REVIEW: MiO Fit Liquid Water Enhancer (Arctic Grape and Berry Blast)

MiO Fit (Arctic Grape and Berry Blast)

In order to properly test MiO Fit Liquid Water Enhancer, I decided I had to do something a bit more intense than my usual exercise of choice — walking.

With walking I don’t need the fancy electrolytes and B vitamins MiO Fit provides. After doing the simple act of walking, all I simply need to rehydrate and satisfy my simple thirst is some simple water that came from a kitchen faucet, went through a Brita filter, and then chilled in the refrigerator for at least four hours. Simple.

I like walking because I can do it whenever and I don’t need a trainer yelling at me to motivate me. If I want someone to yell commands at me, I’ll just pay $150 to have Mistress Pain put a leash around my neck and force me to lick her boots in a poorly lit room. With walking, all I need to do is put on some shoes, hit play on my iPod, and go wherever my two feet take me. And then come back into the house because I forgot to put shorts on.

So what higher intensity workout did I do?

Zumba? Nope. CrossFit? Nooo. P90X? Nope. Boot Camp Workout? No. Spinning? Not sure what that is. Tae Bo? I’m afraid to accidentally get hit in the face. Nintendo Wii Fit? Too lazy to find out where my Wii is collecting dust. Sweatin’ to the Oldies? I do not own a VCR.

Instead of doing any of those recent trendy workouts, I decided to do a trendy workout from the mid-17th century called jogging. Usually, I do three 16-minute miles when walking. But when I jogged, I huffed and puffed and ended up doing two 10-minute miles. After coming home, catching my breath, and feeling the burn in my legs, I poured myself two glasses of water, squeezed MiO Fit Arctic Grape into one, squeezed MiO Fit Berry Blast into the other, and rehydrated myself.

MiO Fit Arctic Grape

MiO Fit Arctic Grape smells and tastes like a particular powdered grape drink. Oh yeah! Its mouthfeel isn’t like other MiO varieties; it’s a bit more syrupy. The artificial sweeteners are noticeable and there’s also a very slight saltiness at the back end, thanks to the 75 milligrams of sodium in each serving. But those milligrams of sodium are your electrolytes and they are what plants crave. Overall, if you’re looking for something tasty and sweet to rehydrate, you can’t go wrong with MiO Fit Arctic Grape. Rhyming!

MiO Fit Berry Blast

As for MiO Fit Berry Blast, its use of the color teal takes me back to the 90s when it seemed every new professional sports team used the color (San Jose Sharks, Jacksonville Jaguars, Charlotte Hornets, and Florida Marlins). Berry Blast smells a little like a Louie-Bloo Raspberry Otter Pop and has a light artificial raspberry-ish flavor. It has the same mouthfeel, artificial sweetener aftertaste, and saltiness as Arctic Grape, but it’s not as tasty.

MiO Fit Arctic Grape and Berry Blast made water taste better, helped me rehydrate, and filled me with electrolytes, but I’m not sure it’s meant for serious athletes. I looked up what Gatorade provides and compare it with MiO Fit and what I learned was that while MiO Fit has zero calories and electrolytes, it doesn’t provide carbohydrates, which athletes need to refuel, and protein, which helps rebuild muscle and is found in Gatorade varieties that deal with recovery.

While I don’t think MiO Fit is for serious athletes, it would make it easier for sports teams to celebrate a big win. Instead of dumping a water cooler full of Gatorade and ice on a head coach to celebrate a championship, the players can squirt MiO Fit.

Disclosure: The Impulsive Buy received free MiO Fit samples from MiO. Probably because we’re awesome or maybe, because we eat so much junk food, they think we need incentive to exercise. Well, if their goal was to get me to exercise…goal accomplished!

(Nutrition Facts – 1/2 tsp. – 0 calories, 0 grams of trans fat, 75 milligrams of sodium, 35 milligrams of potassium, 0 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of sugar, 0 grams of protein, 10% niacin, 10% vitamin B6, and 10% vitamin B12.)

