COMING SOON – Pepsi Vanilla and Wild Cherry Made with Real Sugar

Pepsi Real Sugar

This summer, Pepsi is bringing back Pepsi Made with Real Sugar and they’ll also be releasing, for a limited time, Pepsi Vanilla Made with Real Sugar and Pepsi Wild Cherry Made with Real Sugar.

This means I’ll soon be able to wrap my lips around a Pepsi Vanilla again and this time it’ll be made with real sugar. Oh, how I’ve missed Pepsi Vanilla, even though I’m pretty sure I can blame it for two pounds of fat on my body. I’ll just consider that “Happy Fat.” (Image via @sldy93)

55 thoughts to “COMING SOON – Pepsi Vanilla and Wild Cherry Made with Real Sugar”

  1. real sugar, so does that mean cane sugar or beet sugar?

    these throwback drinks are played out they aren’t even throwbvack to begin with

  2. real sugar, so does that mean cane sugar or beet sugar?

    these throwback drinks are played out they aren’t even throwback to begin with

  3. You know, artificial vanilla flavoring is very cheap, and you can add it to any beverage you want…

    (Grenadine might be a bit more expensive, though.)

  4. I can’t wait to try Cherry Pepsi. I’m a huge fan of the throwback pepsi vs regular pepsi. Beet sugar or not, it still tastes better to me.

  5. I wish they’d bring back Crystal Pepsi just so that the younger generation can experience it’s horribleness.

    1. I had Crystal Pepsi. Wasn’t it just regular Pepsi without caramel color added (which we now know is a carcinogen)? And without caffeine, so I guess with the addiction not being satisfied, that might affect the perceived taste.

  6. Saw the regular Pepsi at Walmart. I guess they’re getting rid of the Throwback name? Will Mountain Dew Throwback get any love?

  7. Real sugar…but what about real vanilla flavoring? Vanillin is just not good in beverages (except maybe in trace amounts in root beer – where it sort of makes sense).

  8. Thank God they’re bringing back vanilla..for the last (at least) 5 years I’ve had to make my own pepsi vanilla..This made my day 😀

    1. I love Vanilla Pepsi. When they stopped making it it took a while for me to like any cola out there. However a few vanilla syrup skirts in a Big Gulp works out pretty good.

  9. I LOVE Pepsi Vanilla…I hated that they spotted making it a few years back….was and always will be my favorite soda…I wish this wasn’t a limited just for the summer….PLEASE keep it on the shelves forever.

    1. Haha oh my goodness!! Just the thought of Pepsi Holiday Spice makes me gag. I tried it like 10 years ago when I was in high school. I grabbed one with a sandwhich after school – not recommended with food!! I was at least expecting SOME of the sweet Pepsi taste. It had like cinnamon and ginger and burned. Not sweet at all and definitely no Pepsi taste. Yuck!!

  10. Just bought the Pepsi Vanilla Made With Real Sugar today. Sipped it slowly with my eyes closed and thoroughly enjoyed being carried back to yesteryear. Great stuff!!

  11. Much better formulation than the Throwback. Very similar to the real sugar Pepsi that is bottled in Dubai and Pakistan–both of which are closer to the 1980’s real sugar Pepsi than the Throwback. Two thumbs up!

  12. sooooo, where can i purchase these in the cleveland area??????? im dying to try them

    thank you
    cleveland sandy

  13. I tried the Cherry Pespi with real sugar and it is terrible. I was really looking forward to it but yuck. I couldn’t taste any cherry flavor. It was too sweet and actually tasted like a diet drink. You know that fake sweet taste. It even had a bad aftertaste like diet soda. I was so disappointed. Pepsi really screwed this up. I have enjoyed the Throwback items so this was really a shock.

    1. I disagree with the previous review. I really liked the Pepsi Cherry – real sugar. I actually liked even MORE the Pepsi Vanilla. I would like to buy this in 12 packs but have only seen the regular pepsi real sugar and the cherry real sugar available in the 12 pack cans. Darn.

