REVIEW: Red Bull Winter Edition Arctic Berry Energy Drink

Red Bull Winter Edition Arctic Berry Can

Maybe my head is broken, but I swear this Red Bull Winter Edition Arctic Berry Energy Drink smelled and tasted like blueberry with my first sip. Of course, that’s impossible because there’s already a blueberry-flavored Red Bull. And it clearly states it’s a “cool raspberry” flavor on the can.

This Winter Edition Red Bull started being available in Summer 2020. Yes, it’s a bit early, but not surprising anymore since the brand released its 2020 Summer Edition in Winter 2020. Ugh. I feel I broke my head a little more by typing the first half of this paragraph. I could really use something that vitalizes my body and mind. Arctic Berry replaces Plum Twist, which was the Winter Edition from 2018-2019 in the U.S.

Red Bull Winter Edition Arctic Berry Closeup

The energy drink looks like a pre-freezer or melted Louie-Bloo Raspberry Otter Pop, but it doesn’t taste like one was poured into a Red Bull. It’s a blue raspberry-flavored Red Bull, but its tartness is heavier than an Otter Pop. And, of course, there’s that medicinal aftertaste the energy drink is known for. The blueberry scent I initially sniffed turned into a cotton candy-like aroma as I nursed the can.

It’s an okay flavor, but I wouldn’t repurchase it. There’s something about it that I don’t quite like, and I’ve been wracking my possibly broken head trying to figure out why. I enjoy blue raspberry-flavored products (Louie-Bloo Raspberry has always been my favorite Otter Pop), but maybe my taste buds think it doesn’t go well with Red Bull. I dunno. I asked my friends Little Orphan Orange, Alexander the Grape, and Poncho Punch, but they don’t know why either.

Like all 12-ounce cans of Red Bull, this also has 114 milligrams of caffeine, which gave me a decent energy boost. Also, I kind of like the muted baby blue can color.

Arctic Berry is not my favorite Winter Edition Red Bull. Granted, there have only been two in the US, so it can either be the best or second-best (or worst) US Winter Edition Red Bull at this time. So I guess it’s the second-best. It’s definitely much lower down the list when it comes to all the brand’s flavors.

Purchased Price: Paid way too much on eBay
Size: 12 fl oz can
Purchased at: eBay
Rating: 5 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (1 can) 160 calories, 0 grams of fat, 125 milligrams of sodium, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 38 grams of sugar, and 0 grams of protein.

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  1. This is weird, I freakin’ love this flavor. Like, I’ve been drinking red bull for over ten years now, and this is the first one I’ve tasted this sweet. Maybe its a variance in taste buds, but to me this one is so staggeringly sweet (in a good way) that I would have sworn it had more sugar in it than the regular flavored red bull, and only know it doesn’t because I had to check.

  2. Literally tastes JUST like Swedish Fish. Very sweet, I like it on rare occasion but it’s worth trying if you love Swedish Fish.

  3. I think I know what put you off because I couldn’t put my finger on it at first either but I will not be re-purchasing because of the slight menthol feeling that it leaves in your stomach. I imagine this is where the arctic flavor comes from? Kind of makes me feel nauseous just like most menthol that I swallow.

  4. The Arctic Berry Red Bull taste like a raspberry jolly rancher but not as sweet. It’s DELICIOUS!

  5. The Arctic Berry Red Bull tastes like a “blue raspberry” jolly rancher but not as sweet. It’s DELICIOUS! My new favorite Red Bull flavor.

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