REVIEW: Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill (Canada)

Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill

I misread this item at first, and thought “wow, Creamy Chocolate Chili?? Yes please!”

Sadly, the real deal — an attempt to replicate the success of the venerable Iced Capp — isn’t quite as interesting.

The Tim Hortons website describes the Creamy Chocolate Chill as “a delicious combination of real cream and layers of chocolaty goodness.” It’s basically a chocolate milk slushie, though it’s not particularly creamy, nor does it have much of a milky flavour.

It tastes more like Yoo-hoo than like chocolate milk, though the “real cream” claim does make me a bit puzzled at the lack of creaminess.

The flavour is mostly just sweet, with a very mild chocolately hit. If you’ve ever had chocolate milk made with Nesquik syrup (and went very heavy on the syrup), then you have a good idea of what this tastes like.

It’s so sweet. As someone who recently watched Fed Up and is suddenly, horrifyingly cognizant of such things, this drink has a lot of sugar. Fifty grams, which is 11 grams more than a can of Coke, which is — according to that documentary at least — essentially the beverage equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

Even if you don’t care about such things (and if you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t. I don’t, aside from my recent documentary-induced paranoia), that’s a lot of sugar just from a taste standpoint. This is a very, very sweet drink. It’s kind of one-note sweet.

Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill 2

Still, there are certainly worse things on the menu at Tim Hortons. It’s not as good as an Iced Capp, because at least that has flavours slightly more complex than “cocoa + sugar overload,” but it’ll get the job done. If you drink this on a hot day, it will fulfill its purpose of being a cold, refreshing beverage.

It also has a good balance of iciness and liquid; typically, with an Iced Capp, you eventually end up with a sizable mound of mostly flavourless ice slurry. That wasn’t the case here.

The real weak spot is the chocolatey, vaguely cream-like foodstuff that adorns the top of this drink. It bears about as much resemblance to real whipped cream as I do to George Clooney (you probably don’t know what I look like, but let me assure you, I look very little like George Clooney).

Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill 3

It has an unpleasantly thick, paste-like texture with absolutely no dairy qualities; it’s just sweet and gluey, like a demented, off-brand Cool Whip gone horribly awry. I’d strongly recommend asking for the drink without it, as it adds nothing but useless ornamentation. And even at that, it’s a pretty resounding failure – I mean, I think we can all clearly see what it looks like, right? Do I need to say that it looks like poop?

Because it looks like poop.

(Nutrition Facts – 380 mL (small) – 380 calories, 16 grams of fat, 11 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fat, 45 milligrams of cholesterol, 220 milligrams of sodium, 53 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fibre, 50 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein.)

Item: Tim Hortons Creamy Chocolate Chill
Purchased Price: $2.59 CAN
Size: Small (380 mL)
Purchased at: Tim Hortons
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Cold and refreshing. Mildly chocolately flavour. Nice balance of liquid and ice.
Cons: Ridiculously sweet. Not very creamy. One-note flavour. Horrifying cream-like topping. Looks vaguely scatological. Not chili.

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  1. I agree. That whip looks like poop. If the color was a little darker it would look like what comes out of the rear of my dog when she isn’t feeling well.

  2. As a life-long chocoholic, I have to say I was extremely disappointed with the beverage that I found under the chocolate whipped cream. It was like drinking chocolate flavoured water with 3 tablespoons of added sugar. However, had the whole drink consisted of the chocolate flavoured whipping cream they topped my cup with, I would have given it a pass. (Nikkkkki)

  3. Where are you other commenters getting your drinks? I’m having one right now and it’s SO good! It is like a chocolate slushie which is kinda weird but doesn’t taste watered down. Taste lime chocolate to me!

  4. I agree with @Brittany. Not sure where everyone else get theirs but mine was so good! If you’re looking for an iced capp type drink buy an iced capp. This was really, really good.

  5. It is neither creamy nor chocolatey. it tastes like ice cream that has been in the freezer too long and has turned to ice. There is zero chocolate flavour and the one I ordered had a strong coffee aftertaste. For someone who cannot drink coffee it quickly went down the drain after one sip. I wish I had tasted it while still in the store. I would give this product a -10 rating.

  6. I agree….

    Where are some of these commenters coming from?. Im from ontario just so u know. Ever since i tried timmies chocolate chill, i have loved it….its so chocolaty…and who the h3ll said it wasnt cold???lol I drank a few gulps and it froze my vocal cords! Its like a brain freeze but in your throat lol. Its a real chocolaty delicious treat on a hot day.

    Haters gunna hate…

  7. What the heck is with the strongly negative comments? I am not a Tim Hortons fan boy, a big chocolate fan, or even a hard core lover of frozen beverages, but this drink is absolutely delectable!
    I’m thinking that as with most things from Timmie’s, the quality varies from store to store, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the bad reviewers have gotten bad servings perhap.
    What I tasted was like a this chicolate milkshake mixed with an ice cap made from chocolate milk (but creamier and no cappuccino taste) Topped with this absolutely heavenly thick chocolate whipped cream and their standard chocolate drizzle. I’ve only had the beverage twice, and the second time it tasted better than the first, I hope they keep this product year round! 8.5/10

  8. My daughter who is 8 yrs old had never vomited in her life….. 8 years no one time! Today after having this drink she felt sick and threw up for the first time! Very traumatic experience! Sorry Tim Hortons, bring back the iced latte please!!!

  9. Okay….today is July 28/2015 and I just ordered my second Chocolate Chill (first one was on May 15th) l and I’m happy to report that they got it right this time!!! It was thick and creamy just like an Iced Cap and very chocolatey…just like I like it!! Yay Timmies!!

  10. My family just came back from vacationing in Canada. It was our first time trying Tim Hortons. We found the food bland but the Chocolate Chill was a big hit! The topping, I would best describe as being like a thick whipped cream that tastes like chocolate pudding. It was sensational! We previously tried chocolate shakes at the Hershey’s shop on Falls Ave. and found those to be far too sweet. Timmies were perfection! We went back several times during our visit as we have 3 teenagers. Since returning home we have all missed Tim Hortons and additionally Pickle Doritos. Thanks for the new experiences Canada! ??

  11. I bought one for my son today. It was way too sweet and rich for him – and he likes sweet stuff.
    And I agree that the topping is horrible!!! It was 30 degrees here today and the topping is so artificial that 6 hours later (because he couldn’t finish it) it hadn’t changed consistency. It is totally an oil product – like disgusting cool whip!!! If I get it for him again I will for sure ask them to leave that part off. There is nothing dairy about it!!!

  12. Tim’s may be having quality control problems. The one i just had was definitely like a weak chocolate milk slushie. Not pleasant at all.

  13. I have to say, I’m not sure what chocolate chill you had but it’s always creamy and delicious. Obviously you didn’t research much before your review, because you can get it made with cream, milk or chocolate milk. If you choose the chocolate milk (they use 1%) it makes it not creamy and overly chocolatey. If you had gotten it with cream or even white milk it would have been creamy, delicious and the right amount of chocolate!

  14. The chocolate whip topping is not available in Quebec. What do they know that others don’t?

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