SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cheez-It Extra Toasty Crackers

Cheez-It Extra Toasty Crackers

If you’re into overcooked Cheez-It Crackers, here you go! Weirdos! Just kidding! You can read about how these came to be from this article on FWx. (Spotted by Josh at Schuncks.)

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11 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cheez-It Extra Toasty Crackers”

  1. This is the best snack news ever. No longer will I feel the crushing disappointment of only getting 1 per box, maybe 3 in a good batch.

    1. I just bought a box of the extra toasty CHEEZIT’s and there is not a toasty one in the box…all they are is re-packaged regular CHEEZIT’s

      1. The box I had was definitely full of well-done Cheez-Its. Lots of brown bubbles and edges. They seemed crisper and drier than the regular crackers, too.

  2. Any idea if these will be available in the bags at convenience stores, or are they only a grocery item? I wind up picking a bag of cheez-its as an alternative to a bag of chips once and a while.

  3. Oh, wow, as if Cheez-Its weren’t dangerous enough… I’ll be keeping an eye out for these!

  4. They’re gooooood. I bought and demolished a box within a few days. Nice flavor, much better than some new cheese that tastes exactly the same as any other!

  5. Can’t wait to spot these myself! I love well done cheez its, ritz crackers, and Grippo pretzel loops. I’m excited.

  6. I bought them and agree with previous commenter. They are no different than reg Cheez Its,,,dissapointing.

  7. LOVE THEM !!! Have trouble finding them. Shop at Meijiers, they have them for one day, then I go looking at other stores. Truth is I have went to up to 4 stores looking. SAD, but they are that good. Have however found some boxes are more toasted than others. Even my parrot loves these. KEEP TOASTING!!!

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