SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition S’mores Oreo Cookies

Nabisco Limited Edition S'mores Oreo Cookies

These are supposed to hit shelves on May 22 here in the U.S., but I’m posting this on May 20. So I guess this Walmart didn’t get the message. Junk Food Guy got them early and has a review. (Spotted by Lyndsey at Walmart.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Nabisco Limited Edition S’mores Oreo Cookies”

  1. We never even saw the limited edition cotton candy ones around these parts, so I’m not holding my breath that we’ll see these either.

      1. ^Referring to the Cotton Candy Oreos, not the Smores ones. I think the Smores ones are available everywhere.

  2. I stopped by my local WalMart after seeing this and mine had them out as well so I bought 2 packs

  3. I picked up a package at my local Safeway yesterday. So, it may be a few days early everywhere.

  4. I bought two packages at Meijer in Indianapolis today. I have polished off about 1/2 of one package. They are pretty good. Remind me of the S’mores cookie from Honey Maid, but bigger. The marshmallow and chocolate cream are soft.

  5. They’re delicious. Found them at stop and shop and will def be buying another bag before they disappear. Are these even *smaller* then the small limited edition sizes so far though? Seems like it…or it was just too easy to eat a whole sleeve in one sitting. Our local Target is still inundated with cotton candy Oreos, maybe that’s why they don’t have these out yet.

  6. Found them at Kroger/Fred Meyer. Four other people were looking for them at the same time I was. Very small package with only 21 cookies. I found them overly sweet and the cookie too hard and the filling too soft. I am going to stash them away to let the moisture from the filling absorb into the cookie a bit and try them again. Oreos haven’t been the same to me since they removed the transfat with vegt oil in 2006.

  7. Nabisco started making their limited edition release packages smaller. the red velvet and cotton candy ones were amazng!! these smores oreos are lack luster. They basically tasted like a golden oreos with a little chocolate filling.

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