REVIEW: Dunkin’ The Charli Cold Brew Coffee

Dunkin The Charli Cold Brew Coffee Cup 2

What is Dunkin’s “The Charli”

What? You don’t know TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio’s favorite Dunkin’ order?

Pff, I scoff at you. Everyone knows it’s a medium cold brew with whole milk and three pumps of caramel!

How is it?

How is it, or WHY is it?

I have to admit, I didn’t get “The Charli,” literally or figuratively. I technically cheated and got a small, which I nicknamed, “The Chaz.” (A large is obviously “The Charles.”)

Dunkin The Charli Cold Brew Coffee Cup

I mean, it’s a cold brew with milk and a lot of sugary caramel syrup. I think smalls only get two pumps, but even that was a bit too sweet for my blood. I don’t get flavors in cold brew because it masks the cold brew flavor and makes it taste like a regular iced coffee. It’s a subtle difference, but I notice it. Whole milk is not my #1 dairy choice, but it was fine.

Now to get to the why…hmm, how do I write about this weird collaboration without sounding like an angry geezer?

Dunkin The Charli Cold Brew Coffee Bottom

Anything else you need to know?

“Charli Cold Brew” sounds like the name of the guy who gets the mafia coffee, or the worst mixtape rapper of all time. Notice how I said “mixtape rapper” instead of “Soundcloud rapper.” That should give you an indication that I probably shouldn’t speak about a 16-year-old girl who dances for 15 seconds on an app I’ve never used, the eponymous Charli D’Amelio.

She’s a massive internet star, but I’m just going on Dunkin’s word – there was zero chance I was Googling a teenager dancing.

Look, I’m sure Dunkin’s partnering with Charli has brought them a ton of business from kids who probably shouldn’t be drinking cold brew, but I just don’t understand how absolutely lazy this campaign is. There’s more to the partnership, though. You can win a “virtual hangout with Charli,” but even that strikes me as half-baked.

“It’s her favorite drink, gramps!” Fair, but this is just a regular menu item. Why not fib a little and release something new and exciting? It’s like that ridiculous Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s. People inexplicably flocked there to get Sprite and some BBQ sauce on a Quarter Pounder. They couldn’t at least add a special pickle to the burger or something?!

I don’t like this new trend of brand/celebrity collaborations that aren’t bringing anything new to the table. What’s the point? Why are famous chains doing the “name a deli sandwich after a customer” thing?

Side note: when I realized my local deli didn’t have a “Vin,” I asked, “What am I chopped liver?!” Now they serve a chopped liver sandwich called the “Vin.” (2 out of 10.)

But seriously, am I wrong to be ticked off at the marketing, or am I reading the situation wrong?


“You’re talking about them, Old Timer?! It’s obviously working!”

I know, I just find it so lazy! I can’t shake that feeling, which is probably a Charli dance video title.

Dunkin Charli Dance

As far as I know, Dunkin’ has never collaborated with a celebrity like this. They decided to break the (way too much) ice with a kid from a niche app by promoting a regular variety of cold brew coffee? Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?! (I’m showing my age.)

Ya know what? I’m already too deep into “get off my lawn” territory here. I’ll shut up. You want a Charli, go get a Charli. Tell ’em Cactus Jack sent ya.

Purchased Price: $2.99
Size: Small
Purchased at: Dunkin
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: Not available on the website.

8 thoughts to “REVIEW: Dunkin’ The Charli Cold Brew Coffee”

  1. Why not Dunkin jump in Dalogna Bandwagon? They have the frother thing and froth the coffee mixture. Easily ship an blend of instant coffee and sugar. Pump of hot water. Blend it up and then dollop into desired base.

  2. Oh gosh…TikTok…kids these days…*slaps forehead*

    Can’t wait til it disappears like “vine.”

  3. I’m only 30 and I do not understand the appeal of TikTok (or Facebook live). And this TikTok person rakes in MILLIONS a year. Want to pay my student loans for the 15 seconds of work you did today?! I agree
    *slap forehead* HOW DOES IT WORK?!

  4. I am 38 years old and am on Tiktok. I am not a Mom, but there are a lot of Moms on there that see their kid is on it and go to check it out and start making videos on their own.

    The appeal of Tiktok for me is it’s like how Youtube was when Youtube was new. People have conversations back and forth, even the more famous people have conversations with people no matter how many followers they have. Also you can use music in your videos without worrying about a copyright strike. Either singing to the radio, playing in the background in the store, or using a sound over your video.

    People do make videos sharing information either with politics, one time a child was in a dangerous situation, or anything really affecting our society. They say this is a problem, if you want to help do this. And then people do duets (side by side videos) to help people hear that information.

    It’ s not just dancing and meme videos, it’s where a lot of people have met others like them, talk to each other, and it’s hard to explain how it’s different. I watch many people tell great stories about their lives, tell inside jokes, ranting about society and politics, sharing something happening just to say what the heck is this? And then someone else does a video saying this happens to me too!!

    So that is just my perspective obviously. If you never have been on it then you can go the rest of your life not doing so.

  5. tiktok? great,so were catering to kids under the age of 14 who wont order coffee’s anyway?

  6. The drink is absolute shit. I could of pulled something out of my ass and it would have tasted better then this shit.

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