Cream Latte (the cute one), Vanilla Creme Latte (the shy one), Milk Caramel Latte (the sporty one), Rich Mocha Latte (the spoiled one) and Raspberry Truffle Mocha Latte (the bad one). Each beverage is also topped with whipped cream and decorative sweets, from raspberry to caramel.

These caffeinated coffee drinks sound decadent and they probably are. So if you don’t want to feel guilty after consuming one of these, you can either not drink them or order the “light” versions of them, which use skim milk and have a third less calories.

They will be available at all Cold Stone locations nationwide starting at $1.99 for a limited time. Also, don’t forget, if you leave something in the tip jar they will probably sing to you while making it. And if you take something from the tip jar you will have a little more money to spend.

6 thoughts to “NEWS: Cold Stone Creamery Jumps on the Iced Coffee Bandwagon With a Sweet Litter of Beverages”

  1. I just saw a Cold Stone place that closed down…kind of made me sad. Maybe it was a bad location…near downtown and not many kids live around there.

  2. cold stone closed a few stores. To pricey but pretty decent ice cream I liked it

  3. Man… this is dissapointing (grief) I love coldstone to a ceartin extent, but this was a punk move… They too have fallen victim to the curse of fru-fru coffee. This is going to make me have to rethink my association with coldstone.

  4. OMG must get the sweet cream one. I was craving Cold Stone when I was at a mall the other day, and couldn’t find it! Bastards closed that one up. So guess I’ll have to make an excuse to drive to the other one so I can try this 🙂

  5. @Chuck: I guess that Cold Stone location was cold…HA! Get it? Cold? BWAHAHA! I slay me and only me! Sorry for the lame joke.

    @Neil the hammer: Don’t forget the singing employees.

    @Villain was born like this…: Well, if it sucks then they’ll probably get rid of the coffee (or close more stores) and they’ll be back to only folding candy into ice cream.

    @JamieSusan: I think they all could be labeled Fat, Really Fat, Super Fat, Super Duper Fat and Super Duper Fat with Fruit.

    @Heather: Two comments about closed Cold Stone Creamerys? Not a good sign for them. Get these coffee drinks while you can!

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