ANNOUNCEMENT: The Winner of the Pepsi Throwback Prize Pack!!!

The lucky winner of the Pepsi Throwback Prize Pack is:

Comment #149 Clevegal42

Thanks to the sweet folks at Pepsi for providing this prize pack. Also, thanks to everyone who entered this prize drawing. It was fun reading through all of the comments left behind and seeing all the things you folks want resurrected. The most popular item was Crystal Pepsi, and a number of people want Planters Cheez Balls, Arrested Development and Saved by the Bell to come back.

7 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Winner of the Pepsi Throwback Prize Pack!!!”

  1. There were tons o’ requests for old Nickelodeon shows and cartoons…Double Dare & LOTHT (best show ever!)

    I love that stuff. I TiVo ’em now….along with SportsCenter, Recess and Seinfeld 😛

  2. Pepsico, Inc., if ya know what’s good for ya, eg, good for revenue, good for public relations you’ll not let this cool combo of “limited edition” soft drinks fade away into oblivion anytime soon! I’ve not tried a Mountain Dew throwback, but the Pepsi Cola throwback tastes just like the Pepsi i loved and drank as a kid in the 60’s, when Pepsi sales ads were featuring hordes of flowered sundresses, tie-dyed shirts and blue jeans clad people thronging hillsides and singing, ” I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…”. Yeah, oh-kay, Pepsi throwback IS a little light on the carbonation, but the “new and improved” Pepsi tastes like stale moose piss! I won’t drink that swill anymore, especially after having tasted the kind of caffeinated ambrosia you CAN produce if you’ll just pull your heads out of your butts, look around, and GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT WE WANT, for cryin’-out-loud!

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