PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Impulsively Purchased A Gift Card While Waiting In A Slow Checkout Line

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While waiting in the checkout line, some people impulsively buy candy, gum, or a copy of the National Enquirer with an unflattering picture of some celebrity. I didn’t buy any of that. Instead, I impulsively purchased a $25 McDonald’s gift card and now I’m giving it away to a lucky Impulsive Buy reader.

If you happen to win the gift card, don’t thank me. You should thank the mother in front of me in the checkout line who requested two price checks and didn’t have her coupons out when she reached the cashier. If I didn’t have to wait in line for as long as I did, I wouldn’t have seen the gift card hanging above the checkout line’s gum and candy shelves, and the idea of a prize drawing wouldn’t have popped into my head.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s McDonald’s gift card drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. I don’t really care what you say in your comment, but it would be nice if you told me which McDonaldland character you would most want to party with in Las Vegas. For those of you who need a McDonaldland refresher course, Wikipedia has a list of McDonaldland characters.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because I’ll be emailing the winner for his or her mailing address. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Friday, September 30, 2011 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents who are at least 18 years old. U.S.-only because the gift card can only be used in the U.S.

There’s one more thing. If you have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry if you tweet the following before Friday, September 30, 2011 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time:

@theimpulsivebuy I’d like to party with (insert here the McDonaldland character you would like to party with the most) in Vegas. BIG MAC 4 LYFE!

So just copy, paste, insert the McDonaldland character you’d like to party with, and tweet. Only one tweet per Twitter account.

Good luck!

Fine Print: McDonald’s is not affiliated with this prize drawing. The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you email in Arabic. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you letters to encourage you to switch your car insurance over to State Farm. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or anything you do in Vegas.

Image via flickr user Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez / CC BY 2.0

198 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Impulsively Purchased A Gift Card While Waiting In A Slow Checkout Line”

  1. Mayor McCheese would be a blast to party with in Vegas. I bet he gets to cut all the lines at the buffets because he’d be a visiting dignitary. 😉

  2. I almost said that big purple triangle monster but I decided to stop being lazy and look him up most definetely ‘grimace’ we’d be out stealing drink all night long :p

  3. Clearly, I’d like to party with Iam Hungry. His contributions to the state of childhood obesity have long been overrated.

  4. The Hamburglar! I think he’d know all the sneaky tricks to win at the casinos and would be a blast in a club!

  5. i would want to party with grimace he is sexy i would not want to party with the hamburgler because he would be stealing my stuff all night no thanks

  6. I’d be hanging out with Sundae, the dog. I find him one of the least creepy of the McDonaldland characters.

  7. Stumbled into a mcdonalds once after a long night of partying (breakfast hours). Blood shot eyes, stinking of booze. I wasnt even 21 yet. Proceeded to order, got food, then asked for an application. Ill do the exact same thing again if I win.

  8. I would party with Iam Hungry, this guy sounds like he’s hitting the bong pretty hard so I’m sure some crazy times would ensue.

  9. I’d love to party with Grimace because I have an odd fascination with that bulbous purple…thing. My friends & I dubbed a kid in high school Grimace because, well, he looked like Grimace. And I was way too amused by the reference to Grimace in Stephen King’s “Cujo”. So there ya go!

  10. Gotta go to Vegas with Grimace, he seems like a happy fun-loving dude. He does look like he might get tired out pretty quick, though, and he’d probably want to spend most of the time at the buffet.

  11. Definitely I would roll with Hamburgler because he knows how to cheat and steal his way to victory and he can get whatever he wants.

  12. I’d want to party up with Grimace because his ass may still be bigger than mine after consuming that $25 in McNuggets

  13. Hamburglar. I think we would be an awesome duo in Vegas. He will be getting me things. I think he also steals hamburgers. That’s a plus.

  14. Partying with Grimace would be second to other things one could do with the little guy. After all, he is a giant anthropomorphic taste bud.

  15. i would party with the mcnugget buddies, just because mcdonald’s chicken mcnuggets is the best on their menu.

  16. I’d like to party with the Grimace & snort lines of Honey Mustard & make it rain McNuggets in Vegas. BIG MAC 4 LYFE!

  17. Definitely the Hamburgler. For some reason the commercials featuring him stand out the most in my memory.

    Does anyone else remember the old McDonald’s commercial that parodied “King Midas and the Golden Touch”, in which everything Hamburgler touched turned into McDonald’s cheeseburgers? Classic, that was. Maybe he could teach me how to do that… although if I could have everything I touched turn into a McDonald’s menu item, I would go with the mango pineapple smoothie. Or maybe the pumpkin pies.

