Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Great Value Chicken & Bacon and Seasoned Pulled Pork Bites

I’m not late night craving either of those. Although if I lived in Colorado, I might. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

Hormel Natural Choice Protein Packs

Maybe I’m old. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had one. But I don’t understand how these protein packs are popular enough that many companies have their own. (Spotted by Carla at Fred Meyer.)

Tostitos Splash of Lime Salsa

A splash of lime with a dump of tomatoes. (Spotted by Leanna and Eric at Ralphs.)

Luvo Planted Power Bowls (Mighty Masala & Greens and Great Karma Coconut Curry)
Luvo Planted Power Bowls (So Cal Kale & Bean and Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice)

That Hawaiian Un-Fried Rice looks like Hawaiian Over-Fried Rice. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Central Market.)

Pasta Bow Ties Smooth Cheddar
Pasta Bow Ties Meatball Parm
Pasta Bow Ties Creamy Ranch

There’s also a Honey Butter flavor. (Spotted by Sylvia at Vons and Rachel C at Harmons.)

Zatarain’s Cajun Hot Sauce

Mmm…cajun Taco Bell. (Spotted by Robbie at H-E-B.)

Thank you to all the photo contributors! If you’re out shopping and see an interesting new product on the shelf, snap a picture of it, and send us an email ([email protected]) with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. Or reply to us (@theimpulsivebuy) on Twitter with the photo, where you spotted it, and the hashtag #spotted. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

Also, if you want to send in photos and are wondering if we’ve already covered something, don’t worry about it. Let us worry about it.

2 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 3/6/2017”

  1. I actually love the protein packs. They are great to toss in my bag when I’m out and about running errands…I can have one of those and a piece of fruit instead of passing through the drive thru. Also great for afternoon snacks at work.

  2. The protein packs are popular because of the keto diet. They’re constantly recommended for people who want to eat keto but hate cooking.

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