ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Taking a Vacation

Hi there!

I’m taking a short break.

No, I’m not doing so to reassess my life because I’ve realized the food we’re reviewing is bad for everyone. I just need a little vacation. So there will be no posts this week, but they will be popping up again on Monday, November 3rd.

I apologize if this might mess with your procrastination ritual at work or school, but if you need a little TIB in your life, you can go through almost all of our past reviews using the “Reviews” menu at the top of the page. I said “almost” because I haven’t finished listing all of the 2013 reviews, which is really something I should do since I now have a little free time.

See you in a few days!

The Impulsive Buy

19 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Taking a Vacation”

  1. I feel like quitting in the middle of a written review wouldn’t have the same effect as walking off a video set.

    1. Yeah, thanks for not being so melodramatic like the FFM from Freezerburns. Personally, I think he just bit off more than he could chew with his “new video every day” thing and had to come up with a way to get out if it. Maybe start reviewing healthy options? Crack is bad for you so maybe don’t review crack on your show? Too simple?

      1. Greg a couple of years ago started eating healthier. He didn’t want to review processed food anymore, but decided to go to the end of the year. During that video, he just decided he couldn’t do videos about something he didn’t feel people should eat.

        Also, the worst food for you had the most views. If he only did the frozen foods that were healthy, he would of had barely any views and it wouldn’t of justified the time and cost of the videos. He said it all on his blog and in an interview.

  2. Appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog. Knowing you’ll be charged up and ready to go at it again next week is enough consolation for the short well deserved break.

  3. This is a good time for vacation. It is a good idea to come back on November 3rd recharged to eat/review all the holiday goodies.

    Have a good time.

  4. Have a rad vacay from blogging! May you run through grocery store aisles and laugh with abandon as you pass new products and don’t photograph/purchase to review!

  5. Taking a vacation, eh? I hear Hawaii is nice this time of year, you should check it out. Just watch out for very slow moving molten rock.

  6. You certainly deserve a break, you’re a hard worker. I read you everyday and you’re always here. Thanks for your relentless posts and updates and awesome and timely and fun reviews.


  7. I keep checking back hoping there may be some new goodies or a new review because he came back early but alas this hasn’t happened =(

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