FAST FOOD NEWS: Dairy Queen DQ Bakes Funnel Cake a la Mode


Dairy Queen is now offering the opportunity to eat funnel cake without having to visit a carnival or state fair. To celebrate the beginning of summer, the chain has introduced the DQ Bakes Funnel Cake a la Mode.

It features a hot, crispy, golden brown funnel cake that’s topped with powdered sugar and served with DQ’s soft serve, all of which is topped with your choice of hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry topping.

The dessert is a permanent addition to the menu.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via Dairy Queen)

22 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Dairy Queen DQ Bakes Funnel Cake a la Mode”

  1. Just tried it today (the caramel one). Unbelievably impressed, greatest thing to come out of DQ in years. I had low expectations and thought the funnel cake would be coming out of a microwave. Not so, friends. Pretty sure it’s the real deal.

    Size was perfect, just enough ice cream and caramel to make your mouth a party without feeling sick after. $3.99 price point (not on a rock in the ocean) seemed fair as well.

    1. My brother works for DQ and the funnel cake are frozen, they are not freshly made in house.

  2. Tried all three…funnel cake was terrible and hardly worth $3.79 each.
    Should have went to the fair!

    1. Always one in the bunch! Probably not satisfied with your own life! Life’s to short to complain about everything!

      1. You don’t know me so your opinion doesn’t matter. I don’t just randomly complain.
        This is a forum to give unbiased reviews. The funnel cake was hard and not good at all. So go enjoy and waste your money.

        1. Omg I agree completely I was so upset that the funnel cake was so small and scoop of ice cream was small as well and the price was over 5$ for each. I spend less money at the fair and get more which is fresh and not soggy and tasts far better than this dq funnel of crap. I’m so upset but at least I had the chance to try it and dq has failed me once again who would have ever thought.

  3. Comanche, Texas DQ hasn’t even heard of this! I tried ordering it and they had no clue as to what I was talking about.

    1. Show them the commercials. Apparently, either that particular store didnt offer it yet, or the employees werenot told about it.

  4. The funnel cake was good, in fact, I only wish it was bigger. I’ll see if they let me order two next time without ice cream at a lesser price. Then I can enjoy at home!

  5. I thought the idea was good but the presentation was underwhelming as the funnel cake was tiny and lacked proper taste. Go to my Jay Rule Youtube channel and type Dairy Queen Strawberry Funnel Cake a la Mode
    for a detailed review.

  6. Hilsboro tx, Hubbard tx, Corsicana tx, no Dairy Queen around here has any? They need to quit showing the commercial. Isn’t this false advertising? It doesn’t say at participating locations it just says available now!

  7. The price is outrageous for the size of the funnel cake. A dollar less would be better.

  8. I tried one in Houston, TX and it was not good. The funnel cake was premade, taken out of the refrigerator/freezer, and then microwaved. The funnel cake tasted like it was out of a microwave, tough and lacking flavor. Would have been better off just ordering a normal sundae.

  9. So disappointing, $4.29+ tax is way too much for this snack size dessert. The picture shows a two layer scoop of ice cream, I had one small scoop. The funnel cake was a just a tough, chewy piece of fried bread, no flavor, barely any sugar. Hardly any caramel. Eating it just made me angry.

  10. I went to DQ TODAY 6/29/2016 for the funnel cake an the employees had NO idea what I was talking about. They said them and the three other locations on Long Island do not carry them and they havnt even heard of them. I’m confused and disappointed.

  11. I bought a funnel cake in North Dallas Tex. OMG it was not good at all. plus too small for the money. never buy one again.

  12. The commercial made it look so appetizing that I just had to try it. I paid $4.99 plus .35 tax here in NJ for the ice cream and funnel cake with caramel topping and boy was I disappointed. The ice cream was good but the funnel cake was small and kind of on the hard side. Not what I expected and not worth what I paid.

  13. Same problem in N Texas! They have funnel cakes (with chicken) but will not make an a la mode version! They cite “legal” reasons!!! Come on, it’s a sundae not a major legal issue! Hilarious! If it’s not available, STOP SHOWING THE COMMERCIALS in this area!!!

  14. I just had a strawberry funnel cake. It was excellent, in my opinion. Not on the huge side, but the cake was hot and crispy on the outside, soft/chewy on the inside. The ice cream was a decent sized scoop and the strawberries/sauce were a great contrast. I think it was the perfect amount–not massive fair food sized, but pretty decent overall for a fast food dessert. However, if you’re a connoisseur of funnel cake, then it might not be your number one choice.

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