REVIEW: International Delight Original Iced Coffee

International Delight Original Iced Coffee

I’m gonna find me a long straw and make me a sessanta coffee with this half gallon of International Delight Original Iced Coffee.

What’s a sessanta?

What? You don’t stick random words into Google Translate when you’re bored? For those of you too lazy to click this link and then hit your browser’s back button when you’re done, here are a few hints to help you figure out what sessanta is. If venti is Italian for twenty, trenta is Italian for thirty, and a half gallon contains 64 ounces, then sessanta is…

That’s right, you guessed it…a bladder-filling amount of coffee.

Well, the International Delight Original Iced Coffee isn’t just coffee, there’s also dairy…lots of dairy. If you like your iced coffee as black as I like my iPads, you will not enjoy this.

There’s possibly an udder’s worth of dairy. How much dairy is that? Let’s just say when you’re drinking it you shouldn’t be around one of those people who might say in a douchey tone, “Would you like more coffee with your cream?”

Actually, it shouldn’t be surprising it tastes like it’s mostly dairy since International Delight is known for making the poor excuse for coffee your damn co-worker makes every morning taste better with their liquid coffee creamers that come in flavors like hazelnut, French vanilla, Cinnabon, and Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream.

But what about the coffee?

It’s made with 100 percent premium Arabica coffee, which is known for its never-bitter flavor and it’s the same variety of beans Starbucks uses. So if the International Delight Original Iced Coffee uses the same coffee as Starbucks, it must have a Starbucks-like price. For a half gallon, you’d think it would cost about a kigillion dollars, but a carton is around the same price as a trenta-sized Starbucks iced coffee.

As I said earlier, International Delight went heavy on the dairy by adding skim milk and cream to the coffee, both of which gave the iced coffee a pleasing creamy consistency. Or it could’ve been the ingredients gellan gum and carrageenan that gave it its viscosity. The iced coffee is also very sweet, thanks to the sugar and corn syrup added.

International Delight Original Iced Coffee Closeup

A cup of International Delight Original Iced Coffee tastes like I’m drinking melted coffee ice cream. But I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Because while this stuff is really yummy, I can’t help but think how unhealthy it would be to drink this creamy beverage regularly.

Yes, regularly.

International Delight is hoping you drink their iced coffee instead of visiting Starbucks, which for some of you is a daily ritual. Sure, by not going to Starbucks you avoid long lines, easy listening music, and the possibility of having your name horribly misspelled on your cup, but a 12-ounce sweetened Starbucks iced coffee with whole milk has 90 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, and 18 grams of sugar, while a 12-ounce glass of International Delight Original Iced Coffee has 225 calories, 3.75 grams of fat, and 34 grams of sugar.

Also, the carton says nothing about its caffeine content. I need to know how much caffeine it has because I need to supplement if it has too little, and if it has too much I need to make sure I don’t do any spontaneous parkouring to burn off the excess energy. After drinking it, I did feel a slight energy boost, but I’m not sure if it was the caffeine from the coffee, the sugar, or both.

Again, the International Delight Original Iced Coffee is damn good. It’s so good that will hold an open carton above my open mouth and bang the carton’s sides with my other hand to get every last drop of it. However, because of its high sugar content it would be a horrible idea to stick a straw into one and make it a sessanta iced coffee.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 cup – 150 calories, 25 calories from fat, 2.5 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 10 milligrams of cholesterol, 105 milligrams of sodium, 29 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 23 grams of sugar, 4 grams of protein, 15% calcium, and 4% iron.)

Item: International Delight Original Iced Coffee
Price: $4.99
Size: Half gallon
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: My goodness, it’s yummy. Creamy. Smooth. It’s like drinking melted coffee ice cream. Cheaper than Starbucks. It’s a frickin’ half gallon of iced coffee. Google Translate.
Cons: Too easy to drink. Lots of dairy. Lots of sugar. Don’t know caffeine content. It’s like drinking melted ice cream. Your co-worker not knowing how to make coffee.

