ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Kyle

Hey there The Impulsive Buy reader! I’m Kyle, and I’m 6 feet tall, a Gemini, and enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.

Oh, wait. Wrong website.

Anyways, I’m as excited as the Pillsbury Doughboy/Tony the Tiger/the Trix Rabbit/any other anthropomorphic grocery store food mascot to be joining TIB as a reviewer.

I was born in Canada, and spent the early portion of my life indulging in All Dressed chips, Cadbury chocolate, and foods with an “ou” in the name. I then moved on down to Central Pennsylvania, home to scrapple (don’t look it up), soft pretzels, and Hershey’s chocolate. I like to think of it as a best of both worlds food scenario, minus the Hannah Montana and minus the scrapple.

My love affair with junk food began on my weekly trips to the grocery store with my Dad. He was, let’s say, a little lenient with the grocery budget, so I was always able to get my hands on all the new cereals, fruit snacks, candy, and frozen meals. I was always the envy of my Catholic school lunch table, showing off all of my newest spoils.

Fast-forward twenty years and now I live in Boston, also known as the “I’ll-drink-iced-coffee-even-when-it’s-negative-five-out capital of the world.” I work from 9-5 in higher education and still spend an inordinate amount of my non-work time in grocery stores checking out the chips (and simultaneously arousing the suspicion of store security because it was my fifth time there in one week).

My junk food interests are all over the place – from drinks to Little Debbie desserts – and I’m excited to sample them and share my thoughts with you. My mom is also excited about this prospect, because I’ll finally be “using” my bachelor’s degree.

I can’t wait to get started, and if I can promise you one thing, it’s that I won’t be reviewing scrapple.

14 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Kyle”

  1. Would like to know your criminal history.

    We have a right to know what kind of reviewer we’re getting into bed with here.

  2. Welcome! How old were you when you moved to the States? (You forgot Coffee Crisp, eh!).

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