REVIEW: New Burger King French Fries (2011)

New Burger King Fries (2011)

Some people love Burger King French fries, I’m not one of them. In fact, I believe it’s the third worst way for a potato to meet its end, right behind getting potato blight and being turned into Pringles.

As I’ve confessed in previous French fry reviews and to Ronald McDonald at knifepoint, I’m a McDonald’s fry guy and think they’re far superior than fries from other major fast food chains. They’re so far ahead of the competition, they’re like Tiger Woods before all the hookers.

Over the past several years, some of the major fast food chain have released new versions of their deep fried potato sticks. Jack in the Box has done it twice, Wendy’s did it last year, and now Burger King has introduced their new French fries.

What’s new about Burger King’s fries? According to the company, they’re thicker, have a better potato flavor, and have 20 percent less sodium than their previous fries. So what they’re basically saying in a press releases’ worth of words is that their old fries sucked. And they’re absolutely correct. They had a weak potato flavor, they weren’t salty enough, and, my goodness, what the hell was up with that starchy coating that made the fries seem a little unnatural.

But Burger King’s old fries are now in the past, joining their old old fries that were available until the mid-1990s. So what about Burger King’s new fries. Are they better than their old fries? Also, are they better than McDonald’s fries?

Well, I’m happy to say Burger King’s new fries are an improvement, but it’s slight. If you liked the flavor of Burger King’s old fries, you’ll enjoy these because they pretty much taste the same and they have the same starchy coating to keep them crispy and hot for longer. The potato flavor is slightly enhanced, but I really was expecting more. And, while having 20 percent less sodium than Burger King’s previous fries helps blood pressure, it doesn’t help with the flavor.

Also while I’m talking about sodium, can someone explain to me how it’s possible for Burger King’s fries to not have much of a salty flavor, even though they have significantly more sodium than McDonald’s fries, which have a wonderful saltiness to them. A small-value serving of Burger King’s new fries has 330 milligrams of sodium, while a small serving of McDonald’s fries has only 160 milligrams. Heck, a large McDonald’s fries has 350 milligrams of sodium. This blows my mind.

New Burger King Fries (2011) Innards

Perhaps the most noticeable difference Burger King’s old and new fries is that the new fries are thicker, which obviously makes them appear more substantial than other fast food fries. But I have a problem with Burger King putting their new bigger fries in the same Frypods and sleeves Burger King put their old fries in. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel kind of gypped getting less fries.

Burger King’s new fries are thicker, but are they better than McDonald’s fries? Oh, hell no.

The thing about McDonald’s fries is that they’re addictive, like potato chips. It’s hard to stop eating them. They have a flavor that’s robust enough that it doesn’t need ketchup. When I run out of McDonald’s fries, a part of me feels sad and wishes I had more. These are things I’ve never felt towards Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, or any of the Burger King fries, even these new ones.

But, again, I have to say Burger King’s new fries are an improvement over their old fries. It’s a slight improvement, but it might be enough for me to consider being turned into Burger King fries the fourth worst way for a potato to meet its end, right behind getting blasted into a wall with a potato gun.

(Nutrition Facts – Medium size – 410 calories, 18 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 570 milligrams of sodium, 58 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein.)

Item: New Burger King French Fries (2011)
Price: Part of Whopper Jr. value meal
Size: Medium
Purchased at: Burger King
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Thicker fries. A slightly improved potato flavor. Starchy coating makes the fries crunchy and hot for longer. There’s 20 percent less sodium than Burger King’s previous fries. McDonald’s fries.
Cons: Tastes almost exactly like their old fries. Doesn’t even come close to being as good as McDonald’s fries. Has less sodium, but still much more than McDonald’s fries. Starchy coating makes the fries seem unnatural. Potato blight

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  1. IMHO, I think these new BK fries need ketchup … and a lot of it. I found the inner part to be really dry, like potato dust.

  2. I.. I love BK fries and Pringles. Funny enough, McD’s has my least favorite fries out of the ‘big three’.

    Glad to hear that the new fries aren’t really that different from the old ones. Unlike Wendy’s. I don’t know what they did, but they somehow managed to screw up their once wonderful fries.

  3. The Old Fogey is a cold O.G…. coughs I actually don’t care for McDonald’s or Burger King’s fries the best Frites I ever ate where hand made at a small mom n’ pop hamburger shop.