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  1. I was excited to rry this stuff, as I am a daily iced coffee drinker. You are so right…it is like their creamers with a hint of coffee thrown in. Honestly I don’t thi k the coffee content is great enough to make it that brown so maybe they have to add food coloring. It was disgusting…just as one might expect drinking straight cream would taste. I added a pack of starbucks via iced coffee to mine and that helped a little bit.

  2. I wonder if it’s designed to be served over ice, which would then dilute the sugar/cream content. But imagine it needs to be kept refrigerated, so it might take a while for the ice to melt down.

    1. The carton does say to pour it over ice, but that’s kind of silly because, you’re right, it does need to be refrigerated so it will take a while for the ice to melt.

  3. I’m such an iced coffee nut that I make my own because I live too far away from a starbucks to get my regular fix. Being very lazy, I was of course intrigued when I saw this in the market and of course gave it a go.

    Wow. What a mistake. Yes, the flavor was coffee and cream and sweet, all things I dig. Flavorwise this was a direct hit for me. But the texture! It was exactly like drinking that horribly over thicken chocolate milk sold right next to it.

    Melted ice cream is an excellent description. But to me, there is no doubt, that is a very very bad thing. Iced coffee is supposed to be a true fluid. I ended tossing the carton, less than half of it used.

    I’m not usually a snob about texture. If something tastes good, I’ll cram it into my pie hole and not be to concerned about how it feels. But this was just way, way too over the top for me.

  4. Did you notice if the flavor changed after a few days? I know most cartons tell you to consume everything so many days of opening the carton. I thought the flavor changed a bit for me. I still like it but I thought it had a stronger aftertaste a few days after opening.

  5. I threw mine out too! I tried to finish it but just couldn’t. At one point I thought it tasted like liquid American Cheese! lol. just bad.

  6. Hmmm I like ice coffee, I really do, but not if it’s too sweet… I’d be willing to bet this would go down quite smoothe.

  7. This does sound good, but too much sugar. Also, I’m trying to cut back on caffeine so I’ll have to give it a pass.

  8. Sigh. I had such high hopes for this. I guess I’ll stick to iced americanos with milk and splenda. My poor bank account.

    1. Iced coffee on the cheap: One large can of evaporated milk (NOT the condensed, sweetened kind), two mugs full of freshly brewed strong coffee (or americicanos, if you have the espresso technology at home)Splenda or sugar to taste. Mix well and chill. Since I now reside in a rather rural part of Missouri I mix them all in a mason jar, but I suspect this isn’t strictly needed for success.

      Maybe not as good as what the barristas crank out, but it does get the job done nicely.

  9. This stuff is a diabetic coma waiting to happen. Whatever Giant Food Corp makes it should be brought up on charges of endangering the public health. Makes me mad.

  10. wow you got an old carton yours expires april 22nd? mine is good until june lol.

    anyway i bought the mocha variety havent tried it yet….have you reviewed that one?

  11. I had really high hopes for this product. I thought it might save me a few weekly trips to Starbucks or the hassle of making it at home w/ VIA, but no. The idea was great, but execution was terrible. I got the Vanilla flavor, but it ended tasting more like a French Vanilla- which they should’ve mentioned on the box. It reminded me of those nutritional drinks like Ensure, which I despise since a young age always being forced to drink them to keep my weight up. I don’t mind the sweet & creamy aspect of it as long as I can still taste the coffee & I need the calories anyway I.D. should give you a little something since your review is leaving me w/ some hope for the Original flavor- which I will give a chance. I really don’t want to throw the 3/4 full carton of the disappointing “Vanilla” iced coffee away, since I hate to waste, so maybe I’ll try making java milkshakes for the family w/ it. I’m the coffee lover of the family, but they will try anything, lol.

  12. I was curious on the caffeine content, so I called International Delight. I was told that there’s 76 milligrams of caffeine in an 8 oz cup of Moca.

  13. I tried the original today. the first sip was sweet. I poured it over ice and drove to work. it was good. i liked it. i’m going to go home and read the carton info. I did tast the coffee. I was going to McDonalds every morning. I’ll try this carton and see how it goes.

  14. Ive been looking for it at Publix, Sweet Bay, & Walmart. I have not been to find anywhere. Any one in Florida have suggestions on where to buy it?

