REVIEW: Wendy’s Original Chocolate Frosty Waffle Cone

Wendy's Frosty Waffle Cone

“That’s it?”

“Yea. That’s it.”

Such completed my transaction of the new Frosty Waffle Cone. Anticlimactic, brief, and disheartening, the short exchange with the Wendy’s guy as I looked upon this innovation of fast food desserts — this long-hoped for, anxiously awaited breakthrough in hot-as-balls spring day relief — was matched only in brevity by the experience of eating the dissolving agglomeration of chocolate, cream, and God knows what else.

Yes, like Frosty the Snowman in the Greenhouse, the new Frosty Waffle Cones don’t last long. But unlike Frosty resurrected by the magic of Christmas, a melted Waffle Cone doesn’t freeze back up into a sweet confection.

You’ll have to excuse my somber tone. I do take my frozen desserts rather seriously, especially when it comes to the frozen dairy in a cone department. Having once perfected the seven loops of a Rita’s Large Frozen Custard Waffle Cone during a summer job, I feel a certain affinity towards sweet and creamy chocolate served with a crispy handle. Combine this affinity with a lifelong fixation upon the chemical properties of the not-quite-milkshake Frosty, and the revelation that the iconic frozen treat was getting the Waffle Cone treatment should have had every capacity to complete my life.

Yes, my life.

So you’ll imagine my dumfounded indignation upon seeing the liquidy puddle of chocolate Frosty barely reaching out of the Waffle Cone. While I pride myself in having advanced my use of imagery as a writer since my kindergarten days, the cone did, in fact, bare a strikingly resemblance to a diarrhea laden dump.

Wendy's Frosty Waffle Cone Messy 2

Clearly, there is no truth in advertising anymore, and while I’d love to say that I was able to overcome this construction shortcoming, the fact is that I wasn’t four or five steps out the door before the Frosty concoction began to melt. Instead of licking the Frosty as you’d lick the soft serve ice cream in a traditional cone, you’re really forced to slurp the Frosty more than anything else. It’s a completely acceptable means of ingestion when you’ve got the benefit of a cup and a straw, but as the puddle of Frosty spills out onto your hands from the cone, you might find yourself wishing you had brought a bib.

The taste of the Frosty isn’t bad. Obviously it tastes like a Chocolate Frosty, what with its sweet and not too intense cocoa flavor, but it strikes me as not having the standard consistency of the Frosty. It’s as if the particles of cream and sugar and mono and diglycerides are in active rebellion, and by melting so quickly proclaim a chorus of ‘hey, what the hell is this cone thing we’re floating in?’

Wendy's Frosty Waffle Cone Messy

As for that cone thing, take it from a seasoned waffle cone aficionado. There’s something off about it. A good waffle cone is malty with a slight give. You should be able to taste a batter component in there beneath that first crunch, and it should be sturdy enough to provide a thick crunch. This cone was more crispy than anything, with a bland sweetness that came off as cheap.

If you’re looking to suffer disillusionment in the arms of a fast food classic, or perhaps if you just want to get sticky stains on your steering wheel and endanger the lives of motorists after a cruise through the drive-through, then yes, I highly recommend Wendy’s new Frosty Cone. However, the next time I wish to beat the heat on a hot day, I think I’ll just stick to the traditional Frosty in a cup. It’s classic and delicious, and what’s more, its construction doesn’t remind me on diarrhea.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 Chocolate Frosty Waffle Cone – 300 calories, 6 grams of fat, 3.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 20 milligrams of cholesterol, 160 milligrams of sodium, 54 grams of total carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 35 grams of sugar, 7 grams of protein, and 20% calcium.)

Item: Wendy’s Original Chocolate Frosty Waffle Cone
Purchased Price: $1.69
Size: 1 cone (feels smaller than a Value Frosty)
Purchased at: Wendy’s
Rating: 3 out of 10
Pros: Original Chocolate Frosty is still sweet and chocolatey. Cone is crispy and not stale. Not as bad for you as regular ice cream.
Cons: Looks like the Frosty machine took a dump in a Waffle Cone. Melts immediately. As in, before-you-can-pay-immediately. Cone lacks substantial crunch or malted flavor. Slurping up Frosty doesn’t give you time to enjoy the simple pleasures. Small. Inconsistent Wendy’s value menu pricing.

