REVIEW: McDonald’s Peaches & Crème Pie

McDonald’s Peaches & Cre?me Pie

Is it wrong to like McDonald’s pies over the traditional circular homey baked kind? Not any more wrong than laughing out loud in the theater during a sad scene. I apologized profusely to my wife when I erupted with guttural laughter as Christoph Waltz maniacally beat that elephant off-screen in “Water for Elephants.”

I don’t think animal abuse is funny at all but the scene was so corny, I had to laugh. Worse, I said sorry as I chuckled. Apologizing while snickering appears just as sincere as when your girlfriend who is about to dump you says, “We need to talk.”

What I will not apologize for is having a penchant for McDonald’s pies, which maybe even a bit borderline obsessive.

Famished after running mundane errands, the mind was elsewhere as my eyes were glazed staring at the drive-thru menu at McDonald’s. I knew my wife would get the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and no bun due to her gluten allergen. I was ready to follow suit until my eyes fixed on the pie offering… Peaches & Crème.

Images of fireworks, the mention of “Stephen Strange” in Captain America 2, and former WWE wrestler Chyna getting boogety-humped by X-Pac in the “leaked” sex video flashed in my mind.

I’ve eaten a variety of McDonald’s pies and while they don’t blow me away, they mostly always satisfy. It’s like a color by the numbers action film where everybody plays a familiar archetype. You know, the-sensitive-but-tough guy, the-jokey-but-tough-guy-when-it-counts, and the-misunderstood-jerk-who’s-actually-a-good-guy, blah blah blah. That’s how McDonald’s pies are to me, I love them but they aren’t exactly paradigm shifting.

Sometimes, however, there’s a detour in those films and you’re fully invested only hoping they can deliver.

McDonald’s Peaches & Cre?me Pie Closeup

That is the McDonald’s Peaches & Crème pie.

I’m serious and the bad news is, not only is it a limited offering but from my unscientific research, I don’t think they are widely available. It is not even listed in McDonald’s own website, which make me feel like I found the “secret” negative worlds in Super Mario Brothers.

I spent more time looking for the existence of this pie online than I did watching YouTube clips of unofficial appearances by Superman and Spiderman in Bollywood films.

The crust, as always, was golden brown. This crust was flecked with sugar crystals which welcomed you to take a big friggin’ bite into it. The crust was buttery and crispy with a perfect “Goldilocks zone” thickness that broke away in your mouth pleasantly the way Filo dough does.

The filling in the pie needs to taste good, but I think the texture is just as important as the filling. Maybe that’s why I like the clown’s pies so much, that mass produced crust is what I imagine what perfect pie crust is.

McDonald’s Peaches & Cre?me Pie Innards

As for the fillings themselves, they are mundane and ordinary alone. The crème part tastes a little bit like cheap cream cheese frosting. The peach filling taste of reduced syrupy canned peaches has a slightly distant herby flavor, which is interesting in a very good way. The chunks of peaches are a nice touch to add another element of the mouthfeel equation, if there is such an equation.

However, when the peaches, crème, and crust are combined, it’s like alchemy. The pie is a cheap section of heaven, where the inventors of pogs and die cut comic book covers go (if you believe in heaven). And if they are there, I have a closet full of apologies they need to give me.

The crème really tones down the syrupy sweetness and adds that tiny addition of savory. It’s akin to something acidic to cut through something rich. And I cannot begin to truly explain the essential crust, which just brings it all together.

In all seriousness, if you can find it, it is worth a try. I know the strawberries and crème pies are still regularly sold and if you can’t find the limited peaches one, the strawberry version will give you a good idea of what this is all about. I sincerely hope this pie makes it to the regular line-up.

(Nutrition Facts – Not available on website.)

Item: McDonald’s Peaches & Crème Pie
Purchased Price: 89 cents
Size: N/A
Purchased at: McDonald’s
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: The crust, the filling and the crème all play an equal role of deliciousness. Sugar crystals on the crust. Chunks of peaches. Inappropriate laughing.
Cons: It’s a limited offering. If you eat the crème and the peaches alone (but who does that? And if you do, you need help). Inappropriate laughing.

14 thoughts to “REVIEW: McDonald’s Peaches & Crème Pie”

  1. I was in Maui last week and saw blueberry pie on their menu! I didn’t buy it but it sure did look mouthwatering. I must not get around to McDonald’s much because I didn’t know they sold varieties of pies besides their famous apple pie.

  2. Of all the pies that McDonald’s sell, I must say that the peach cream pie it the absolute best!! I hope that it never goes away!

    1. Had my first McDonald’s peach pie today Um-Um good! A buttery tasting wonder, for sure. Never knew McDonald’s sold any pie except apple.

  3. I really like the Peaches and cream pie. So far, it’s my second favorite from McDonald’s because I really enjoyed the Sweet Potato pie that was available a few years ago around the Thanksgiving Holidays.I hope McDonald’s offers the Sweet Potato pie again.

  4. I just had One today!! It was delicious and had to stop for more on my way home, me too I hope it stays. :)) Thank you Mac!

  5. Omg!!!! This pie is delish!!!! Rich and creamy… Wish I would’ve bought them yesterday!!!!!

  6. I love, love,love these pies!!! Omg I think I may be addicted to these pies!! I sure hope their not just for a Limited time, because here in Akron you can get two for $1.39!! I really don’t care for the apple pies!! So please keep these instead!!!!

  7. I got one for free today and was totally amazed! They messed up my order in the drive thru and when I circled back around the block and got out of my car they were really nice! They told me they’d bring the correct order right out which they were true to their word. But to my surprise I opened the bag and found they had added the pie!! I was hesitant because the box doesn’t say what kind of pie, but once I bit into it I was in heaven! Will definitely be making trips just for these pies!

  8. I do not like limiting the peach pies. I won’t buy any other pie so I do without until the peach is back. I wish I had a calendar of when and where to buy them

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