REVIEW: Limited Edition Coca-Cola Tic Tac

Limited Edition Coca Cola Tic Tac 1

What is Coca-Cola Tic Tac?

Let’s be real, a Coca-Cola flavored Tic Tac might seem pretty bizarre, but “things go better with a Coke.”

How is it?

As someone who has consciously tried to curb my soda intake, I gotta say, it’s nice to get that cola flavor back in my life in any form.

I actually have an exact flavor match in mind, and I’m going to try to explain it.

It’s definitely Coke, but it’s not as powerful and sweet as taking a swig of the soda itself.

Limited Edition Coca Cola Tic Tac in Tin

You know when you pour a fresh Coca-Cola over ice, and then take that first fizzy effervescent sip where the little bubbles explode out of the glass and onto your nose? It’s like a slightly watered down, extra carbonated form of what’s to come. That is the flavor of these Tic Tacs.

Does that make sense?

These “mints” taste like they’re about 80% of the way to true Coca-Cola flavor.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Limited Edition Coca Cola Tic Tac Closeup

They’re addicting. I’ve always been a four Tic Tacs at once kinda guy, but I found myself, perhaps unironically, drinking these straight from the bottle.

I couldn’t find these at Target, so I had to buy them on eBay. That’s how irresistible the rattle of Coca-Cola Tic Tacs was for me. I may have paid a bit more, but I’m not mad about it.


I’d say these are just on the cusp of being a top tier Tic Tac. Orange Mint and the first two seconds of Peppermint (when they taste like vanilla) will forever be the kings.

These might seem like strange bedfellows, but if you want Coca-Cola flavored candy with a very subtle mint finish, you know where to look. Who knows, by the time you find these, there might also be Pepsi Altoids and RC Certs.

If you’re lucky enough to have them on hand, Tic Tacs can also be used in TikToks. Why not add a little maraca to your awful dance videos?

Eh, I’m playing. At least you’re having fun. Stay safe.

Purchased Price: $7.50 (These are $3.49 at Target, btw)
Size: 3.4 oz.
Purchased at: eBay
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (1 Mint) 0 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 milligrams of sodium, 0 grams of total carbohydrates, “a trivial amount” of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.

10 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition Coca-Cola Tic Tac”

  1. I found these at Wal Mart and purchased two of them. I think though that the banana tic tacs were my all time favorite.

    1. Found them at the check out lane at Walmart they had a ton here (in Cincinnati, Ohio). They arent just “cola flavored” They literally taste exactly like you took a sip of coke! Ate at least 30 in a row they are addicting lol!

  2. Oh, I’m really interested in trying these as I love cola-flavored candy, the Haribo cola bottles being a particular favorite.

  3. Found these on their own cardboard display thingy at Giant near checkout. Bought them and tried them and LOVED them – definitely tastes like Coca Cola, albiet a flat cokey cola. Also tastes just like gummy cola bottles. I’d buy them again. There is a SMIDGE of mintiness that you get when you crunch on them. Overall a good candy!

  4. These are most favorite candy in the world saw them once and bought just to try. Ever since I’ve been like a crack head driving store to store looking for them. I use to see them everywhere and now they are super hard to find! Finally found them at target and bought 10. I also ordered a pack from amazon! I sure hope these don’t go away for good!!!

    1. I had already bought several from the Walmart checkout lanes (got addicted to them lol) Was at Kroger 2 weeks ago and they had TONS of them all on clearance for .95 got several more and made my mom get a pack to try. I joked to her she should buy them all and sell on ebay because they hard to find and she’s big into ebay. When we went back this weekend they were all gone!

  5. I love Tic Tac’s. Favorites are orange and fruit packs but THESE COCA COLA ARE AMAZING!!! The best tic tacs by far, not at all what I expected!

  6. These don’t work for me for the simple reason that it tastes like flat warm generic cola. Even my kids as they’re eating them go back and forth about liking them. My biggest annoyance is the nutrition “facts” dishonesty. No calories, sugar, carbs? it’s really that they tell you how much is in 1 piece, which if it’s under 0.5 they can legally put 0. Really? Tell me how many are in at least 10 so I can figure out how much I’m actually eating since the first ingredient is sugar.

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