REVIEW: Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts Candy Bar

Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts Candy Bar

Who doesn’t want things when they want them? For a culture that has found a way to hasten the delivery of materials in nearly every facet of life, we have yet to master the forever elusive and infinitely-adored Girl Scout Cookie. Unavailable anywhere but from the hands of the enterprising young scouts themselves, these cookies cannot be a more prized item. I’ve seen grown adults hoard these delicious treats like canned peaches in a 1962 bomb shelter.

One guy I knew could fill a tractor trailer with all the boxes of Tagalongs he’d stockpiled through the years. Another friend packed a large freezer in her garage with boxes upon boxes of Thin Mints, swearing that they tasted even better partially-thawed. All of this makes me believe that after the apocalypse, only two things will populate the earth: Cockroaches and frozen boxes of Samoas.

However, every year, the rest of us are forced to wait until Girl Scout Cookies go on sale. I know that when that much-anticipated order form starts making the rounds at the office, delicious and enticing visions of Thin Mints and my beloved Trefoils begin to dance through my head. But having a whole box of cookies (or more) to yourself is a spare-tire-inducing event. Good thing the Girl Scouts have teamed up with Nestlé to create Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Girl Scouts candy bars. Now I can have the taste of authentic Girl Scout cookies in a bite-sized package TODAY. For a limited time.

Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts Candy Bar Bars

Since Thin Mints are the most popular Girl Scout Cookie of all time, it makes sense to review the Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts candy bar. True fans will not be disappointed. The Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints candy bar is a very nice amalgamation of everything we love about original Crunch bars and Thin Mints: “Dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate créme, topped with airy crispies.” You get two bars in a wrapper, so it’s double the pleasure, double the fun. The candy tastes like the real thing except for the “airy crispie” bits, but those add a nice texture.

If you think about it, these Nestlé Crunch Thin Mints candy bars are like an ultra-light, super-portable box of cookies! Way to go, Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts candy bars! Yes, that’s an overly wordy title for something with a delightfully simple flavor. They’ve definitely got the “mint” part down with the tasty créme, but the “thin” part must have (thankfully) been lost in translation because these bars are pretty thick and coated in dense dark chocolate. You can’t go wrong with more dark chocolate.

Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts Candy Bar Innards

Also, the layered cookie wafers create a more delicate crunch than the original Thin Mint cookies which is pretty awesome. We’re talking crispy — As crispy as your burnout neighbor in college who always wore socks with soccer sandals and kept showing up asking if you had any salsa.

Those of us who adore Thin Mints may agree that waiting for Thin Mints to come out once per year is a real trial, so the Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts candy bars are a nice stop-gap. Impatient cookie hoarders rejoice!

(Nutrition Facts – 1 package – 200 calories, 100 fat calories, 11 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 90 milligrams of sodium, 24 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 16 grams of sugar, 1 gram of protein, 0% Calcium, 4% Iron, 10% Vitamin C, and 0% Vitamin A.)

Item: Nestlé Crunch Limited Edition Thin Mints Girl Scouts Candy Bar
Purchased Price: $1.19
Size: 1.3 ounces (36.8 grams)
Purchased at: CVS
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Cookie hoarding. Dense dark chocolate coating. Airy crispies. Double your pleasure.
Cons: Having to wait 12 months for delicious Girl Scout Cookies. Socks with sandals. Spare tires. Only available for a limited time.

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  1. I may have to swear off the internet entirely to avoid seeing one more thing about these damn candy bars, because as far as I can tell they don’t seem to exist in the real world and it is slowly killing me.

    1. Well it’s for real just seen the commercial I just dont understand how they have remained so elusive all these years and after all this time went mainstream a very sad day

    2. Or a very good one “every good thing comes to an end” it’s about damn time they mass produce these things like everything else

  2. This looks like the PERFECT combo of tasty foods….actually no…if it was a Basken Robbins limited edition Thin Mint-Crunch ice cream…then that would be perfect.

  3. Not a fan of these. I think the Samoa variety is the best of the 3. The Tagalong PB one was the one I was most excited about, and it really isn’t good. I was so excited for these to come out, that when I found them I got a few of each kind. Sadly, I will give all but the coconut kind to my kids. They loved them.

  4. I call shenanigans, no, no matter how clear the print is, no way Nestle was allowed to “just copy” that bit of magic Girl Scouts Cookies have.

  5. These are also available in boxes (about the size of a granola bar box) of individually wrapped bars. Safeway and Fry’s/Ralph’s have them on special display for around $4 a box. You might have to cruise the store to turn them up, since they are not a stock item. There is also a peanut butter version as well as some other flavor. A great way to meet your daily saturated fat intake with minimal chewing!

  6. I just want to know how much does the girl scouts get? Because no $ is donated to them, then I will NOT buy a single one.

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      So much for an opinion who runs this site I wonder

  7. Uhhh you can buy girl scout cookies all year round at most supermarkets. I think it’s Keebler that makes them, and they even come from the same factories. They just label then with different names. Way cheaper than girl scouts too.

  8. Finally found a store that has these. Am very disappointed in the product. Can’t taste the mint, can’t taste much of anything. Very bland. No one in my family likes them. Will throw away the rest of the box.

  9. Got half a dozen of them on a whim at Walgreens a few days ago; they were in a small display at the checkout, and I wanted to donate to the GS cause. I loved them! Went back today; all gone. Really? A woman behind me in line heard me asking, and acted like I got handed free tickets to the Rolling Stones or something.

  10. OMG these are soooooo good! I bought one because I love Thin Mints, and they didn’t disappoint. What I loved most about it was that it reminded me of my favorite discontinued childhood candy bars…BarNone (oh BarNone, how I miss thee…). Except with a minty flavor. Thank goodness they’re only around for a limited time, otherwise my waistline would be in trouble!

  11. hello i live in bronxville new york i was wondering how i can get the nestle crunch thinmints from the girscouts in my area

  12. My daughter is allergic to peanuts. Girl Scout Cookie flavor Thin Mint is a safe peanut free product. Original Nestle Crunch is a safe peanut free product. The description for Nestle Crunch thin Mints is “Dark chocolate cookie wafers and mint chocolate cream with airy crispies” Based on those facts some parents might assume that this product is safe for their child with a peanut allergy. Thas assumption would be incorrect. This product contains peanuts, not trace amounts or processed on equipment that also processes peanuts. This product contains peanuts in the ingredient list.

  13. I just ate one of these like two minutes ago, and oh my gosh, they are the best thing ever.

  14. I just ate one of these like two minutes ago, and oh my gosh, they are the best thing ever. You gotta go ten outta ten

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