NEWS: Nabisco Introduces Newtons Fruit Thins, Not To Be Confused With Newtons Fruit Crisps or Nabisco Wheat Thins

Newtons Fruit Thins

Update: Scroll down to the comments section to read what people think of the Newtons Fruit Thins

Coming soon to stores (or maybe they’re already in stores) are the Nabisco Newtons Fruit Thins, which sound like the result of Newtons Fruit Crisps and Nabisco Wheat Thins hooking up. However, unlike the Newtons Fruit Crisps, which contain a thin layer of fruit filling, these Newton Fruit Thins have their fruit baked in. These crispy cookies are made with real fruit and come in four varieties:

Fig and Honey

Blueberry Brown Sugar

Cranberry Citrus Oat

Raspberry Chocolate

A serving of Newtons Fruit Thins has 140 calories, 5 grams of fat, 1-1.5 gram of saturated fat, 95 milligrams of sodium, 21-22 grams of carbohydrates, 1-2 grams of fiber, 7-8 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

Newtons Fruit Thins come in 10.5 ounces packages.

113 thoughts to “NEWS: Nabisco Introduces Newtons Fruit Thins, Not To Be Confused With Newtons Fruit Crisps or Nabisco Wheat Thins”

  1. Tried about a dozen stores trying to find the fig cookie and still haven’t found them. I found them in Target about 2 months ago and can’t find them since. Maybe they stopped making them.

  2. We love the blueberry and cranberry—I went to Schnucks-Dierburgs and Shop and Save and they are out of all but fig—have been for OVER 2 weeks–I don’t know who keeps up with stocking shelves but here in West county St. Louis–they are doing a lousy job—we miss them–wish we could get them. PLEASE SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO—-Anne

  3. I love the chocolate raspberry but cant find on any shelves for over a month now. I have looked in the different chain of grocery stores and 2 walmarts all but chocolate are there whats the problem.

  4. Love all the varieties, but mainly the Chocolate Raspberry. Only trouble is here in KC you can’t find them anywhere. Several Price Choppers, Hen House, HyVee, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc etc….nope….called Nabisco (which is answered by Kraft) and they have no clue. At first they said it was a store manager problem, but when I told them how many stores I had been to, and that I’d spoken with the managers, they backed off and said they weren’t sure why we couldn’t get them here. If the Marketing Department would wake up and realize that if you are going to produce, market, advertise, promote on the website a cookie you had darn well be able to provide it to your grocery stores. You risk making a lot of people mad at the whole product line. We need to get this flavor back in the KC area!!! For now the Citrus ones are the best for me…but I want the Chocolate ones back!!!

  5. As a child I always loved Fig Newtons. But they were soft & tasty. As an adult, I love crispy cookies, & eat very few that haven’t been home baked. Your new Fruit Thins – every flavor – are divine. Each flavor has its own personality with wonderful crispness, (enhanced by freezing) & they are sooooo delicious without having to think about the ingredients, which are also healthy. Thank you for developing this food product. Shall continue to enjoy as long as you produce them!am

  6. Love the Chocolate Raspberry!!!! Cannot find it in the stores since I first purchased in Hamilton Square N.J…..want to purchase this flavor again!!! P.S. so do my co-workers that I shared with.

  7. As a European who has lived for 20 years in the US, Newton Fruit Thins are the first US-made cookie I really like. The usual American cookies are overly sweet, often gooey, and apparently made for toothless people who can munch only soft stuff (which is why they are toothless in the first place).

  8. Just tried Newton Fruit Thins (blueberry brwn sugar) for the first time… WOW, very tasty- they are now my favorite cookie! Look forward to trying the other flavors/varieties.

  9. Tried all but choc/rasb and like alot but why do some have foil sealed packaging inside and some do not? Very strange..

  10. I loved the fruit crisps, but all the local stores took them out in favor of the fruit thins, which are really dry and yucky. I guess I’ll have to get the fruit crisps mail-order.

  11. I have tried all of the flavors of the Newton Thins and the Blueberry is indeed my favorite. I pick at people and tell them that they are my “addiction.” I actually go through one whole pack a week. They are great with coffee. If asked what my favorite food it, I would have to say them.

  12. OMG! I adore these cookie! THe Citrus and Cranberry are my new favorite cookie. Crispy, just the right size, chewy fruit and oat cookie that is wonderful with tea! My problem is how to STOP eating them. Target has a coupon at the moment, buy TWO bags and get a $1 off!! (AS if two bags were enough!)

