NEWS: Go Girl Makes Available More Energy Drinks Meant For Mortals With Mammaries


In 2007, I reviewed the original Go Girl Energy Drink. In 2008, I reviewed Go Girl Glo, an energy drink that’s supposed to help one’s skin. In 2009, I reviewed Go Girl Bliss Energy Drink. In 2010, Go Girl Energy didn’t release a new flavor that I would’ve had to embarrassingly buy like it was a pack of tampons. However, in 2011, they’re making up for the lack of a new flavor in 2010 by releasing two new flavors — Go Girl Pomegranate Blueberry Tea Energy Drink and Go Girl Lemon Drop Sugar Free Energy Drink.

The Pomegranate Blueberry Tea Energy Drink is non-carbonated, only 35 calories, made with Yerba Mate tea leaves, and sweetened with agave. It also contains B vitamins, taurine and Super Citrimax, the company’s herbal appetite suppressant. As for the Lemon Drop Sugar Free Energy Drink, it too is non-carbonated, has B vitamins and contains Super Citrimax, but it only has 5 calories and contains sweet, sweet caffeine.

Like all Go Girl Energy Drinks the new flavors come skinny 11.5 ounce cans and a portion of the proceeds of each case sold is donated to breast or ovarian cancer research and awareness.

Image via flickr user Waifer X / CC BY 2.0