VIDEO REVIEW: Red Bull Total Zero Energy Drink

I know what you’re yelling at your computer monitor.

“Hey! Didn’t you already review Red Bull Total Zero Energy Drink?”

Yes, you’re absolutely correct, I did post a written review of it. But, while writing the review, I came up with an idea for a video version. So here it is.

I’m still a beginner when it comes to shooting video properly, so the video quality isn’t as good as it should be. But, each video review I do is another learning experience…and hopefully a step towards better looking video reviews.

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5 thoughts to “VIDEO REVIEW: Red Bull Total Zero Energy Drink”

  1. I loved the vid. Especially the ending.

    Personally I think the red bull zero is by far the worst of the bunch. I know everyone has different taste buds but this who zero craze makes zero sense to me.

  2. Did you record this in the rain forest rock garden of your mansion?

    You kind of look like the guy from The Mentalist (I’m sure you can guess which 1).

  3. It’s a great video, please make more! 🙂

    Thank God that we don’t have all that much light/zero/low-carbs/low-sugar etc… going on in the Netherlands (Europe)which makes choosing quite easy (grin). On the other hand (according to my boyfriend who happens to be an American from Florida and who is nuts about anything artificially flavored, sugar free etc) our food is quite boring. The only things that comes in the light or zero variety, tah tah tahdaaaahhhh, no surprise Coca Cola!

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