ANNOUNCEMENT: Hello, My Name is Louis Fowler. I’m Your New Impulsive Buy Reviewer

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed eating food. From my time as a helpless baby to now as a less-helpless man, eating has always been an important daily goal of mine, aiming for at least three meals a day not only for the taste, mind you, but for the fact that it provides things like nutrients and whatnot that help to keep me alive which, at the current moment, is kind of important.

Over the past few years I have been able to parlay this necessitous hobby into a moneymaking scheme minor career as a food critic for various newspapers and magazines including most recently The Hungover Gourmet, Red Dirt Report, and The Lost Ogle, almost completely against doctor’s orders mind you. From tales of culinary nostalgia to reviews of places where even the hungriest angels fear to tread, I have earned my fair share of death threats from angry hipsters who have on more than one occasion referred to my palate as a “garbage can.”

I can’t argue with this because, yes, there have been various points in my life I have eaten from a garbage can. And I liked it.

If you’re ever in Oklahoma City, chances are you can find me hanging out on the Southside, downing milanesa tortas from El Chavo Supertorta, menudo from Berta’s or imbibing on virgin chuviduvis from Croodoolandia. If you’re paying, I’d be more than happy to take you on a fully guided edible diversion the tourists don’t often get to see unless they take a wrong turn.

If I’m paying, however, we’re doing the Taco Bell Dollar Menu, holmes. Thanks for reading. ¡Cómpralo ya!

5 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Hello, My Name is Louis Fowler. I’m Your New Impulsive Buy Reviewer”

    1. I’ve seen Louis…trust me, you don’t want that.

      I kid, I kid. I’m fairly sure Louis doesn’t know me and doesn’t care either, but I’ve read his writings, and truth be told I’m a gringo version of him with slightly less hair. I gasped when I saw the headline, and as you other Impulsives read his writings and learn about him, I think you’ll come to understand why. Welcome, Louis.

      PS: Ask him about the gas station ribs. Go on, ask him. No no no, not Leo’s, though Leo’s is good. Corner Market, y’all!

      PPS: Dude, your first review here has to be …oh wait, you already did it. The Taco Bell Stacker, and you didn’t mention the Illuminati? Awww, Sad Panda time.

  1. I am in OKC. I know TIB doesnt do local food, but I would follow recommendations. I always try new places, but the only places advertised are ‘new and hip.’

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