COMING SOON: New 2016 Mountain Dew Kickstart Flavors

New Mountain Dew Kickstart Flavors

Mountain Dew Kickstart made its debut in 2013 with two flavors — Orange Citrus and Fruit Punch.

Back then some clueless dude said, “To be honest, I’m not sure who’s going to regularly buy Mountain Dew Kickstart.”

Here we are three years later and I have to eat those words because the number of Kickstart flavors has grown to six, and it’ll grow even more later this month when four new flavors make their debut.

Midnight Grape will be the newest flavor in the regular Kickstart line, Watermelon will be the latest flavor in the coconut water-infused Kickstart Hydrating Boost line, and Blueberry Pomegranate and Blood Orange will be part of a new variety called Kickstart Recharge.

The new flavors will be available at retailers nationwide beginning on January 25.

17 thoughts to “COMING SOON: New 2016 Mountain Dew Kickstart Flavors”

  1. Your original question still stands to wonder, “I’m not sure who’s going to regularly buy Mountain Dew Kickstart.”?

        1. I happen to buy Mt Dew products, including Kickstarts regularly…as do several people i know

  2. I buy Kickstarts all the time (just bought two today). Black Cherry is my go-to, but Midnight Grape sounds intriguing.

  3. I bought 2 midnight grape Mountain Dew kickstart from my local Walmart and they were delectable. Everywhere in my town Idaho Falls Idaho does mnot have any please release more

  4. I’ve been looking for these, if anybody finds them please let me know; I’ve been looking in Kroger, Publix, Walmart and some gas stations but still no luck.

  5. I can’t find them anywhere ! If anyone knows where to get some please help. Want to try all 4!

  6. Had the Blood Orange and Blueberry Pom from 7-11 yesterday. The Blood Orange taste is essentially Sunkist. The Blueberry Pom is just tart….no specific flavor to me. Most likely will not purchase again, can’t stand paying the same price as a 16oz for just 12oz. Really wanted to try the grape and see how the watermelon stacks up to Rockstar’s zero cal version. The Amp one is a massive failure comparatively.

  7. I just purchased three and I’m trying the Midnight Grape one right now. I haven’t seen two of them on the shelf at Target, but I will check Walmart and Publix when I have the time. The grape is very good and the aftertaste I couldn’t figure out, but after reading a previous review on here I realize it does taste like diet Mountain Dew. So it’s not too bad and I can tolerate the aftertaste. I think I will get this once in while even though it doesn’t have the same effect like Red Bull has on me, it will still be a nice addition because I can get them from anywhere and it’s cheaper.

  8. I just bought the Blueberry Pomegranate at Family Dollar. It tastes okay. But it’s not best flavor of Mountain Dew Kickstart.

  9. You guys seriously need to work on the taste it’s like drinking soda water with two drops of grape flavor in it thumbs down for all kickstart’s it tastes like Jake The Snake and Hillary Clinton in a shoe full of piss fucking stop selling it you guys are getting rich on selling horse piss

  10. I tried the watermelon Kickstart & it had a bad aftertaste. It didn’t taste like watermelon either.

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