  15. After reading all the reviews, I still decided to give it a try. I bought the Mocha and while its not exactly good, its not bad either. It is NOT going to fulfill your Starbucks or coffee house needs, but a half gallon for under $4.00? What more can ya ask for?

  16. I am trying the vanilla one currently and it kinda tastes like Lucky Charms marshmallows. I also find that if you dilute it with water it helps cut down on that “metlted ice cream” thickness. I used a pint glass and filled it with about 1/2″ of water then loaded it up half way with ice. It helped out a lot in giving it that more familair Starbucks iced coffee feel.

  17. We love this in our house but we mix it about 50/50 with fat free milk. It stretches our dollar and makes it not as rich without making it seem too dilluted.

  18. I was so excited about this stuff. It was awful. I poured it over ice sat down and thought it was going to be so good. What a disapointment. It is so sweet it will make you sick.

  19. After reading everyone’s comments, I to had my doubts that this was going to be the miracle summer drink we were all looking for. It is to sweet, to diluted when the ice melts,not much coffee flavor and of course I would like a decaf version. I did a little experimenting. I brewed some coffee, have 2% milk, Vanilla International Delight iced coffee. I used 1/2 Cup coffee, 1/3 Cup milk and 1 Cup I.D. Mix together with a hand frother if you have one or a shaker. I just like the foamyness. Pour over ice and Voila…. you have a yummy summer drink.

  20. I was pretty disappointed at 1st about the Vanilla Iced Coffee having more of a ‘French Vanilla’ taste, & at the fact that it has a thick & syrupy consistency (duh, ’cause it has corn syrup in it), but I gotta admit, i’m kind of addicted to it now. Robert gave me the 1st idea of diluting it w/ a little milk & I ran w/ it. Here’s a few tweaks to make it perfect- you won’t even miss your coffee shop usual! Eyeball it if you want: Mix 2/3 c. Iced Coffee (I’ve only tried Vanilla so far, but I’m positive this will be great w/ Original & Mocha flavors too) & 1/3 c. milk or half & half. Add a splash (1 T.) of their Caramel Macchiato creamer (1 of the little individually packaged creamers is the perfect amount) & mix well. Add ice & top w/ a little whipped cream if you feel like it. I can’t believe I went from regretting the purchase to calling 1/2 a dozen stores to ask if they had it in stock. Btw, call ahead before you waste a trip (or 5, like me). I’ve been semi-successful w/ finding it at some Safeway & Food Maxx locations. Hope that helps = )

  21. I have tired all but the Original. And we add ice and put it in the blender to make me think Im having a Frapp from McDonalds that has like over 400 calories.

    1. the only coffee iv ever really liked was Starbucks, but after trying this Iv found a new love. The Mocha to me is the best flavor and now since iv bought this i haven’t gone back to Starbucks at all.

  22. this is THE NASTIEST substance I’ve ever tasted in my life. I never missed a five dollar bill so badly after I bought this product. I tasted like a bad cup of chocolate milk. As a true coffee lover I was totally disappointed in the product. Sincerely a pissed off customer.

    -Thug Life!

    1. Agreed. This stuff is terrible, and reminds me of the thick, syrupy flavored “coffee” you can get at gas stations. The consistency is a major turnoff…you almost have to chew the damn stuff.

  23. Here in TN at Kroger it’s only $2.99. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I am one of those snobby-only-truly-enjoys-fresh-ground-in-my-own-grinder-whole-bean-coffee-from-whole-foods people.

  24. I bought it Friday and I’m already down to a tiny bit. Mocha is so darn good!!! Was happy when I saw it and almost freaked when the only mocha carton was ugly & dirty but wait… I looked way in the back and got the last mocha!!!!!

  25. Another website indicated that the International Delight iced coffee is around 60 mg per 8 oz serving. Don’t know if that’s true or not. I bought the mocha flavor yesterday. I do think it’s tasty, and I like a lot a dairy in my coffee, but agree that it’s a little thick for my preference. I thought pouring it over ice would help that, but it seems to take longer than I’d like to melt the ice to get the right consistency. Maybe the original isn’t so thick? But if you’re looking for quick and convenient iced coffee, this is good. Definitely going to be a summer staple in my frig.

