REVIEW: Subway Atlantic Canada Lobster Sandwich (Canada)

Subway Atlantic Canada Lobster Sandwich

I know what you’re thinking: lobster from Subway? That sounds amazing.

Oh, I’m sorry, is today not Opposite Day? Well then, you’re probably thinking that a lobster sandwich from Subway sounds like an iffy proposition, to put it kindly.

Remember this, however: McDonald’s rolled out the McLobster to Ontario last summer, and it wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t great, certainly, but it was okay. So when it comes to potentially sketchy lobster sandwiches from fast food joints, you might be surprised! To quote Quato: open your mind.

The six-inch sandwich costs eight bucks, which puts it about in the price vicinity of a real, authentic lobster roll. But if you’re buying this sandwich, I think it’s safe to assume you’re nowhere near where an actual lobster roll can be procured.

Of course, being Subway, you can get your sandwich topped with any number of veggies and sauces. However, for a “truly Maritime” experience, Subway recommends keeping it simple, with just lettuce on Italian bread, which is obviously what I did. If you’re not going to be true to the Maritimes, what’s the point, right?

Subway Atlantic Canada Lobster Sandwich Innards

The first few bites weren’t great. Consisting entirely of shredded, piddly little bits of lobster, there wasn’t a whole lot of flavour or texture; it was basically just a vaguely seafood-flavoured mush. It was unimpressive, to say the least. But pretty much every mouthful after that had at least one reasonably generous chunk of lobster in it. It’s probably about a 60/40 ratio of shreds to chunks. That’s not great, but let’s be honest — it’s a lobster sandwich from Subway. It could have been a lot worse.

The lobster was a bit overcooked, but the chunks actually had a pretty decent texture — they weren’t too stringy or dry. They also had a pleasant flavour, without any of the fishy undertones you might expect from a budget lobster sandwich like this (then again, eight bucks for a six-inch sandwich probably doesn’t fall into the budget category).

Subway Atlantic Canada Lobster Sandwich Closeup

However, aside from the mild lobster taste, there really isn’t all that much flavour here; the mayonnaise adds very little, other than to bind the lobster together, and aside from that there was no real seasoning that I could taste. It was a bit bland. If I were to get this again, I’d probably get it with a sauce of some sort, or at the very least, salt and pepper. I know, I know — this would go against Subway’s wishes, and would jeopardize the sub’s status as a true Maritime experience. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said “Those who would give up Maritime authenticity for a little bit of flavour deserve neither.”

That’s the quote, right? What, you weren’t aware that Franklin was a huge lobster roll man? Well, now you know. You’ve learned something today. You’re welcome.

For whatever reason I was under the impression that one of Subway’s suggestions was to toast the bread, though according to their website that isn’t the case. Toasting isn’t a bad idea in theory (and in fact the bread in real lobster rolls is typically buttered and toasted), but Subway uses some kind of microwave/conventional oven hybrid to speed things up. This normally works okay, but when there’s no meat or cheese to even out the heat, you wind up with dried out, microwavey bread.

I actually liked this slightly better than the McLobster (which, I will admit, isn’t saying a whole lot). The chunks of lobster were surprisingly generous and reasonably tasty. It’s on the pricey side — and calling it an authentic Maritime experience is kind of laughable — but for what it is, it’s not bad at all.

(Nutrition Facts – Not available on Subway Canada website.)

Item: Subway Atlantic Canada Lobster Sandwich (Canada)
Purchased Price: $8.00 CAN
Size: 6-inch sub
Purchased at: Subway
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: A decent amount of fairly sizable lobster chunks. Lobster isn’t too overcooked and tastes okay. Following Benjamin Franklin’s advice and seeking Maritime authenticity.
Cons: Textureless lobster shreds. Dried out toasted bread. Expensive. Needs some kind of sauce or seasoning. Maritime authenticity at Subway is a pipe dream.

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  1. Those iceberg lettuce shards look like they could really do some damage if you stabbed someone with one of them

  2. Having just come back from eating real lobster rolls in PEI, I can’t even process this

    1. This LOBSTER deal is a farce. The man who mentioned PEI LOBSTER . should really try BAY OF FUNDY LOBSTERS. Then come back and tell us his .story. Myself being from new Brunswick , and love lobster, along with other maritimers . is of the belief the BAY OF FUNDY LOBSTER,S ARE THE BEST OF TASTE. ( COMING FROM SALT WATER. AND A POUND —2 LB.LOBSTER IS THE BEST. ENJOY THE MARITIME LOBSTER . And most of Maine,s Lobster , along with Vermont and new Hampshire , USA ARE TRUCKED FROM NOVA SCOTIA .CANADA (BAY OF FUNDY.)

  3. thought it was good got extra mayo lettuce and green peppers (whos subway to tell me a true maritime xperience do they not have green peppers on the coast or something lol) i got my 6 inch for 11 bucks though and the footlond was 21 where was yours so cheap?

  4. I just came back from New England. Now, they know how to do up a lobster roll. To call what Subway is serving a lobster sandwich, is a joke. I walked in, saw what the server was about to add to a roll and told her to not to bother. I don’t mind paying but for gawd sake, make it lobster chunks/pieces – not lobster slur.

  5. If you go in not expecting much you might be surprised. I’m a maritimer and lobster lover but until I get down to Nova Scotia next week this will tide me over. It wasn’t all bad. I had chunks of lobster (just not enough of them), lettuce and a light drizzle of subway sauce. For $9.00 it was ok but I won’t rush back for another. No regrets.


  6. This lobster sandwich was horrid . A shredded tasteless warm ( they had to defrost) mess. I emailed the company and received a coupon for a replacement (not free I paid good money for)
    Sub and it was not the lobster .

  7. Asking people if they want their sandwiches toasted is a classic Subway customer management trick, which allows them to put you ‘on hold’ so that they can start someone else’s sandwich and subsequently make you wait. Don’t fall for it!

  8. To funny, I just did the same thing on Facebook however I was complaining about the BIG difference between the Subway TV ads and the posters they have on the store walls compared to the photo I took of the sandwich that was actually received. I always ask for what is in the photo and even some customers beside me state “don’t believe everything you see or read. Sheep some people are like sheep – no back bone to complain and get what is shown. Love your review. BTW was a professional buyer for over 40 years so I know the rules.

  9. Hubby bought me a Lobster Roll today. He doesn’t like lobster but I’m from NS and he thought he was doing me a favour. He got ripped for his hard earned cash. What I got was 60% bun; 30% shredded lettuce; 8% mayo & 2% lobster. There may have been 2 pieces of lobster about the size of my little fingernail but all in all it tasted like salmon salad. Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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