NEWS: Burger King’s New Hot Fries Snack Makes Me Want To Add A New Entry At Urban Dictionary

The Burger King Hot Fries Potato Snacks have got me thinking about an appropriate definition for the term “hot fries” for the Urban Dictionary website, which is a collection of slang words and phrases. So far, I’ve come up with three possible definitions.

1. A phrase expressing excitement like one would have after realizing they’ve received a fresh batch of french fries straight out of the fryer. Interchangeable with the phrase “hot damn.”

2. Sexy legs that may or may not be covered with red pantyhose.

3. Crabs-infested pubic hair.

Of course, the Burger King Hot Fries Potato Snacks have nothing to do with any of these definitions, but they are similar to the Burger King Ketchup & Fries Potato Snacks I reviewed awhile back. I didn’t really care for those, so I’m not too eager to try these, even though its packaging claims it’s spicy, which is a flavor that my tastebuds enjoy, along with licking hot fries.

I’ll let you figure out which definition of hot fries I’m referring to.

8 thoughts to “NEWS: Burger King’s New Hot Fries Snack Makes Me Want To Add A New Entry At Urban Dictionary”

  1. After considering number 2 on your list and whether or not that’s the one you’d like to lick, I could only say, “ewwww!”

    I’d actually try these if they showed up in an import shop here, though I would have low expectations. There’s a flavor to the powdered spices used in chips in the U.S. which is really different from those in Japan which I miss, and I’m guessing these might have it.

    Of course, I’m thinking of childhood and Wise barbeque chips. They probably aren’t even any good, but I have this nostalgia thing, especially after two decades in Japan. 😉

  2. I hate fake “hot” “fries” as well. I doubt BK could do any better than Andy Capp’s, Chester’s, or Tom’s. I probably won’t be able to find them around here anyway. I never was able to find those french toast stick snacks they put out a while ago.

    On a semi-related Burger King fry note, I noticed some new BK fries in the frozen section at Walmart the other day. I believe they were called “King’s Krinkles” or something like that. They even come in a GIANT Frypod. Any chance we could get a review? If not, I guess I’ll have to spend the whole $1.50 to try them out myself.

  3. I just don’t see these being good, the idea is just not appealing… I guess It must be a generational thing.

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