NEWS: Wrigley Releases Two More 5 Gum Flavors and Continues The Trend of Giving Them Names You Would Probably Find On A Rave Flyer

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Wrigley’s 5 Gum line, which is marketed towards teens and strokes all five of their senses hard, recently got two new additions. The new flavors, Solstice and Zing, joins Lush, Elixir, Rain, Flare and Cobalt in the Wrigley’s 5 line and in the list of names you should not name your children.

The new flavors may have names similar to their older siblings and raves, but their taste isn’t as straight forth. Lush has a fruity flavor, Elixir has a berry taste, Rain is like spearmint, Cobalt has a peppermint flavor and Flare has a cinnamon taste, but according to Wrigley, the new flavors will have a “unique, game-changing flavor experience,” which is marketing speak for it starts out as one flavor and ends up as another. Solstice starts off warm and ends up as a cool winter mint, while Zing begins sour and ends up sweet.

Look for the new flavors at your local convenience store or with all of the other impulse buys lined along the checkout counter at your favorite mega-superstore.

(Note: TIB reviewed the previous flavors. Click here to read the Lush and Elixir review. Click here to read the Rain, Flare and Cobalt review.)

15 thoughts to “NEWS: Wrigley Releases Two More 5 Gum Flavors and Continues The Trend of Giving Them Names You Would Probably Find On A Rave Flyer”

  1. “Solstice” kinda sounds like a feminine hygeine product. Whereas “Zing” sounds like a male “enhancement” product. But then I don’t know too much about either of those things.

  2. I’m a sucker for all the new flavors of breath mints and gums at the impulse buy section of the checkout. Don Quijote especially gets me there. Just picked up a pack of Ice Breakers® Ice Cubes White Mango Kiwi Coolerâ„¢ flavor to try. Oishii desu! Interesting texture, in how it’s shaped like a cube, with these hard crystals outside, yet it’s gummy-soft when you bite into it. Flavor lasts quite long, too.

    Isn’t Wrigley’s “5” gum series supposed to be touted as having a long-lasting flavor?

  3. @Bryan: I do know A LOT about those things and I think they would make excellent names for the things you described. On your heavy days, find Solstice. Put a little Zing into your love life.

    @Ryan: Your mom has the coolest name EVAR!

    @Pomai: I’m a sucker for gum at the checkout counter because there’s always something new. I think I need to seek help for my addiction to impulsive buys…Oh wait, that would pretty much sink this blog. As for the 5 gum, I don’t think it’s being touted as long lasting, but they are being touted as being cool and making chewers cool. It has not helped with my coolness.

  4. I’ve tried them both… and i really liked solstice. but zing on the other hand, is pretty gross. i handed it out to a few of my friends in class, and we all chewed it at the same time. around 15 minutes later, everyone looked at me like i had poisoned their gum and spit it out. Then accused me of delivering the most digusting gum ever to their taste buds.
    thanks, 5 gum. thanks a lot.

  5. Ran out of the 10-pack from Costco and decided to go to Wallgreens to get a few packs. Saw the new Solstice flavor; don’t like it at all. I’m gonna get a couple of friends’ opinions, but for now, I’m gonna stick to Cobalt.

    Didn’t see Zing there, but I want to try that out too.

  6. hey i cant find anywhere to get the new flavors i have checked almost everywhere do any of u know where i could find some

  7. i loooooooooooooove 5 gum but i cant find flare zing or solstoc anywhere do u know were i can get it

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