ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Kelley

Oh, hello! I didn’t see you sitting there. I was just relaxing by the fireplace in my roomy Beverly Hills mansion, enjoying a Cuban cigar and sipping a nice glass of cognac, resplendent in my satin smoking jacket.

That is a lie, of course.

Hi, I’m Kelley, the newest member of The Impulsive Buy’s crew of reviewers. I’m actually wearing pajama pants, sitting in my apartment in Mesa, Arizona, a part of the greater Phoenix area commonly known as “The Valley of the Sun.” If you’re to believe crime television shows, it is the asshole of the United States, a terrifying desert filled with escaped convicts and deranged murderers. This is only partially true.

A short background about me: I lived in Anaheim, California for the first 22 years of my life. Yes, I worked at Disneyland. No, I wasn’t one of the princesses. Got a BFA in English with an emphasis on creative writing. Moved to Mesa, worked a couple of secretary jobs. The usual stuff.

I was practically raised on fast food and junk food, and my love of these unhealthy eats has never waned. As I grew older, I started to take notice of just how ridiculous the marketing of these foods are, and a few years ago, I started thinking about creating a blog that would highlight this insanity, and also introduce the Internet public to new and/or crazy food items. Last year, I finally created Junk Food Betty. TIB was a great inspiration for me.

Now I’m a reviewer for TIB, and I am enthusiastically grateful to be one. My style is pretty straightforward: I’m not a girly-girl, I cuss like a drunken sailor (unless my mother is in the room), I haven’t worn a dress since I graduated high school, and if I review a product that I think sucks, you’re going to know about it. Conversely, if I try a product and love it, I’ll make sure to tell you why I think it’s great. I look forward to channeling my verbosity into words and paragraphs that will entertain and possibly even educate you, the Impulsive Buy reader.

11 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Kelley”

  1. awesome, I’ve been following your reviews at junkfoodbetty. Good to see another member over here.

  2. Hello and Welcome! Great Review… on some distant day I may be curious enough to give Jack in the Box another chance!

  3. Nice to see you here Kelly!
    2 Points
    1. Does this mean you are closing Junk Food Betty?
    2. I would say your style would fit in better at GrubGrade rather than at TIB, but either way, I’ve always enjoyed your reviews!

  4. Sweet. I lived in Mesa, Arizona, once before…

    And by sweet, I mean, “Its totally awesome that people still live in that nuclear-scorched wasteland!”

    Can’t wait to read your stuff! *…

  5. You do realize the company you’re keeping here right :0 Glad to see you here. marvo can only consumme so much junk food. Will you only be reviewing junk food or will Marvo force you to eat Kashi meals!

  6. I love how TIB went from 0 to 3 female reviewers in the last year or so. Yay ladies!

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