  18. I would party with Big Mac, Birdy, and Hamburglar, and then kill them and eat them. And then I’d invite Jared Fogle for leftovers. And then I’d take a potato chip… AND EAT IT! And write Jared’s name in the Death Note.

  19. I’ll head to Vegas with Ronald McDonald … he would be the most fun to hang with while he scares all the Vegas drunks with clown phobias!

  20. I would hang out with the Fry Guys (let’s face it, the Guys were way cooler than the Kids), because stealing and eating fries is my idea of a party.

  21. Sundae and fry kids! The best combination of salty and sweet. The inner fatty in me must rejoice. Aaaaaand of course with a big Mac.

  22. Grimace is my go to guy.

    He’s got at least three awesome uses.

    1)You could take a bite out of him and make all the Vegas lights extra vivid.

    2) He’s big enough to be good backup in a street fight.

    3) He can be used to perform demented sex acts on some hookers.

  23. Who would I party with? Officer Big Mac, of course. If I partied with him, not only would we have a huge supply of secret sauce (wink wink nudge nudge), but if we got into any trouble we’d have a crooked cop to get us out of trouble. It’s an obvious win-win situation.

  24. I think I’d want to party with Mayor McCheese. He’d know where all the good strip clubs were and could get in for free since he’s a politician.

  25. Officer Big Mac. Do you have any IDEA what kind of trouble you could get into with a Chief of Police and get away with it? What happens in Vegas indeed…

  26. Uncle O’Grimacey would be a riot to hang with and I’m hoping he’s got some of that Luck o’the Irish stashed away somewhere!

  27. Fry Guys, definitely. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, especially if nobody but you can talk… (And Fry Guys is a much better name than Fry Kids. Sorry, girls.)

  28. definitly the grimace. . . he’s purple pear-shaped and always wears a smile. . . that and bitches love the grimace!

  29. I’m gonna have to go with the Fry Guys! I can just see those little yarnblobs hopped up on goofballs, zipping around Caesar’s Palace, dunking themselves in the Ballagio fountain! Awesome!

  30. I’d party with the Grimace, but only with the Evil version of him from the first few commercials. Extra arms and kleptomania would lead to an interesting night.

  31. Going old school with the Gobblins because I remember them before they went ’80s and changed their name. Plus they have no arms so they wouldn’t be bumming smokes off me all night.

  32. I’m going to cheat a bit and side with Mac Tonight. He’s talented and the only one I’d rely on to be a proper wing-man past midnight.

  33. I’d like to party with the little known Phil A. O’fish. And Before you say “You’re making that up”, take a look here:

    Why would I like to party with him? Because like me in highschool, he was never really given a chance. He may have been a really cool mascot, and not a nerd at all like all the jocks and cool kids used to say, er, I mean he was probably a really nice fish.
    So the two of us could hit the bottle hard and tell some old tales (fish tails maybe?*wink*) of our brief 10 seconds in the spotlight before being shoved in a locker, never to be seen again. Then, around 2 am, I’d fillet Phil and eat him. If nobody knows he even exists, he will never be missed.

  34. hamburgler, totally. Dude would have all the attention on him, so I could get up to all kinds of shennanigans.

  35. I want to party with the Hamburglar! If i get the munchies I could always hit him up for some “beef” (and to clarify, I use the term beef lightly)

  36. To be honest, all of the characters scared me when I was a kid. I’d be going to see the new Heinz ketchup packages. No more having to poor the ketchup into the fry box and ending up with soggy fries, or having to empty a bunch of packets onto a napkin!

  37. I’d love to hang out with the McNugget Buddies. The Happy Meal toy with the McNugget Buddies in Halloween costumes was always my favorite 🙂

  38. Oh god. I would probably party with Grimace in Vegas, because they all seem pretty rape-y and he’d be pretty easy to tip over. Also apparently all these dudes have a history of stealing food so even if we suck at gambling we won’t starve.

