NEWS: McDonald’s Japan Creates New Line of ‘Big America’ Burgers That May Create A Big Japan

Last year, McDonald’s Japan started the Big America campaign with limited edition burgers that captured the flavors of Texas, New York, California and Hawaii. This year, they’re doing the Big America promotion again with a new lineup of burgers. Texas and New York are represented again with the Texas Burger 2 and Manhattan Burger, while the rest of the Big America line up consists of the Burger Idaho and the Miami Burger.

Texas Burger 2 has chili beans, bacon, onions on top of the middle bun found in the Big Mac. Underneath all that, a Quarter Pounder patty sits on top of a slice of American cheese and mustard relish. Burger Idaho is made up of a quarter-pound beef patty, mustard, bacon, onions, cheese, a peppery sauce, and a hash brown in-between an onion bun. The Miami Burger is part taco and part hamburger, and it contains a quarter-pound beef patty with lettuce, tortilla chips, shredded cheese and a chili sauce in between a bun. Finally, the Manhattan Burger combines a beef patty with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, onions, sour cream sauce and a slice of pastrami in a bun.

The burgers are available for a limited time only in Japan ,which makes me wish I knew someone in Japan who is willing to ship one to me via overnight delivery in dry ice, and also pay for that expensive delivery.

8 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Japan Creates New Line of ‘Big America’ Burgers That May Create A Big Japan”

  1. I am always down for all-expenses-paid foreign assignments. Like Bond except with burgers.

    1. All expenses paid? The TIB way would be to smuggle you on a boat via wood crate with canned goods (you have to bring your own can opener). Then when you reach Japan, you have to hitchhike to the nearest McDonald’s. Then hitchhike back to the harbor, smuggle yourself back onto a ship, and you can eat the burgers on the way back. 🙂

  2. I would have made the “Miami Burger” have a distinct citrus flavor, and saved the taco/burger bastard-child combo to become the “Arizona Burger” or the “South Texas Burger”. But that’s why I’ll never even be a line cook…

  3. Oh what I would do to these burgers. I’ll refrain from ranting about Arizona stereotypes, since, let’s face it, stereotypes exist for a reason.

    1. You know what I’d do to these burger, if I could get my hands on them? I’d take pictures of them, examine them, eat them and then write a review about them that will probably involve a David Hasselhoff reference.

      1. Apparently your review process and mine differ greatly. My process is a little more…complex.

        (I have no idea what I’m trying to imply here)

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