COMING SOON: Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs

Cheetos Sweetos

In late February, Frito-Lay will rollout Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs. They’re Easter egg-shaped cornmeal puffs that have been coated with cinnamon sugar flavoring. I guess Chester was right. It ain’t easy being cheesy. So I guess he’ll greet the sweet.

While this is the first sweet Cheetos product in the U.S., there have been several sweet Cheetos products in other countries, like Japan, where they offered Pepsi and Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos.

Cheetos Sweetos will be available for a limited time. A 7-ounce bag will have a suggested retail price of $3.49.

(Image via Cheetos’ Facebook page)

9 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Sugar Puffs”

  1. $4 for a 7 ounce bag which will probably have only 8 puffs in it. 4 of which will be broken or crumbled? NO thanks.

  2. I love the Cinnamon Puffs. I can not wait until I can buy them again. They are a great snack for a person that watches their weight.

  3. I love these! They are totally addictive and you get waaaay more than 8 puffs per bag. I bought them over the holiday season as a limited time only purchase, for about $3.69 and they are totally worth it! Sooooo good!

  4. I am so addicted to these. They are sooooo good im so depressed I cant find them now. Are they going to make a comeback? ,please say yes. Nothing tastes even close to the cinnamon sugar goodness. They arent even super bad for you. I love these babies so does my kids!

  5. They are so good, I have to put them away or I will eat the whole bag. I hope ya’ll can keep them in the store. I went to get some today and they didn’t have it . Keep them in the store please .

  6. I have been looking and looking for these Sweets for a long time, and cannot find them. Is there anyway we can order them? I love them!!

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