  39. Definitely the McNugget Buddies just so I have an excuse to say that all night when I’m introducing them.

  40. The hamburgler – who wouldn’t want to either a) score great free (stolen) goods in vegas, OR b) see the inside of a Vegas holding cell…I bet that is one hot mess!

  41. I’d party with the hamburglar.. He’s probably rich as hell from all that thievery = so many free hi-c orange and vodka drinks and all the lines of McDonald’s french fry salt you can blow in a night. Vegas with grimace just sounds boring.

  42. I think I’d go with Grimace. He just needs a pair of those Kanye West shutter-shades and he’d be totally right to get into any club… lol

  43. Officer Big Mac’s old playground feature scared the bejeebus out of me. I was terrified of heights as young as 2 or 3, and vividly remember my dad retrieving me from it when I couldn’t climb back down the rungs. That being said, I’d have to go to Vegas with Hamburglar. Who better to blame your own vices on that a guy already dressed for jail? F the McDonaldland Po-lice!

  44. I know he’s outside the established McDonaldLand Universe, but I’d go with Mac Tonight as being the McDonalds commercial character who would fit in best in Vegas, baby! If he really isn’t eligible/available, then Mayor McCheese, because after a day or two of treating Las Vegas like it’s McDonaldLand, I’d probably need somebody to cash in some political favors.

  45. God, they all seems like they would be a pain in the ass in Vegas. Maybe the big man himself, Ronald.

  46. The Hamburgler creeps me out beyond belief. I hated him as a child and still harbor feelings of loathing for him. Luckily, the totally amorphous, nondescript blob of Grimace totally made up for that creepy ginger.

  47. I’m taking Birdie. First of all, she can fly me there herself. Second, she seems so straight laced, which of course means she’s gonna go “birds gone wild” with me once I’ve poured a few Long Island Iced Teas down her gullet. Lemme at those McNuggets, baby!

  48. Mayor McCheese because with his tophat and neon pink tuxedo jacket, there’s sure to be some sort of big pimpin goin on.

  49. I’d like to party in Vegas with the Hamburgalor. You don’t get a name like that for nothing, so that sneaky son of a gun must be a good time.

  50. I’d definitely would want to party with mayor mccheese just because if I end up losing all my money I could always kill him and make his gigantic head feed me for months.

  51. I’d kick it with Grimace as long as he doesn’t bring the Hamburglar with him; I like to get my snack on without thinking some escaped con is going to take it.

  52. It sounds fun to party with the McNugget Buddies. That’s not only a fun way to enter this contest, but also a sly, and exceptionally cheesy way to try and get a girl to come home with me (this is assuming of course, that I have sunken low enough in life to actually nickname parts of my anatomy the McNugget Buddies…)

  53. Grimace definitely. He looks like the kind of guy you want on your side in a bar fight..he may not have long arms for punching, but he could always be my human shield! Plus, he looks like a cuddler, hotel rooms are always freezing…he could be my extra blanket.

  54. I would definitely go with grimace, because nothing can kill the grimace. Also if I win, I’ll trade you the gift card for Pho.

  55. I had a choice in mind, but I looked at the list because it sounded interesting. And I changed my mind. The Griddler.

    I have no clue what he looks like. But I’m sure Vegas could cheer him up after being the worst villain ever.

  56. I would definitely not want to party with Ronald McDonald in vegas. I feel like he might be the type to slip you a roofie and the next day you’d be waking up to a giant orange afro on a white guy who looks like he’s freshly retired out of the porn industry. It’s just too creepy. I’d probably want to party with the Burglar, he looks like he’d be a fun dude. Maybe he could steal me some free drinks.

  57. I’d pick Sundae to hang with and Grimace to party with. Dogs make the best companions and who doesn’t love a big purplle Simpleton w/fat ankles and loves milkshakes to party with?

  58. Totally the Fry Guys. I think they’d make good pillows when lying down in inappropriate places at the end of the night…

  59. I’ll have to go with the Fry Kids. They’re too young to gamble so we can all sip Ginger Ale and hit the arcades.

  60. With this gift certificate I will impulsively buy all the coffee and chicken nuggets I see on the menu.

  61. What’s Vegas without a lounge singer? My choice is Mac Tonight! McDonaldland may not claim him in its city limits, but that’s what Vegas is all about – ignoring the limits, baby! He rains down snappy jazz from his piano in the sky. I am so there!

    If I must drop down to street level, then I will hang with Officer Big Mac and have my own private Cops: Las Vegas evening.

