ANNOUNCEMENT: Watch Me On Television…If You Live In Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii and happen to be near a television at 7:40am tomorrow (Tuesday, March 5th), I will be on Hawaii News Now Sunrise (the local NBC/CBS affiliate morning news show) talking about new products on grocery store shelves and looking as awkward as someone who has never been on television before would look. (Humblebrag.)

If you don’t live in Hawaii, but are near a computer at 7:40am Hawaii Standard Time (9:40am PST, 11:40am CST, 12:40pm EST) and want to see it, I believe the Hawaii News Now website livestreams their morning show. Though, I’m not 100 percent sure about that.

The segment is called Sunrise Test Kitchen and tomorrow’s one isn’t live, we shot it a few weeks ago. Actually, we taped one in January, but they wanted to change it a little bit, so we taped another version in February. Right now, we’re planning to do one of these segments every month.

I’m super excited about this opportunity and it finally allows my parents to brag about me…if they were the bragging type. They totally aren’t. But it gives them ammo if they wanted to.

This wouldn’t have happened if not for my friend Catherine, who helped me get a meeting with the morning show producers. So go read her awesome travel/food/life blog, The Cat Dish.

19 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Watch Me On Television…If You Live In Hawaii”

  1. Oh man, congratulations! What a great opportunity. I will most definitely try to catch the livestream, if it works. I will expect nothing but the best awkwardness from you.

  2. Remember — it doesn’t really matter how you do. Once you are done, you will be the Junk Food Expert As Seen On TV. This could change everything!

  3. Nice – congrats! Maybe they will keep it on their site that you can link to once it has aired!

  4. I watched the news program but I’m not trying the chicken and waffles syrup. haha =)

  5. Just watched the show — and you were great!! I hope they do continue it as a monthly segment. Let us know when it’s on again, please?? Sitting here in snowy Chicago, it sure was neat to see something live from Hawaii — even the traffic report!

    1. I agree, they should make this a regular! I am also from Illinois but living in MI now. It was interesting watching the news in Hawaii!

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