  13. Oh Yea! Love the three flavors I tried. Can’t wait to try the Fig and Honey. Unfortunately not diet material for me as I can’t stop eating them!!!

  14. I’ve tried the cranberry orange and chocolate razz…..both are really good. Still a cookie, but one I can eat without the guilt of a deep fried oreo. Don’t like them? Cool….leaves more for me. Haven’t tried them? Don’t avoid them because of negative comments here…they are worth trying for yourself….and while you’re at it…give some to the grandkids and leave the oreos at the store.

  15. I just bought a bag of these the other day (cranberry citrus) and I LOVE them. I am not a person who is really big into sweets, so I’m inclined to only eat one or two at at time. These are awesome for the light snacker who just wants a little something sweet, I think that if someone is a die hard sweets fan, they may be a little let down. I can’t wait to try the rest of them.

    1. Shame on you “Nabisco”. I absolutely love your new fruit thins EXCEPT the Lemon Crisp. The flavor is awesome but the texture of the lemon pieces are non chewable and I have to spit them out in order to eat the cookie. My husband had to do the same thing….grrrr I’m not a happy camper when I had to spend $4.50 for one bag. You can do better than that. Leave out the hunks next time.

        1. Though the lemon flavor is good, those lemon pieces are too hard to chew. Had to spit out.

          1. I agree. I just bought the Lemon flavor and I thought…Why would they put JuJuBees (sp) in a cookie. The lemon bits reminded me of that candy that was impossible to chew. Bet someone could lose a filling on them! Other than that, the cookie is terrific. Sherry:)

          2. Yes the first bag of newton fruit thins I purchased were the lemon crisp.And yes those pieces of lemon or whatever it is,is not edable you have to spit them out and those pieces are actually hard enough I think, to break a tooth.I have not tried anymore and that was months ago.

  16. The Fruit Thins are a real disappointment. I remember the old Fig Newtons–soft and fruity–but these things are crunchy-dry, with no more fruit than an occasional tiny flake. This may be what some dieters are looking for–and I am one–but trading on the old Newton name is a mistake, because it can create the wrong expectation. And if you didn’t think it would create an expectation, why did you use it?

    If you think this customer reaction is “spammy”and I am “a complete douchebag,”you’re even more out of touch than I thought (as well as tasteless.)

    1. Um, I’d hate you embarrass on the internet for everyone to see, but you obviously don’t realize that this is not a Nabisco website. We have no affiliation with Nabisco or Fig Newtons.

  17. I have had no desire to try the flavors that were available of the fruit thins until I found the Apple, Cinnamon oat, I like them very much. I hope they come out with Banana flavor next.

    1. I love the fruit thins. I especially love that they can be yummy healthy snack. I can eat two of them and they fill me up but they taste so good that, I always crave and eat more regardless of if I’m hungry or not. I definitely have an addiction. I tried blueberry, fig honey, and I have to say that the one I love the most is the Apple cinnamon oat. It has three of my favorite favors in one. I wanted to try the cranberry citrus oat but, I’m not a big fan of cranberries and the fruit thins are not cheap, so I can only buy two bags of them if they are on sale. I just brought two bags of the apple cinnamon oats which I love, after finishing off two packs in about a week between my mother and me; the fruit thins didn’t have a chance. :3

  18. Love the flavors, love the texture, love them! My kids are just as satisfied w/these as they would be w/traditional (usually less healthy) “cookies”, and I’d rather give them these. If you’re disappointed because these are not just like Fig Newtons, well, buy Fig Newtons! It’s that simple.

  19. I love ur cookies the blueberry were my favorite until i ran across the lemon flavored cookies but i cant seem to find them in the store but once and i am losing my mind because the lemon cookies have dissappeared off the shelves my kids have even chose the newton fruit thins over chips ahoy and oreos wow what a great cookie!!!

  20. I just LOVE your new Newton Fruit Thins…they are absolutely delicious.
    Never stop making them..a great light, crispy snack!!! Have tried all, but blueberry, brown sugar is favorite.

    Also, the new Oscar Meyer selects, (no nitrate) hot dogs are the best ever…no after taste, burping, etc. Much better for you.

    Keep going Kraft foods!! Yea!!