  62. THIS POST.

    Also, I’d definitely hang with the Hamburglar. Criminals don’t give a fuck when they’re hanging out.

  63. I would want to party with Uncle O’Grimacey in vegas because he would bring his great shamrock shake and we could put alcohol in it and get drunk as we could get and never get caught.

  64. Gift cards.. hell yeahs count me in. I’d kick it with Grimace just cause I have that shirt showing Grimacea insides. But Officer Big Mac might be fun also, cause I played in that thing on the playground as a kid for hours.

  65. Grimace – Because he reminds me of some “healthier” girls I’ve dated over the years. Never really gave any good input on anything other that where dinner that night would be.

  66. The hamburgular for sure. I mean, c’mon, we’d get rich! Definitely not Ronald McDonald. What a clown.

  67. Gotta party with Uncle O’Grimacey. Hes got the luck of the Irish so we can make bank in a casino and laugh at the fact that I constantly describe fat people as “Grimace-shaped.”

  68. I don’t see how anyone could pick anyone other than the Hamburglar. You know you’ll be having a “Hangover” like experience with that guy, except instead of a stolen tiger, it’d be heart disease.

  69. I would party with Ronald. I think that happy front is all fake and inside he’s a raging alcoholic who parties hard every chance he can get.

  70. GRIMACE!! Because at the end of the night, I could use him like a big purple bean bag and pass out wherever.

  71. I would grab grimace and we would completely destroy everything on a drunken tirade. Then we would get married. It would be annulled but it would be the best 4 hours of my life.

  72. Thanks for referencing the Wikipedia article of McDonaldLand characters, but I didn’t bother looking. I remember Grimace, the big purple candy corn shaped friend. I wanna party with him in Vegas, man. And I also want some french fries. For free.

    Peace on Earth!

    GO BILLS! WooO Buffalo!

  73. Definitely Grimace- he looks like he’s in desperate need of a good time. Thank you for using your poor impulse-shopping control for the benefit of humankind. 🙂

  74. I’d party with the Hamburglar FO SHO. I once went to a club dressed as the Hamburglar(ette?) when they had a heroes and villains night. It was quite popular and I can provide photographic evidence if needed…


  75. I just happened to come across your site. I really really like it. I thought I was the only person who could impulsively buy ANYTHING, just because it looked cool. I love your reviews and appreciate the nutrition facts…

  76. I use to work at McDonalds, and at least once a week (usually more) I would get the question “What is that purple things name?” which was incredibly annoying. Some of the comments here just reminded me of that…

    But I would choose The Hamburgler because after my $25 gift card is gone, I’m going to need someone to get me some free dinner.

  77. @theimpulsivebuy I’d like to party with Hamburglar in Vegas. BIG MAC 4 LYFE!

    See what I did there?

  78. i don’t care what anybody says, mayor mccheese would probably have the key to the city in vegas. and i love cheese.

  79. I’d party with Captain Crook, because
    1) Pirates are awesome, and
    2) Anyone that desperate for a Filet O’Fish Sandwich has to be all kinds of fucked up.

    Mayor McCheese should seriously consider budgeting for additional police, though, damn. I never noticed how high the Mcdonaldland crime rate was until I read that list.

  80. Dude, I’d totally party with the Fry Guys. You could use the as pom poms for impromptu cheers when you get so drunk you think you’re a Laker Girl.

  81. Iam Hungry – A short-lived McDonaldland character who was the self-proclaimed “Vice President of Snacking.” He was introduced in 1998 and dropped in the early 2001. The character was a floating, fast-moving green fuzzball with orange arms and a monstrous face. He would often appear when Ronald was dining with kids and would constantly crave food. He would never stop pestering them until he got fed. Iam Hungry was featured in “The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald” VHS titled “Visitors from Outer Space” where he eats the gunk off of Ronald’s rocket

  82. I would choose Hamburglar to party in Vegas, so many eyes would be on him, I would be stealing your hot french fries.

  83. The Hamburglar! Because that is just fun to say…and because I have a Grimace shaped coworker, so that would be all kinds of wrong!

  84. McDonalds Monopoly is back! Once again giving me the excuse to spend twice as much on food I don’t want to pull off those teasing little stickers in the chance of winning sweet riches. Or food. Wait, that’s interchangable right?

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