REVIEW: Popeyes Twisty Wicked Shrimp

Popeyes Twisty Wicked Shrimp Closeup

What are Popeyes Twisty Wicked Shrimp and Smoky Garlic Tartar Sauce

According to the webs, this takes the Cajun chicken chain’s shrimp (seasoned with a blend of salt, pepper, onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, and bay leaf) and jazzes things up by marinating the little buggers in sriracha. You know, for the promised wickedness. These caustic crustaceans are paired with a new Smoky Garlic Tartar Sauce, which is, well, smokier and more garlicky than any tartar sauce that came before it.

How is it?

NOT HOT. If you’re an avid capsaicinophile hoping that this new offering will set your mouth on fire, you’ll likely be let down. I can handle (and enjoy) a decent amount of heat, but perhaps more importantly to this review, I am sensitive to spice, and I can tell you, without fear of killing the weakest among you, that you will be able to eat this shrimp comfortably.

I was disappointed with the lack of heat, but not with the shrimp itself. The pieces were large, the seasoning familiar in its Popeyesicity (not sure I can detect the bay leaf buried deep in there, though), and the breading added the perfect amount of crunch.

Popeyes Twisty Wicked Shrimp Sauce

The real revelation was the Smoky Garlic Tartar sauce, which, oddly enough, seemed to pack a heat the shrimp did not. The dip was nuanced —- a light sweetness contrasted with a heavy dill-ness, imbued with the aforementioned punch that was… maybe the smokiness? I’m not sure. But in short, it provided a nice compliment to the straight-forward, not-that-wicked shrimp.

Anything else you need to know?

As you can see in the picture above, my sauce didn’t come in one of the pre-packaged sauce containers as shown in promo pics, and the first time I went, they didn’t have the sauce at all. So, I guess what I’m saying is: if you live far away from a Popeyes and you’re interested in this, maybe call ahead. Because, while the shrimp is decent, it’s the sauce that really completes the experience.


If you’re an avid Popeye’s connoisseur, check it out. If you don’t get to Popeye’s all that often, get the chicken sandwich instead. Or the chicken. But seriously, the sandwich. Have you had that thing? Like Uncle Jesse always said, “have mercy.”

Purchased Price: $6.30
Size: N/A
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: Unavailable on Popeyes’ website

6 thoughts to “REVIEW: Popeyes Twisty Wicked Shrimp”

  1. I tell you what, you ain’t joking about that spicy chicken sandwich! I’ll give the shrimp a shot, but only because I am after the sauce. Being a native from Tucson (Tux-sun), I struggle to find the heat, that I crave, in midwestern food. I have a shirt on the wall in Buffalo Wild Wings in Blue Springs. I ate all the Ghost Pepper Wings in under 10 minutes. Maybe a blog post about it? Thanks!

  2. Nice review, thank you. Yeah, when I saw these come out, I was more drawn to that tartar sauce than the shrimp, and in promo pics, seems like its more breading than actual meat, good to hear that that was not the case and glad to hear that the tartar delivered. Might just have to seek these out…

    p.s. Popeye’s! Bring back the po’boys!!!

  3. Purchase two boxes of the shrimps for me and a neighbor.The shrimps are small as popcorn shrimps with the sauce added. Nothing like the advertisement on tv.Took them back to the restaurant for a refund. They said the cannot give a refund I had to choose something else. They need to remove that commercial misleading the customers to think the shrimps are big.The commercial is what prompt me to buy and treat my 90 year old neighbor.Oh boy what a disappointment.

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