  21. I love these cookies, I bought the lemon Newton Fruit Thins and because of the hard pieces of dried lemon I broke two of my teeth.

  22. I love this product line! The cookies are light and not-too-sweet. Perfect. EXCEPT for the lemon variety. Those cookies have a thick, leathery, unchewable lemon substance which ruined the “cookie experience.” Other than that, keep them coming!

  23. Bought the blueberry version of Real Fruit Crisps and they are wondwrful! Hard to stop eating them. And the whole family feels the same way.

  24. Have tried cranberry, and lemon, and both have EXCELLENT flavor! Agree about the hard pieces, but I simply don’t even try to chew them down further, but merely chew lightly, and ‘bypass’ the hard bits in each variety. No, I don’t spit them out; I just don’t try to break them down further. I like them in there for texture, but I don’t go out of my way to remove them or break my teeth on them. Love these cookies!

  25. Just came back from Italy a few weeks ago where we enjoyed tea and some kind of shortbread cookies every afternoon when everything over there comes to a halt until evening. Saw these and thought I would try them. They are wonderful with tea – now I am addicted and so is my daughter. Tried the Blueberry and can’t wait to try the others. Great product I don’t have to feel guilty about eating.

  26. The chewy lemon bits are the best part of these cookies! Really improves the texture. ANd the lemon flavor.

  27. Well, I am odd woman out, “I love the lemon fruit thins. However, I have not been able to buy any which don’t have at least one-third of the cookies broken into many pieces. I have bought them in a number of stores with the same results. I do believe you might be able to improve on your packaging because they are fragile cookies albeit they are in an attractive package which closes nicely. It is the inner packaging that is the problem. I am a lemon thin eater so I can’t comment on the condition of the other flavors. What say you, Nabisco? There’s gotta be a way; I mean even saltine crackers are packaged not to break. That aside, I don’t mind the pieces in the lemon thins, but possible they could be softer. Thanks, I hope some packaging genius can push a button on the assembly line and keep those cookies stable.

  28. O…M…G!!!! The Banana with Dark Fudge cookies are to die for!!!! Absolutely phenomenal cookies and they go great with vanilla ice cream or just plain milk!!!! I buy them 2 packs at a time!!! Wasn’t a huge fan of the others, I mean, they were good but not great but these banana fudge ones…. YUMM-O!!!!! 🙂

  29. I love the new line of Nabisco fruit thins! My favorite are the Lemon ones and i have been disappointed when looking for them. I had thought possibly they were sold out because so yummy… But just now i read some complaints about them. I sure hope the Lemon ones haven’t been discontinued!
    Also, thankfully they are NUT-FREE! My allergic granddaughter also enjoys them. So far her favorites are blueberry and cranberry. Please continue to process them in a nut- free facility!

  30. I loved the lemon crisps . Yes there were hard bits , but the taste was great . Please get them back
    On the shelves.

  31. Can’t find the lemon at any of the places I use to. They are the best of all the flavors and I’m having there anu place I can get them?

  32. Please bring back the Lemon Crisp! I have searched every store and assume they are not being made anymore. We love them! The Cranberry Citrus are good, too, but the lemon are wonderful!

  33. I love the blueberry fruit thins. How about raspberry and white chocolate? Seems better than regular chocolate.

  34. Well you have a new flavor on the market which is now my favorite of all. Banana fudge. I loved the lemon but this has one my heart. Thank you thank you.

  35. Cherry vanilla is theeee best!!!! But still want to try them all! So far I’ve had blueberry brown sugar( I like those for fiber cuz the flax seeds) but also had Choco fudge banana.. Oh and my grandma had the cranberry ones but I don’t remy what those tastes like.. I remy I. Loved them but still need to stock up!! Yayyyy never discontinue these! No one hit wonders ok?! They need to stay here foreve!! Trois addicted!

  36. I love the lemon flavored thin crisps especially the chewy bit of lemon in them. They are the perfect treat with a cup of tea. I like them best because they aren’t overly sweet. Why can I not find them in any grocery store????? My local Giant had them for a short time but they have not been available for months. I asked the store manager but still no lemon crisps. Where can I find them???????

  37. I have been looking for the newton thins in the southwest Missouri area and can no longer find them. I enjoyed the blueberry the most. I wish they really wouldn’t advertise something that isn’t available.

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