      1. If you have any Giant food stores near you they had the 12pks available in the Vanilla

    2. I loved the Wild Pepsi with real sugar. The stuff with fructose wasn’t worth drinking. I’d rather have cherry coke and I don’t like regular coke. The new Wild Cherry Pepsi with Real Sugar was refreshing for a cola. You can taste the cherry but not overpowering. Went back to Kroger to buy more and they restocked with the old worthless stuff with fructose. Won’t buy that stuff. Also, the Mountain Dew and regular Pepsi with Real Sugar are better than the junk they have been serving these many years. I could tell the difference from when I was a kid in little league ball and had a Dew after a game that the throwback was like it was then.

    3. What? The only problem I had with the “real sugar Wild Cherry” was that there was no discernable difference between the HFCS version aside from the fact you don’t get dehydrated as rapidly. The taste was the same, though. Much like Dr. Pepper made with sugar – that also tasted the same as the HFCS version, to me.

  14. I love the vanilla pepsin but am really having trouble finding it. Please Pepsin make it more available everywhere. My son told me it was out just for the 4th of July….please say it isn’t so.

    1. Sorry it was ment to be Pepsi. My kindle thought otherwise. Please bring Vanilla Pepsi back.

      1. Absolutely, Pepsi Vanilla taste so good. I’M Hoping It will be around for a long time. HOPEFULY FOREVER!!!!!!!

  15. love the vanilla pepsi with real sugar and only got it during july is it for all summer the limited edition pepsi…would be great if it was aways in stores all stores

  16. When I saw this, I knew I had to give it a go and when I had a can… Well, I am going back to King Soopers tomorrow morning to stock up…

  17. Does anyone know if I can still but Pepsi Vanilla and where I could purchase it? I now someone that really wants it! I want it to be a surprise!

    1. In Michigan I have been finding it at some gas stations, Marathon & Meijers so far, as well as at the Meijers Grocery stores in Grand Rapids… Very localized but they still have it. Purchased some this morning. 🙂 Lovin’ It!

  18. I have looked everywhere for the vanilla Pepsi. Wal-Mart says they are not going to carry. County Market doesn’t have it. All the little stores like Casey General and Hicks do not have it. Checked all the gas stations in town and know one has it or expecting it. We live in Charleston Illinois. Can you help?

    1. Try Target. That’s where I first found it. If you have UDF gas stations there, they were carrying it too.

    2. I m in vermilion county Illinois can’t find pepsi real sugar vanilla here either… Love it!

  19. I live in Fayetteville, NC and I have been looking for the vanilla pepsi. I have not been able to find it any where. I’ve tried to search the internet for stores that carry it but I am still unable to locate it. Help!!

  20. Ya I can’t find the Pepsi Vanilla anywhere and I really like the Pepsi Throwback better it just tastes more better then this new real sugar stuff.

  21. I loved the old vanilla Pepsi, can’t find new Pepsi vanilla and was looking forward to having it again! Where is it sold?

  22. I can’t find 2 liter bottles of the new vanilla Pepsi with real sugar nor can I find it in 12pks anywhere. I’ve only been able to find it in the 20ounce bottles. I’ve tried shoprite & they don’t have it in the sizes I want & the 20 ounces I can only find them at a few stores like wawa,heritages,& some small corner stores. Im from New Jersey so if there is anyone else from nj & knows where I can get it in the 2 liter bottles or 12pks please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Good luck to all trying to find what they want. Thanks everyone!

  23. They need to bring back the original pepsi vanilla. Not this throw back stuff with real sugar. I want the regular pepsi vanilla without the real sugar. It tastes totally different. The “non real sugar” vanilla was WAY better. IF THEY CAN RE RELEASE CRYSTAL PEPSI WHY CANT THEY DO THIS?

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