  26. At a coworker’s recommendation, we gave it a try…which I’m already regretting. Not enough coffee flavor, tastes WAY too artificial, and that consistency nearly had me gagging. Couldn’t even finish this, and I’m one of those people that gets asked if I want some coffee with my creamer! 😉

    We’ve already gone back to our cold-brew. Much cheaper, almost as convenient, and MUCH tastier—especially since YOU decide what goes in it! A gallon of strong cold-brew coffee will last me two weeks, and since I keep it in a beverage dispenser in the fridge, it’s always ready to be poured and mixed with whatever I want to add.

  27. I was so excited when I first heard about this product but this review has changed my mind. Not only are you high-larious, dear writer, but you bring up some very good points about calories and sugar content.

    Since I’m doing my best to not eat unnecessary carbs, the amount of sugar alone is enough to keep me away. Think garlic to a vampire, sugar is to all of us low-carb freaks out here.

    Thank you for saving me a wasted trip to the store over this thing I’ve been waiting months for. This is why I Googled reviews to see what sort of hell I was getting myself into. *whew* *continues to sip my Truvia-laden espresso with some confidence*

    1. Roughly the same amount as a cup of coffee. In an earlier comment someone said they contacted the company and they said an 8-ounce serving of the mocha flavor has 76 mg of caffeine.

      1. “Roughly the same amount as a cup of coffee.”

        I think you mean iced coffee with milk added. A regular cup of good coffee (8oz) should be over 150mg of caffeine. Starbucks bold coffee (8oz) is closer to 180mg of caffeine, according to their nutrition facts. You’d almost have to drink half the carton of this iced coffee (~28oz) to get the same amount of caffeine as in a Tall bold coffee from Starbucks or as in a Nos energy drink.

  28. This coffee is gross, it does not even taste like coffee in the least. It tasted like thick syrup. I like my 7 eleven iced coffees. I heard this was good until I tried it. I wasted 4.00 on this nasty mess, and they should stop selling it a/s/a/p. It puts Iced coffee to shame. It is like driking Real Iced coffee that has been sitting out in a cup for a week. Ugh never would i suggest anyone drink it

  29. does it have any caffeine in it at all? I actually thought it was decaf because on all drink i have had i am pretty sure it says the amount of caffeine and also most drinks advertise they are decaf. I find it odd they would not and would even be allowed to not list the caffeine content if it has any. I am so used to drinking caffeinated drinks that I can’t even tell if it has any because I just don’t get strongly effected by caffeine in the first place. I am naturally hyper as is : DD

  30. My mom served this to us when we were visting last week. She tried to pretend she made it herself and put it in a pitcher (she does that kind of thing…) but one sip and I knew it had to be made with some industrial-strength ingredients! The sweetness and consistency were really off-putting – the description of drinking melted coffee ice cream is spot-on. Definitely not something I’d want to keep in my fridge.

  31. I like the iced coffee – I’m a vanilla fan but I will give the mocha a try – but just because you are a coffee fanatic, does not mean you will like iced coffee. My husband can drink coffee all day but hates iced coffees. For those who think it tastes “industrial” give this a try: add a little freshly brewed coffee and/or frozen yohurt and blend it. I use one of those little hand-held electric stirring thingies or throw it in the blender. This comes out like a coffee smoothie and makes it taste “freshly made.” You can alter the flavor a bit by the flavor of the frozen yogurt. Oh, and believe me, there IS caffeine in it. I had some right before bed one night and was awake until 3!

  32. I actually really loved this! Haha, but I guess it’s because I like sugary coffee drinks for their taste and not the caffeine. To each their own. But man it is so good!!

  33. Like many other people have said, I was super excited when I saw the commercials for this stuff and couldn’t wait to try it. I’ve tried the mocha and vanilla and I prefer the vanilla. I thought the mocha seemed kinda thick, as others have pointed out, so I would probably not buy that flavor again. I don’t know if the vanilla is any less thick but I like the taste better so it doesn’t bother me. This has niohing on Starbucks but I can buy a half gallon of this for about the same price as a grande iced coffee there, so I will definitely keep buying it.