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  1. Sad. Wendys is the only fast food place near me. As an apparently-starving BMIer, I eat nuts, frosted animals, gourmet cake and ice cream in my diet exclusively. Thus. That is clean cut evidence that this waffle cone could have changed my driving-home route, and thus my whole entire life. But again, Wendys has failed to make me into Wendy, and so hereby, I will maintain getting my weekly frosting from brightly sprinkled animals than in the holy cream of God. *sniffs* Im not crying! No! *sob*

  2. Being a fan of waffle cones and frostys I thought I’d be golden with this. I was so very wrong. My cone got served to me in a cup, for stability I guess. It was leaking down the sides before I cleared the drive thru. Once I was home, about three minutes later, the cone decided to commit suicide and leapt from the cup onto my driveway. I never even got to taste the cone. What disturbs me most though, is 5 days later, and after a rain, there’s still frosty on my driveway. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get to eat it.

  3. I actually had the completely opposite experience. I wonder if there is enough wiggle room in the construction of the Frosty product that you can have different results from store to store? Mine didn’t come in a cup, was spiraled high, and was quite firm and didn’t melt. It tasted exactly like a normal frosty, just in the cone. I quite liked it. The only problem I have ever had with a Frosty is that it required a spoon. This fixes that problem.

    My local store also had it for $1.49. 🙂

  4. Have to disagree with the review. My wife and I each got one at a drive thru and both loved them. The cone stayed super crispy with a nice flavor and hint of sweetness. Yeah, you have to eat them right away because it will melt quickly, but I ate it incident-free while driving. My wife wanted Wendy’s 2 days later so she could get another one… our Wendy’s is a 15 minute drive each way and she very rarely is the one to suggest fast food. I’m honestly shocked it got a 3… I’d probably give it an 8 or 9. To each their own.

  5. I never understood why anyone was excited about this. It’s just a waffle cone. The Wendy’s locations in my area have had the Frosty Waffle Cone for a couple of years now but I only had it once. It was exactly what I expected: a Frosty in a waffle cone. Nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t have the melting problem, but it still wasn’t anything special. I’d rather save the 60 cents or whatever it is and just eat it out of a cup.

  6. I too felt the same way about the frosty waffle cone. The first time I saw the commercial I was wondering whether or not they would change the consistency of the frosty to put it in the cone, so I thought I would go see for myself, and I was pretty disappointed because it was liquified as soon as it entered my hand from the drive through. I actually liked the waffle cone better because it tasted like a fortune cookie, which I love. Wendys needs to have soft serve more like Mcdonalds, then, and only then, will I purchase another waffle cone from Wendy’s.

  7. I had the exact opposite experience to this review. I found the frosty to hold up surprisingly well in a waffle cone. Frankly, I thought the waffle cone was crispy and fresh baked. I wasnt expecting that. I assumed it was going to taste factory made. I give this product two thumbs up.

  8. Let’s talk about the fact that I’ve seen Wendy’s sponsoring fashion bloggers to get them to talk about these new cones. Fashion bloggers? Where are the free cones for Adam, Wendy’s?! Where are they?!

  9. My experience was almost identical to Adam’s:
    1. LOVE Wendy’s Frostys (or is the plural “FrostIES?”)
    2. Have been waiting for this ever since TIB reported that Frosty Waffle Cones were being tested in Portland OR last summer.
    3. My Frosty Waffle Cone (vanilla) was already very melted/runny when it was handed to me at the drive-thru window, leaking over the sides AND out the bottom.
    4. Surprised at small size: Quantity seemed considerably less than than the standard value menu size (99¢) Frosty.
    5. Tried desperately to eat/consume/slurp some of the melted mess while driving.
    6. Ended up chucking most of the Frosty Waffle Cone out the window on Interstate 95.

    Could not have been more disappointed with this disaster. And this occurred on a rather mild day in May. These things would be COMPLETELY liquid on a typical 94° East Coast summer day. Have been back to Wendy’s twice, and have opted for the standard “Frosty-in-a-cup” both times.

    Wonder if anyone at Chick-fil-A™ is listening…this would be a perfect opportunity for them to steal this idea for use with their own thicker-consistency IceDream® (which already holds up in regular “cake cup” cones.)

  10. I was looking forward to the waffle frosty,
    only to have my bubble burst. Most
    disappointed in the waffle frosty. Same
    experience, melted fast, too small,
    no time to enjoy it. It really just needs
    thicker consistency then it would make a splash,
    As the cone is quite tasty.

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