ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Ben

Hey everyone! My name is Ben and I am the newest member of The Impulsive Buy’s review team. I hail from the great state of Minnesota and I keep a running Oreo Power Rankings list on my phone at all times. Show me someone who says Original is not #1, and I’ll show you a dirty liar.

I’m a licensed attorney by day, and I enjoy fitness and working out in my free time. I offset that hobby by stashing all of the new Ben & Jerry’s varieties in my freezer whenever I can find them. There are seven unopened pints in my freezer right now. Seriously guys, I’m going to end up on one of those hoarding shows if I don’t stop soon. Please, send help. I don’t want a cleanup crew to find my dog buried under a heaping pile of Chunky Monkey.

I am probably the only person on Earth who prays at least once a week that Burger King will smarten up and bring back Cini-minis, also known as the greatest fast food breakfast item ever created. I’m borderline obsessed with cookies of all kinds, ice cream, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Pop Tarts. I also write about snacks and junk food at my own blog, Snack Cellar.

I’m really honored and excited to be writing for The Impulsive Buy. I’ll do my best to adhere to the honest, informative, and entertaining reviews you’ve all come to expect from this great site. I’m looking forward to interacting with all of you–unless you tell me your favorite Oreo is Berry Burst. Then you’re just a dirty liar.

18 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Ben”

  1. Welcome! I’m really glad you joined this terrific site and look toward to your reviews and wisdom about the wonderful food of fun food!

    1. Thank you! Huge fan of Junk Banter too. Unless you like Berry Burst Oreos, of course.

  2. Congrats and welcome! I’m from lovely Minnesnowda as well. Looking forward to your reviews.

  3. Yeah, another person who misses Burger King’s Cini-Minis! I’d be willing to join forces with you to spearhead the #bringbackciniminis movement on Twitter. I think we could truly make an impact.

  4. WRONG! The best Oreos are the generic seasonal ones ie.. Spring, Halloween, X-Mas Oreos. They have a thicker, creamier filling & always seem super fresh!

  5. A guy that loves ice cream and Peanut butter. Hell yeah! Good luck , look forward to the reviews.

    1. Two of the basic food groups, if you ask me. Thanks, and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

  6. Welcome, welcome! See your thumbnail profile pic and you’re kind of gorgeous so that doesn’t hurt. Glad to have you here! 🙂

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