REVIEW: Doritos Roulette (Canada)

Doritos Roulette

This could very easily be the shortest review in the history of this site. Doritos Roulette are Nacho Cheese Doritos, with the occasional very spicy chip mixed into the bunch. The end. Mic drop.

But I guess I should probably justify my existence here and write a bit more than that. Now where’s that mic…

Not much needs to be said about Nacho Cheese Doritos. They’re the original Doritos flavour, and arguably the tastiest. If you’ve somehow never had them and need me to describe the flavour, then I’m going to assume that you stumbled onto this site by accident. Perhaps you were looking for the Impulsive Buoy, the boating website? Because I’m pretty sure if you did a Venn diagram of “people who read junk food blogs” and “people who have tried Nacho Cheese Doritos,” the two circles would be pretty much right on top of each other.

But fine, for the boat enthusiasts among you, I’ll throw you a bone: Nacho Cheese Doritos are cheesy (I know, shocker, right?) — cheddar in particular — with a salty, fake-in-the-best-way possible flavour, and enough else going on to make them irresistibly addictive. They’re a classic for a reason. They’re hard to dislike.

As for Roulette, the bag is predominantly Nacho Cheese Doritos, which are just as tasty as ever. However, about 25 percent, give or take, are a little different than your standard Nacho Cheese chip: they’re spicy. Very spicy.

Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to spice. Typically, mass-market snacks or fast food items labeled as spicy register for me as a vague tickle, the equivalent of a small kitten playfully batting at your hands. I say this not to boast, but to provide context for this statement: these are legitimately spicy. They’re certainly not the hottest thing you’ve ever had, but you’re definitely going to feel (feel feel) the heat.

If most so-called spicy items are the aforementioned kitten, this is a solid slap in the face.

Doritos Roulette Closeup

Aside from the spice, these chips look and taste just like a regular Nacho Cheese Dorito. So you really have no idea what you’re going to get until you pop it in your mouth (must… resist… “that’s what she said” joke).

It’s actually really good! The combination of regular chips and super spicy ones work surprisingly well. I don’t know if I’d want a whole bag of Doritos this spicy, but here, where you get a few regular chips to cool your mouth between the hot ones, it’s actually quite satisfying.

And of course, that’s not to mention the potential hilarity of eating these with a spice wimp and watching them squirm when they get a spicy one.

I was expecting these to be more of a novelty item than anything else, but I actually wound up enjoying them far more than I thought I would. I’m assuming these are a limited-time-only deal, but if they weren’t, I’d definitely add them to my regular Dorito rotation.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 package (80 grams) – 420 calories, 22 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 0.2 grams of trans fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 600 milligrams of sodium, 50 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams fibre, 1 gram sugar, 6 grams protein.)

Item: Doritos Roulette (Canada)
Purchased Price: $1.49 CAN
Size: 80 gram bag
Purchased at: International News
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Classic Nacho Cheese flavour. Good balance of spicy and not-spicy chips. Entertainment value of eating them with people who can’t tolerate spice. The ability to make Passenger 57 references while you eat.
Cons: Might be too spicy for some people. Realizing that a lot of people probably won’t get that Passenger 57 reference.

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  1. The “spicy” ones that are mixed in aren’t even spicy in my opinion. They provide a decent little kick similar to when you’re eating nachos and you get a tiny amount of Jalapeno in the mix, but hardly anything to rave about. I wish they had taken the chips from Doritos 3rd Degree and used those instead; now THOSE are some spicy chips!

  2. My husband bought a bag of these the other day, and of course I just wanted to try “a couple”. I ended up eating way more than I should have because I was trying to find a spicy one. Never did. 🙁

  3. Found these today in Western Canada. Haven’t had them yet. The mystery I want to know is… why do Canadian Nacho Doritos taste different from the US ones? Different ingredients?

  4. I was excited to try the Doritos Roulette chips.. Disappointed the spicy chips weren’t that hit. No fun.

  5. Honestly……….my family and I have watched this commercial at least
    a dozen times and don’t understand what the heck it’s all about.
    Stuffed animals, people not wanting to eat your product………weird.
    I guess the message (whatever it is), is not for us.

  6. Never buying doritoes again. Lol. No flavor on them u might was well buy regular tortilla xhips . Yall suck. Dont ever buy sweet spicy xhilly doritoes. Any of them really not 1 bqg had flavor on em. And the bolds are so damn hard your gums ah be kut up . Yall suck will never give yall my money again.

  7. Excuse me – “Nacho Cheese Doritos (are) the original Doritos flavour?” Er, they’re not even second – what’s now called “toasted corn” was first, followed by “taco”.

  8. This is an amazing product 10/10 I had fun with my family eating these. And it was intressting to see what happens when one of us caught a hot crisp! Defently recommend these at a party or a gathering and I also recommend a handy glass of water. 🙂

  9. Unless youre someone who doesn’t eat hot stuff very much, you’re probably like me. I didn’t find any of the supposedly “spicy” chips to be any more hot than a bit of black pepper. Disappointing at best.

  10. They are HOT- HOT-HOT . The first few bites were OK then the heat kicked in. Really kicked in. But they are delicious.

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