NEWS: Braun bodycruZer Gets Rid of Unwanted Body Hair Along With Proper Capitalization and Correct Spelling

Yes, that is how Braun spells bodycruZer, which is an all-in-one men’s body groomer featuring a double-headed hair shaving beast, one of which is the popular five bladed Gillette Fusion and the other is a precision power trimmer. It’s for those who want to be Michael Phelps smooth. The bodycruZer is somewhat similar to Norelco’s Bodygroom, which I reviewed a few years ago.

The bodycruZer can be used in and out of the shower, where you decide depends on whether you enjoy clogging your shower drain with your body hair or littering your bathroom floor with your body hair. It has a rechargeable battery that can last for up 50 minutes, giving yourself plenty of time to deforest your pubic hairs. You can use either hair removal head separately or you can combine them to remove unwanted hair as efficiently and quickly as harvesting wheat.

The Braun bodycruZer includes a charging stand, three trimming combs, a hanger, travel pouch and one extra Gillette Fusion disposable blade. It’s available now and will retail for around $70-$80.

Read our review here.

12 thoughts to “NEWS: Braun bodycruZer Gets Rid of Unwanted Body Hair Along With Proper Capitalization and Correct Spelling”

  1. You know what I do….because the darn cartridge refills are so expensive….I get the freebie offers on the razor (comes with one blade) and just use those. I’ve got like 4 of each of the new razors….Mach EXtreme 8, etc.

  2. Fun fact: Back when triple-bladed razors were the new hot item, someone went to jail for six years or so for stealing someone else’s triple-bladed razor design. It was one of those Gillette vs. Schick things.

  3. almost all shaving products are overpriced that is just how it is… and how it always will be, I’m just waiting for the day that razors have 9 blades…that will be good shavin’!

  4. I like to shave around my shaft I quess thats why I am a sexual super hero. I real stand up guy.

  5. I would rather have a dude with extra hair then stubble. I guess my man whore would need to use this often.

  6. @Bear Silber: I’ve got an even better way. I’ll just steal the cartridge refills from you. 🙂

    @twig: I remember reading something about that a while back. I wish someone would design an eight blade razor.

    @Chuck: I think so too. The Norelco bodygroom is half the price.

    @liz: I’m not sure if there is one. So I guess women are still stuck with the Epilady.

    @Woodenhand: That will also be quick shaving.

    @Neil the hammer: But what about your balls?

    @Molly: Welcome to my nightmare when I look into a mirror.

    @grinder: Or your man whore could just dip himself in Nair.

  7. @Bikerbabeee: If Braun sends me a free unit, then I will include a video with huge black bars to censor the huge naughty parts.

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