NEWS: Panda Express To Add Korean Dish, But Unfortunately It’s Not Grace Park

On September 22, Panda Express will release Kobari Beef from their gigantic woks.

It’s the first quasi-Korean dish available from the quasi-Chinese fast food joint.

The Korean-style barbeque beef dish is being described as sweet, smoky and spicy. It combines slices of marinated tri-tip beef, seared mushrooms, freshly cut leeks, onions, and red bell peppers with a “Kobari sauce.”

Kobari Beef will be available for a limited time.

10 thoughts to “NEWS: Panda Express To Add Korean Dish, But Unfortunately It’s Not Grace Park”

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  2. Ooh, fake Korean food from a fake Chinese chain. Seriously, are the Panda Expresses on the mainland good? Because the ones in Hawaii have absolutely no taste or flavor. Normally I would concede that the food is prepared to suit the taste of Americans, but that stuff is so baby food bland that it couldn’t possibly be formulated for salt & sugar fiend American palates.

    Gawd, I just checked their Facebook page. Over 500,000 people “like” them. What the heck am I missing? Supposedly there is a coupon for “free” Kobari beef somewhere on that page, but I couldn’t find it.

  3. Kobari sounds more Japanes to me.

    The only thing korean are the sesame seeds but then again the japanese use that a lot as well. I think this is one of the things we’re not missing out on on the european side of the big pond.

    1. I also thought it sounds more like Japanese. Now that Panda Express does quasi-Korean dishes, I hope they introduce quasi-Japanese dishes.

  4. Keep an eye out at gizmodo’s dealzmodo. I will put money they give it away a couple of times. They do every time they come out with a new menu item. It’s completely fake asian food but I like it. You have to have the mind set that you are eating fast food. It’s like getting eggrolls from jack in the box. They are totally delicous.

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