Item: MiO Fit Liquid Water Enhancer (Arctic Grape and Berry Blast)
Purchased Price: FREE
Size: 1.62 fl. oz.
Purchased at: Received from MiO
Rating: 7 out of 10 (Arctic Grape)
Rating: 6 out of 10 (Berry Blast)
Pros: Both flavors made water taste better, which really isn’t that hard. It’s got electrolytes. Inserting Idiocracy electrolyte references into reviews of products that have electrolytes. One bottle makes 18 eight-ounce servings. Exercise.
Cons: Artificial sweeteners are noticeable. Probably not meant for serious athletes. Plants do not crave electrolytes. Slight saltiness. Doesn’t provide any carbs or protein.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: MiO Fit Liquid Water Enhancer (Arctic Grape and Berry Blast)”

  1. I picked up some Artic Grape based on your recommendation, and yes, it is pretty good! I’m doubt I’m alone, but the only time I’ve actually employed Mio is when mixing with water and vodka (great to avoid the calories from orange/cranberry juice etc.)

  2. I have tried both while at work for an energy pick up in the am. I just have to say, both taste pretty good but the colder the water, the better it tastes. As soon as your water gets room temp, it gets kind of bland.

    1. Agreed! I ordered my online ( and after a week I had 12 bottles of glory. Okay, it was a little overboard, but I want to really test something. It is fabulous at a chilled temperature. Plus, if I am feeling like I want a little more, I control how much goes into the liquid. It does get a little yuck at room temperature, but so do most other drinks: coke, gatorade, crystal light, etc.

      I’m hooked. I wouldn’t pay the full price in the stores as online has much better deals.

  3. I am protesting the Tracy Morgan Super Bowl Commercial that portrays the AMERICAN FLAG in the background!!! Who ever made that supposed to be flag was not an AMERICA NATIVE if they did not know that it is to go RED, WHITE AND BLUE!!!!! Not White, Red and Blue!!!

  4. I’m an electrician I’m working out on a solar field right now. I would like to order a case of Mio fit to test it out can u help me out.

  5. I tried the Arctic Grape flavor and I got to say it was good with a salty aftertaste.

  6. This stuff is POISON. Good grief. THROW IT OUT. Seriously. It is NOT good for you. Sucralose? Propylene glycol (a derivative of anti-freeze), Asulfame Potassium has been linked to thyroid disease. You are SO much better off drinking water! Your body loses water faster than it loses electrolytes so, unless you are exercising at a high intensity for over an hour, water is all you need. If you start to cramp, eat a dill pickle…because you probably need the sodium.

    IF you are doing some serious exercise then do this: Weigh in before and after exercise and consume 16 to 24 ounces of fluid for every pound of body weight lost. “Look for drinks that have four to nine percent carbohydrates per eight ounces, and 120 to 170 mg sodium. Gatorade is a well-known choice that offers a good supply of electrolytes and minimal sugar, too. A quick snack is another way to get back electrolytes. Salty foods (think peanut butter, pickles, and tomato juice— maybe not all together) should top the list, since the body loses sodium in higher amounts than it loses other electrolytes. Leafy greens, tomatoes, celery, bananas, yogurt, nuts, and beans can help restore the rest of the electrolyte team. They’ll get the body back on track and ready for its next challenge.”

    I’m an RN as well as a gym rat. Please, please, please…stay away from the sugary crap…but don’t fall for the artificial sweetener trap either…..

  7. I love MiO and especially this grape one (and the peach tea one its one of my favorites:) and it tastes great and is perfect for school to bring for lunch. I mean lets be brutally honest with ourselves.. who really wants a plain water bottle if you didn’t just run a marathon? Lol not me. This really changed it up for me and highly recommend this to anybody.. except the MiO energy.. I tried MiO energy in black cherry and it made me jiterry and tasted like chemicals.. Idk how to explain but love MiO overall!

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