  4. Yeah, these aren’t that great… McDonald’s taste saltier, even if they have less sodium. I suspect McDonald’s puts on more salt than their nutritional info lists though.

    BK lists it with and without added salt.

  5. I tried these two days ago and was underwhelmed. I actually think they’re a good bit worse than their old fries, but then again I do have a bias to seasoned and exceptionally crunchy fries. Like a couple of the other commenters, I’m also not a fan of McDonalds fries.

  6. These new BK fries are marginally better than the old ones, but still not half as good as McDonalds. For many years, I have avoided BK because of their fries. Nothing will change. I brought them back to my office for everyone to try and my secretary summed the new fries up best: They are like a stiff synthetic potato tube stuffed with mashed potatoes.

    It took BK close to two decades to figure out their fries suck and this is the best they could do?

  7. The new BK fries are the worst item I’ve ever purchased from any restaurant. I would rather lick the bottom of my shoe than eat 1 fry from BK. Whoever made the decision to go with these fries should be fired. Never again will I eat at BK…love the Whopper but gotta have fries with my burger.

  8. I tried the new BK fries over the weekend and they are terrible. I LOVE Wendy’s Fries! They are even better than McDonalds.

  9. Well I used to work at McDonalds in high school, the actual fries themselves aren’t very salty but salt is added once they’re cooked. Most of the time people add more salt then you’re technically supposed to. I actually really like Burger King fries because they’re crispy but nothing beats fresh Mcd’s fries. The trick is to ask for them with salt on the side, because then a fresh batch will be made.

    1. NICE, thanks for the tip!! Will probably go to McD’s for future fry cravings, now that BK failed at theirs.

  10. I’m not big on fries but thought BK had the best fries till they came out with these new fat fries. Never liked fat fries. If I ate fries it had to be the shoestring fries. And I never eat at McDonalds anymore. I use to as a kid but there food quailty has turned me off. Also there habit of having meat smaller then the bun. And there fries are like wet noodles. No taste and limp

  11. Fair at best. Wendy’s fries are much better same with Checkers. Sorry Burger King try try again.

  12. The new Burger King French fries will go over about as well as the new Coke. It’s time for Burger King to end this failed experiment and bring back the classic fries.

  13. These don’t taste anything like the old BK fries. I always preferred BK fries to McDonald’s. Found these to be similar to Wendy’s, with not much flavor & not enough salt. If you’re going to eat fast food fries, do you really care if they’re “healthier” than the old recipe anyway? Bring back the old stuff, BK! Pretty please!

  14. Burger King’s fries were slightly less delicious than McDonald’s fries but McDonald’s fries are always covered in too much salt. I can’t finish them without getting salt everywhere and the excess of salt takes away from the flavor.

    I really hope Burger King’s haven’t changed too much – they are my favorite thin fries, with the minor exception of Rally’s.

    Still, thin fries will never hold a candle to the glorious wedges at KFC.

  15. Tried them today. I concur, they flat out suck. I don’t think even wrapping them in bacon could save these turds.

  16. I preferred BK’s old fries to McD’s (too salty for me). They were thin, just enough salt, full flavoured and had that perfect combination of crispy and soggy fries in the pod. When these first came out, they were giving away free small sizes, so I tried them. I actually spit them out. These new fries have zero flavour comparatively, no good crispiness and to me, they’re awkward ly thick. I feel like a goofball holding half-inch thick fries. I don’t even eat BK anymore because I love fries with fast food. Now I’m a McD’s convert…never thought I’d see the day.

  17. Okay, the taste is not nearly as important as what they’re made of. The McDonald’s fries that you prefer are some kind of weird chemical concoction. Have you ever seen that experiment called Super-Size Me?? Aside from THAT documentary, the same guy did another experiment with the burgers and fries by putting a large thing of fries in a jar, and had several other jars to put the burgers in. He left them there for days, weeks, months, and the burgers started growing green, white, or black mold. As time passed, the McD’s fries looked like they did when he’d first bought them. What’s on your mind now, reading this?
    Here’s the experiment:

  18. The new burger king fries isn’t fit to feed a bunch of hogs.
    I do not eat them so I have onion rings instead.
    I have stated my disapointment at every BK i go to .
    and all I get is a dumb look from the person
    at the counter.The old fries were much better.

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