  34. I like it.
    But it does taste kinda weird.

    Think I’ll do like one girl recommended and ad stuff to it.
    Namely frozen yogurt and more coffee.

  35. Ever since I first tried it, I have been drinking a carton a day. I buy 3-4 cartons every time I go to the store. I do not care at all for the vanilla one even though vanilla is my favorite flavor. The mocha is good, but a little heavy and it does taste alot like chocolate milk. Now I only buy the original flavor and it is so yummy. But the sugar content has me freaked out. Why can’t they make a sugar free version? Now I am searching recipes for sugar free iced coffee recipes that I will be attempting to make at home as soon as my last carton of International Delight is drank. Anybody have any delicious sugar free recipes of iced coffee to try?

  36. I love this iced coffee that’s so easy to pick up in the dairy case. I have to watch my sugar, so I have started to mix it half & half with skim milk. I still get the enjoyment of an iced coffee without having to stop at Dunkin’s or Starbucks. My super market said they can hardly keep it in stock, esp. the Original flavor.

  37. I was so excited to try this but when i went to poor it in my glass it was sludge and it just ploped… ugg very disapointed no way would i spend the money to even try it again.. totally bummed

    1. This stuff is horrible…..if you want to try a really good Ice Coffee you need to try Cool Java 3L in a box. Dispenses just like a box of wine in your fridg! This product blows away the crap that ID is pushing!

    1. They do make “light” versions of this delicious stuff. If you’re not averse to artificial sweetners. I wish they would make it non-sweetened so I could use my Stevia or Mung bean sweetener!

  38. according to their FB faq :

    International Delight Iced Coffee has 76 mg of caffeine per 8ounce serving, compared to 50 mg in other leading iced espresso drinks, 47 mg in brewed tea and 2330 mg in leading soda brands (per 8-ounce serving).

    agree..super delicious but won’t be a regular buy 🙁 too much cream and sugar. a light version would be amazing!

  39. I started out drinking Starbucks Iced coffee in the little glass jars, loved the taste but had stomach issues. Eventually got addicted and was drinking 4 a day, despite my stomach problems. I also gained a ton of weight after being a size 3 all my life. Seems like my stomach has been bloated for years. Anyway, I tried the ID regular coffee flavored. OMG it’s so good, much better tasting than the Starbucks and so much cheaper. However the bad part is I have actually drank a whole half gallon in one day. Half gallon of ID is equal to 6 small Starbucks!

    I will have to stop drinking them though because like the Starbucks, I get a bad headache and stomach issues afterwards. I also think it is the cause of most of my weight gain.

    If I could resist the wonderful taste and drink in moderation I would but it looks like I’m going to have to go cold turkey! 🙁

  40. Love this very much, however due to my many health problems is there (in the near future) of you making this Sugar Free and decaffinated?

  41. I WAS addicted to Starbucks, and had to have a Venti coffee frap EVERY day UNTIL I tried this beverage. I drink 12 Ounce glasses each morning (1gal a wk). Ive got my oldest son drinking his favorite blend also which he was a big fan of Starbucks in the bottles. Im not gaining weight as it suppresses my appetite, Im actually losing weight it, get that!

  42. I love this stuff,but I like the original international iced Coffee! I purchase approximately 6-8 cartons a month. I buy it @ Krogers. They carry Starbucks brand & GREENVILLE?OR?GREENTREE AND THEN THERE IS THE SILK ICED latte that is like watery & gross. SO MY QUESTION IS WHY DON’t the stores make sure they carry the original so If an individual wants 2 get a cup of ice coffee they do not have to drink mocha or vanilla flavor. It only makes sense that since they are constantly running out of the original flavor and they have 4 brands of mocha and vanilla in all different kinds that they would keep the original in stock. So please check out the situation

  43. Live in Mobile Alabama and cant find International Delight Original Iced Coffee, but they have the other flavors i was buying 1 gallon a week. where can i buy the original in area code 36695.??

  44. My husband LOVES the International Delight Original Iced Coffee.I buy 2 cartons a week & he has 2-3 drinks from each carton!I get the dribbles in the almost empty carton

  45. Where can I buy the original flavor id iced coffee zip code 41031 all the flavored coffees available but I love the original

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