COMING SOON: Mtn Dew Black Label

Mountain Dew Black Label

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

There’s a new Dew, but it won’t be seeing a national rollout until 2016.

Mt Dew Black Label is a Dew with a dark berry flavor, real sugar, herbal bitters, and 83 milligrams of caffeine per 16-ounce can. According to Mtn Dew Kid, the number one source for Mountain Dew news, the beverage is currently being sold at colleges until the end of the year.

With herbal bitters, you might be wondering if there’s alcohol. There’s isn’t any. But there is one ingredient in the beverage that stands out to me — grape juice concentrate. Perhaps this is a classier version of the beloved Mountain Dew Pitch Black?

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via Pepsico website)

18 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Mtn Dew Black Label”

  1. The design is awesome! And considering that i’m definitely a mountain dew victim since the first time i was able to drink it (long story short: i love mountain dew! ^^), i’m kinda jealous again xD

    Here in Germany you’ even have to be very lucky to get your hands on the “original” (of course with sugar and adjusted to european rules) mountain dew. And yes it’s the only mountain dew flavor that is sold here… -.-
    It’s almost impossible to buy some imported stuff like code red and even more impossible to get limited editions like this amazing looking black label…

    Can’t wait for the review ^^

    1. First: Thanks a lot for the offer! I really appreciate it. 🙂

      You’re right it never really is a roblem to get the “good stuff” from the us, like my beloved cereals or some us exclusive pandora charms or so… the problem is the money you have to pay to get it.
      I mean… 9€ + additional 4€ for shipping to get a box of lucky charms… (though i know it’s available for 3$ in the us) no thanks… i’ll rather grab a box of cocoa krispies or cinnamon toast crunch instead and dream for another chance to get my hands on us cereals for a “normal” price…

      I don’t know how much usps is charging for a parcel to be delivered to germany, but i’m sure it’s still quite expensive (especially with heavy mountain dew bottles inside xD) and not really affordable for a student like me (at least not at the moment). 🙂

      So: Still thank you a lot for the offer! I mean the idea of asking someone to sent me stuff from the us crossed my mind not just once… but the costs… ^^

  2. I don’t think I’ve tried a variant of Mnt Dew that I didn’t like (Sangrita didn’t ring my bell). This sounds amazing and can’t wait to try it. I hope they keep it in the 16oz can too.

    1. The 16oz can is for colleges I believe. We have what looks like 12 packs of the mt few black label on display so I’m assuming just original 12 oz cans. It’s pretty good too.

  3. I found this at a 7-11 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Wasn’t bad! It tasted more like grape than it did “dark berry” and I didn’t notice the bitters at all when I took a few wiffs. May buy again.

  4. Posting so I can stay up to date with this… I loved pitch black so much. Probably the only grape flavored anything I liked.

  5. I go to a college that is lucky enough to have a special cooler full of just Black Label. It is amazing. Definitely did not remind me of anything I’ve had before and doesn’t taste like crush grape at all. It’s more berry flavored and pretty great for sipping in a class to keep you awake! Still code red is #1.

  6. Enjoying one of these now. So awesome! The taste is great. 100x better than Kickstart.

  7. Just got this in my store(Walmart) found it in the back stocked it myself and then bought 6 cans. A coworker ended up buying the rest. As far as I can recall this is damn near how Pitch black tasted(pb2 was meh). Very happy to have this back even if it is for a limited time. The can itself is also cool with the flat finish on it. If you can find it and liked Pitch Black then Black label is a drink for you.

  8. I’ve found these everywhere in Michigan from Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Traverse City and even up in the the thumb in Bad Axe! I picked up 3 at the Sunoco station here in Bad Axe (where I am) today, 3/24/16 and each one was only $1.09. Plus deposit. Definitely tastes like a perfect hybrid of Grape and Berry. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE TO ANY FELLOW DEW FANS!

  9. I just wanna say that the design is amazing. It looks like an energy drink, but its not. That touch of Black, Silver and Green make it??? The flavor is absolutely amazing and if I were to rate it on a scale of 1-10 itd be off the charts. I think that this is byfar the best mtn dew I’ve drank in my entire lifetime. I first had this drink about two weekends ago at the Airshow in Cherry Point. There was a stand and I thought it was Monster from a distance but when I got closer I realized that it was Mtn Dew and was like Ohhh interesting. I walked up got a sample without asking what flavor it was because mtn dew does a great job with surprising people. I took a gulp and my mouth was watering like crazy, I was in awe. So I kept going back for more? It was that amazing? I think this product will be the #1 best seller and mtn dew did a great job on this one?? I can’t wait for it to be in stores, I have yet to see it but I look forward to it??

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