COMING SOON: Malt-O-Meal Cookie & Cream Cereal

Malt-O-Meal Cookies & Cream Cereal

Do you miss Post Oreo O’s cereal? Are you tired of buying boxes of Oreo O’s cereal from South Koreans? If you said “yes,” then I have some good news for you. The cereal appears to be coming back, but not with the Oreo name.

Malt-O-Meal, which is a brand under Post Holdings, will soon be offering a cereal that looks like the beloved Oreo O’s, but with a generic name, Cookies & Cream.

The photo above was sent in by Impulsive Buy reader Franklin W, who also got to try the cereal and said about it, “It’s called Cookies & Cream but as best as I can remember, it tastes identical to Oreo O’s to me. Post Consumer Brands own the Malt O Meal brand so it’s likely the same recipe, just not under the Post brand and Oreo moniker.”

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  1. Hope this will hit all supermarkets! I bet it will fly outta of shelves fast because people miss Oreo o’s and Malt-o-meal is cheap.

    1. Maybe the same license problem thta kept post from keep producing it?
      Maybe there is more behind the former deal between kraft/mondelez and post. Meaning though they still have the recipe for the cereal they aren’t allowed to produce the cereal at all. Not by using “Oreo” as name nor by using a different name. Now with MOM they probably found a loophole or they just want to be safe/safer here.

    2. The Oreo cereal product was produced by POST when they were part of Kraft. Kraft owns the right to that cereal name, and POST is not allowed to use it without their consent, thus reason for name change. More than likely, same formula as Oreo’ Oh’s, as POST retains ownership.

      Product was a very strong seller with POST when initially introduced.

  2. The marbits are missing! 🙁
    But hell! that would be awesome… at least for you guys xD

    Dan! Get your hands on them! (Special mission for the weekend ;))

    1. I think the original didn’t have marshmallows, and it was variation released that had them, IIRC.

      1. You’re totally right! But i thought that was the first version. The really old one. And I really thought they brought the version with the marbits to the US too.
        I wasn’t sure how long the original version lasted so i maybe wrongly assumed the version with marbits was longer on the shleves and mor epeople know them.

        Though i also read some reviews of the “new” oreo o’s from korea, which seem to be amazing, but sweeter than the discontinued us version. Maybe that’s one of the reason for going without marbits again. 🙂
        But hell i really want to try them…
        POST! Get them to europe! ^^

  3. I just bought some from Wal-Mart in south Florida. It’s not the same as the Korean Oreo O’s. I have both on hand for side to side comparison. The cereal rings of the Malt-O-Meal have a less crunchy bite and more airy density. This makes it more casual for snacking as the cereal isn’t as hard to chew like Oreo O’s and your mouth roof won’t be cut up. Safe for children in today’s helicopter parenting. The chocolate flavor doesn’t have that whiff of the Oreo’s signature chocolatey biscuit either. Actually, chocolate flavor is quite lacking. There’s a slight white sugary glaze coating kinda like those from Frosted Flakes on top of the cream speckles. The creme flavor is spot on. Die hard fans of Oreo O’s will not be pleased, but it’s not all too bad if you’re the type of person who don’t mind chocolate biscuit and creme sandwich cookies of all kinds.

  4. Omg omg I just got some they are so good how did they get the formula for these lol plankton needs to take notes ?? but fr they are delicious and worth the buy if UK I don’t buy out as many stories as possible lol go try it

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