NEWS: Mountain Dew To, FINALLY, Bring Back Grape-Flavored Pitch Black

Pitch black, or not

Over the past five years, McDonald’s has brought back the McRib four times in the United States. During those same five years, not once did Pepsi bring back what I think is the best Mountain Dew flavor of all time — Pitch Black.

The grape Mountain Dew flavor was introduced in Fall 2004 and it was also re-released in 2005, although it was reformulated and not as good as the original.

However, after years of whining and testing my patience, I’m happy to say Mountain Dew Pitch Black, one of my favorite ways to consume high fructose corn syrup, is returning for a limited time as part of their “Back By Popular DEW-mand” promotion. I don’t know which version they’ll be bringing back or if they have a new version of the soda that will probably be called Pitch Black 3, but I’m just glad Pepsi decided to bring it back, period.

Mountain Dew Pitch Black will be available for eight weeks, beginning in May 2011. I just hope they bring it back Next year, and the year after that.

23 thoughts to “NEWS: Mountain Dew To, FINALLY, Bring Back Grape-Flavored Pitch Black”

  1. I’m so excited I can’t believe I’m even typing……. this is going to be awesome! It’s scary to think about how much of this I’m going to be stocking up.

  2. AWESOME! I loved that flavour so much that I think I repressed the memory to avoid missing it and being all in mourning. Great news! (and good subliminal news :p too)

      1. Actually, I believe the MD: Ultraviolet was a weird diet spin off of Pitch Black. I might be wrong though!

  3. here’s hoping it’s the original formula. best news ever. one step closer to crystal clear coming back. woooo.

    1. You should try it at least once. Once won’t hurt. Even if you like it or don’t like, I think one of the greatest opportunities we have in life is trying new things in life, whether it be skydiving or a grape flavored Mountain Dew. Every new you experience creates a new memory that will be with you forever. Some will be bad and some will be good, but in the end, I believe all of those experiences will give you a richer and fuller life.


  4. Ooooooo…the stuff is tasty! I hope it’s the original formula. I loved it, and I kept buying it because it’s fracking tasty.

    It’s the only Mountain Dew flavour I’d drink. (Yuck to the normal stuff.)

    1. I like almost all of the Dew flavors, but by far Pitch Black is my favorite. Pepsi was stupid for not bringing it back. They could’ve made tens of dollars from me over the past five years.

  5. Neat!

    Now, why can’t we get them to sell that Mountain Dew flavor that only comes at Taco Bell separately?

  6. That’s the one with stevia, innit?

    Because if it is, then I am legally bound from saying that I quite liked it when I did a focus group sampling a year or two ago.

    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. 😉 That emoticon is not winking, I accidentally forgot the hit the shift key when typing the semicolon.

  7. coukdnt belive that the dark was coming bak. i liked it alot bak then. tbh its the weirdest of all the flavrs but i hope they add it to the family… i hop to god they add pepsi blue. that sh** is the fizzle to my nizle. best soda hands down… were my goggles at?

  8. Oh God, no. My first and only taste of this vile stuff came at a Baltimore Ravens game where free samples were being given out (along with a rather studly Ray Lewis poster advertising it–the man may be insane but DAMN he’s sexy). Every time I look at the poster, which still hangs in my office, I remember the epic spit take I did and the kind soul who handed me a beer to wash the disgusting taste out of my mouth.

    Now bringing back Crystal Pepsi? That I can get behind.

  9. My dew of all times is the livewire an I’m glad they brought that one back I have 52 12 paks of the stuff in cases they decide to take it away again I’m going to be stockin up on the blue dew voltige because I heard they are discontueing that one as well as that white one they came out with that stuff is gross the purple dew was ok but get rid of the white one

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